Motivation – losing it. Then getting it back!

Motivation – losing it. Then getting it back!

Motivation is a weird thing. It can make us go crazy hyper for hours or it can make us lazy and self destructive beyond control.

I’ve noticed in increase in lack of motivation comments on facebook and on here. Not sure why though – is it a back to school/getting too busy/seasonal change thing? Just want you guys to know that everyone goes through an “I give up-I hate my body-I don’t see results why even try” phase. It happens every once in a while. I had this type of week last week! I was telling myself it was ok to have an egg roll here and a tortilla chip there, but you know what? My body was retaliating. I bloated up, felt lethargic, and even began developing acne! It was horrendous! Oh and get this…my bad food choices affected my energy so much that when I did my burpees I felt like a zombie from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Slow. Immobile. Limbs stuff and dead.

But you just gotta trust that these phases fade. And you will get back on your feet again. If you can’t get back up today, take a shower, and get back up tomorrow. The key thing is to be RESILIENT. That is one of my fave words ever. You fall, you rise up again. Every time it happens, you know yourself better and you get stronger.

So how do I keep myself motivated when it comes to working out? It’s all about having a vision, seeing it clearly, and making the journey there enjoyable.

1. HAVING A VISION: Clearly see your dream body or dream state of fitness & health. Maybe even cut out a picture of a celeb with a similar body type to yours and paste it on the wall. Look at it every day and know that it is possible. You have the resources.

2. WEARING CUTE CLOTHES: Ok sounds vain, but seriously, I workout a billion times harder when I feel like I look good. I make sure to have my colorful Nikes, my bottom-hugging Body Language pants, and a waist cinching cami from UpVibe on. I also love love love wearing my lifting gloves – they’re super cute and make me look “serious”.

3. PRETEND YOU’RE PERFORMING: Hmm, this might only work for on-stage people…but I love thinking that everyone’s watching me and that in this performance, the audience wants to see me working out MY HARDEST with PERFECT FORM. Ha, sounds stressful. How about this analogy…pretend your crush just walked by. Yup, I bet you just straightened your back and stuck your chest out a little. You may even stop thinking about how hard the workout is because you’re too concentrated on impressing someone.

4. SEEING RESULTS: The number one thing that keeps me going is seeing results. It makes me want to go harder and harder every time. Here’s a little secret…I am an obsessive mirror checker!!! Some people say, don’t check your progress til the end of the week. NO WAY!!! I love seeing even the teeniest bit of difference on my body. I even have self-created “pinch tests” for areas where I can “feel” my fat percentage increase and decrease. (That would be my hips and my face FYI.) You can also see results with a measuring tape or by weighing yourself. Just remember that with the latter, try to weigh yourself at the same time everyday so that you don’t think you gained 5 lbs outta nowhere. Also, if you’re lucky, get your fat percentage checked at the gym for even more accurate physical results!

Those are the 4 things that keep me going. So when you feel like you just wanna eat cookies and cakes and fried everything on a bad day, just stop for a sec and ask yourself not to. Do not be self destructive. Do not hate your body. Be good to it and it will be good to you. Eat clean. Exercise often. And envision the end goal! You want it bad and you will prevail!

<3 Cassey

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  1. josephine says:

    Hi. I totally agree with your genuine advise. Thank you.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Great tips! I had the feeling before a few days, but you are right. That is just a phase and you must thing about how far you have Come until now. Then you really notice how happy you are with your new lifestyle.
    Alone your site motivates me so much. I love the style of your blog. I have never seen a such beautiful site. And your workouts are amazing!
    I hope you know how much you help tausends of people in this world with all that : )

  3. Rachel S says:

    Hi Cassie!!
    I love you blog, and I’ve been visiting it and doing pilates for a while now, but I have never put in the diet concept of it until recently when I learned about how un-healthy saturated fat is. Is it true that pesticides in fruit can slow down your metabolism? I’m going to try to eat all-organic, and hope that my body fat percentage will lower!

  4. Tanza says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I found this blog on youtube by coincidence and I’m so glad that I did, because this is the best blog I’ve ever read!, honestly. You’re so inspiring for all the women out there and you give us very good tips to take care of our body.
    I just have one doubt, in my university there are yoga and pilates classes; I can only take one of them, so I wanna to ask you wich class do you recomend me to take, considering the benefficts that yoga and pilates have.
    Thanks so much for reading my comment and I’ll be waiting for your answer soon.
    Love, Tanza.


    1. blogilates says:

      Obviously I’m going to say pilates! I have an article on here on what pilates is – check it out: