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Cassey’s Grocery Store Shopping List

September 15, 2011



Just saw this comment on my facebook and decided to answer it for everyone! What are my staple shopping cart must-haves at the grocery store? It looks something like this:

Veggies: broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, red pepper, onions, shelled edamame, tomatoes, mushrooms

Fruits: Any that are in season. Bananas are always a staple!

Protein: eggs, tofu, chicken breast or some type of white fish (when I was eating meat)

Dairy & Dairy Substitutes: 2% or less cottage cheese, almond milk vanilla unsweetened, plain non fat greek yogurt

Nuts & Seeds: raw sunflower seeds, unsalted almonds

Other things that are good to have around: cinnamon, Stevia, oatmeal, liquid egg whites (egg whites international), Tabasco (haha or just me), ground flax seed, protein powder (I have Muscle Milk vanilla whey from Costco), freshly ground peanut butter from Whole Foods, Zero Calorie Miracle Noodles

This is what I came up with at the top of my head. So it’s probably the best stuff if I can remember it! What are your shopping cart staples?

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  1. Julian says:

    First of all, so glad I found this blog. Second of all, any recommendations for eating healthy while living in the dorms? I’m in college and usually eat pretty healthy and clean (big salads or plates full of grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies, brown rice, low-cal seitan dishes from the wok, etc), but it’s a bummer because I can only cook once a week. Maybe you have a post already about healthy dorm living? I’d love to read it. Thanks so much!

    1. Julian says:

      Also, by “once a week” I mean I cook dinner for a bunch of my guy friends at their apartment once a week. Usually a paleo dish, since they really like meat, but I always make it healthy because they never get any healthy meals otherwise, haha.

  2. Gaby says:

    Cassey do you have any substitutes for cottage cheese? I like it and I already eat alot of it, but once in a while I like other cheeses too which tend to be a litttttle bit more fattening lol

  3. hannah lambert says:

    what if you want to eat healthy but you don’t have the money to buy the clean healthy foods for a clean diet? the suggested healthy clean foods are purdy expensive…. cassey do you have any suggestions? i need help lol

    1. blogilates says:

      brocolli is about 79c/lb, sweet potatoes 49c/lb, and chicken breast 1.99/lb – what do you normally buy? these prices are not that crazy but will keep you full longer!

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