15 Super Effective TikTok Workouts To Try Today

Hey guys!

I looove coming up with workouts for you! I’ve been doing ’em on YouTube since foreverrrrr but I’ve also been loving giving them to you in quick, short-form versionm too!

If you follow me on TikTok, you’ve seen me post tons of “mini” workouts that focus on specific areas of the body. There are seriously SO many but I listed my top faves right here! I focused on these categories:

  • Arms
  • Butt/Legs
  • Abs
  • Cardio
  • Stretch


So, what to do with these? Well, each one of them is a workout on its own, so you’ve got 15 individual routines at the tip of your fingers!

Want a challenge? Pick your fave from each category (5 total) and mix and match to build your ULTIMATE workout.

Want an EXTRAAAAA challenge? Do ALL 15 workouts!

Spicyyyyy, right?!

Let’s get to work!!! 

Part 1: Arms

Part 2: Legs & Butt

@blogilatesTry to do it w/o breaks OMG 💀 booty bands from @popflexactive popflexactive.com #summerworkout #bootybands #bootybandworkout♬ Into The Thick Of It! – The Backyardigans

Part 3: Abs

@blogilatesIsometric abs. The holding of your abs in one place while the other part of your body moves will create tension ➡️ strength. #standingabs #abworkout♬ A-O-K – Tai Verdes

@blogilatesGets the entire core activated like you’re building your own natural corset. #fitness #gymtok #learnhow #pilates #waisttrainer♬ The Hustle – Van McCoy

Part 4: Cardio

Part 5: Stretch

@blogilatesYou guys asked for it! Here are the stretches I do to get into splits #healthyrecipe #AfterMyCoffee #splits #splitschallenge #howtosplits #stretch♬ Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

Good luck, and HAVE FUN! 

There are soooo many more mini workouts where that came from – check out my TikTok and tell me which one is your fave! For full-length workouts, head over to YouTube!

If you like having your workouts planned for you, don’t forget about the Monthly Workout Calendar! I post a new calendar at the beginning of every month here on the blog and in the BODY By Blogilates app!

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  1. Sallyee says:

    These are great, but I really really wish you would mix and match these as youtube follow along workouts… that’s the only thing that works for me!