Revealing the 2024 Fit Planner!!!

Hey guys!

I can’t believe I’ve been making Fit Planners for 10 years and now am heading into my 11th year with the 2024 release!

Popflex fit planners 2013 through 2024

Ahhh look how they’ve evolved!

I know a lot of people are into digital/app planners and trackers but I’m a forever pen-to-paper girlie. If you’re like that too AND you’re looking for an all-in-one planner to organize your regular work/school life plus your fitness/wellness life, then you’re gonna need this.


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A LIFE planner

I was never able to find one planner to do it all, so I made one myself! We’ve added and improved every single year for 11 years to make it perfect. Here’s what’s inside the 2024 Fit Planner:

👁️ vision planning
🥅 goal planning
🙃 mood tracker
💧 water tracker
🩸 cycle tracker
🥗 food journaling
☑️ groceries list
🗓️ month-at-a-glance
💪 weekly workout planner
🧘‍♀️ monthly intention setting
🪞 monthly reflection space
👩‍🍳 healthy recipes

popflex 2024 fit planner

Oh, and there are matching stickers because WHO DOESN’T LOVE STICKERS?

popflex fit planner with stickers


This year there’s a bundle that includes the 2024 Fit Planner, stickers, and cute pens! Easiest gift ever for the one who loves to plan, dream, doodle, and make lists for everything.



If you have any questions just ask me in the comments!

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  1. Ananya says:

    Hey slay queen *Cassy*
    I wanted to know when are these coming back in stock
    And are these available in Thailand?
    I really really wanted to try the planner as it is a dream come true for
    Students like me
    BTW loved ur review on insta and YouTube , also loved the design very much

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Hi Cassey how are you I have a question for you where do you buy the 2024 fit Planner I really really want it can you tell me?

  3. Maddy says:

    I absolutelu loveeeee this cassey. BUT. I have some amazing ideas i hope you’ll consider for 2025’s ULTIMATE fit planner! :). PLS MAKE MY IDEA IM BEGGING I NEED THE ULTIMATE PLANNER!!!!! First, make the binder smaller, so its travel friendly or just cange it to a hard cover book with a normal spine. Keep the elastic band and add in a pen compartment at the side. Then at the back of the front cover, add a variety of sticky notes and mini compartments with paper clips and magnets. Keep all the pages you already have but at the end of each month, a a little scrapbook/journal cover so we can place photos or scrapbook about that month. And on each daily page, you should add a quote of the day and a fun challenge to complete. And at the botton of the spine ( of the book ) add a ring or keychain hook ( like the ones you put on your backpacks to keep rings or keychains so that we can make our planners cute! And wait for it, at the back hard cover of the planner, add a like a thicker peice of paper at the end and at one side of the card, there’s a mirror and on the other side its a white board! So we can add our own dream board! Keep all the stuff u have now like recipes and stuff but hear me out. What if you also added a string bookmark.and pls make a varietyyyy of designs. I luv u plss pls pls make this and i spent and hour typing this i would definitely buy thiss!!!!

  4. Sadika says:

    Where we can buy this . I’m from India. Pls tell me about a website easily accessed to people like me.

  5. Aliya says:

    I love Casey Ho. I have followed a lot of Pilates videos and most of them are just for advertising there workout app which are always pricey. However she creates quality outfits, sends free PDF printables which has really helped me as a teenager stay motivated. I am also very excited to purchase the 2024 planner. A lot of journals are very bious so I’m so happy that she released a more girly one. Lots of love and motivation for all the girls out there!!!

  6. EMMY says:

    ✨💅SLAY QUEEN💅✨

  7. Hailey says:

    Can you make one but for 11 year old above

    1. Gemma says:

      Yess I agree next year I’m twelve and I would love to have one made for a younger person

  8. Gemma says:

    Amazing as usual, love how you have both options because I’m always the colors girl and my BFF loves black!! THANK YOUUUU

  9. Mish says:

    As someone who preferred the meal planner over the workout planner, can we find a happy medium to put both on the weekly pages?! 2024 is my 5th year buying this planner and I always use those pages for both in some way as they’ve flip flopped over the yeafs…There’s no way I’m the only one!

  10. Riya says:

    You should reduce prices , this journal is pretty expensive considering to cost of regular journals (especially in countries llike India where things are extremely cheap)

    1. Jay says:

      Please is it possible to get in Ghana?

  11. lokesh singh says:

    Where can we buy this and on which day

  12. Emily Jezowski says:

    This is beautiful! Wish I could get this, but I would use it for a month then loose motivation to use it…

    1. Zu says:

      Hi, is it possible for you to release a pdf version on your website?