How to do 1000 Squats! 10 “fun” Squat Variations

How to do 1000 Squats! 10 “fun” Squat Variations

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Hey Guys!

I haven’t done these in a while but I thought it’d be cute to make GIFs for the 10 squat variations for you! To complete the 1000 Squat Challenge do each of these squats 100 times.


Make sure your feet are hip width apart and parallel to each other! Keep knees behind the toes, chest open, back as straight and upright as possible.


Now place the feet side by side. This will work your saddlebags or outer thighs.


Hamstring toner and booty lifter! Make sure to alternate legs. Flex your feet.


Let’s get those outer thighs! Again, flex your feet and also keep your swinging leg as straight as possible. Squeeze your obliques.


Bring the legs wider than your shoulders, toes pointed diagonally out! Squat as low as you can with inner thighs presented forward.


Come back to regular squat position. But this time when you get up, lift onto the balls of your feet to activate the calf muscles.


Inner thigh time! Go onto the balls of your feet, press the heels together, and point your toes out diagonally.


Your legs will be very sweaty at this point, making the ankle-resting-on-knee action quite difficult! Make sure to switch sides after 50.


Hands behind the head in a wide plie squat!


FINALLY!!! The hardest one of all. And I know…I am so mean…I made you do this last. Incorporating the abs at the end to make sure you’re killin’ it. Beginners, if you can’t do this please use your hands to push yourself off the mat into a low squat!

And there it is! You did 1000 squats! CONGRATS!!

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Hope you like the recipe! Now…who’s ready for #giveityourALLGUST!!?? Calendar coming soon. If you can’t wait, download the Blogilates App. It’s already in there!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Narcisa says:

    I did 600 squats and my leg are burning and I’m fuel of sweat 🙂

  2. Mally says:

    I was so scared yet so excited to try this today! I achieved the entire 1000! I did however look like an absolute mess afterwards but man it was worth it! Gonna be sore tomorrow!
    Thankyou so much Cassey!

  3. Isabella says:

    Yesterday I managed 400 squats and today 500. Working my way to the whole 1000 for the end of the upcoming week. My legs are so so sore. Thanks for adding the gifs 😀

  4. Lil says:

    “Beginners, if you can’t do this please use your hands to push yourself off the mat into a low squat!”
    Seriously, what kind of “beginner” can do 900 squats ?
    Not my kind…

  5. Tet says:

    Hi Cassey! This is great! however, I just been through laparoscopy operation ( ovarian cyst removal) and its just been two weeks, I so miss working out but cant do extreme moves just as yet, i am back to brisk walking though 🙂

    I am just wondering what exercises can you advise me to work with for now to get me back in shape, I didnt gain weight though as I watched my diet but quite concern as I have not done abs exercises since the operation.

    Appreciate your reply!


  6. Ginger says:

    I really should do some of these squats. I would like to firm up my tushy tush. I just don’t think I could do rolling squat. I am afraid I’ll get stuck and need one of those life alert thingies.

    P.S. Love the gifs. Nice and helpful. 🙂

  7. Maheen says:

    Cassey! This is the definition of cruel to be kind! I will die but I will try… hopefully succeed too 😉

  8. Alyssa says:

    Off topic, but I think I caught yet another Target Photoshop fail. Ugh. Check out the picture from the back.

  9. wow! I have to try this out soon!

  10. Laura says:

    My poor legs are shaking just watching this. I think I will have to try!

    Side note: I have seen and heard of Prisoner squats but everybody seems to call them the same thing but do them differently. Is this just a loose term?


  11. Sarah says:

    Please Please Please add a post 1000 squats soothing leg stretch GIF soon I’m dying today! 😀

  12. Jackie O. says:

    Did all 1000 yesterday & I am super sore today! Thank you Cassey for this awesome workout!

  13. Andreanne says:

    Aaaaannnd I did 300… I will practise this week, I’m planning to be able to go 600 next week… I hope!

  14. Tiffany says:

    I cannot get onto Is anyone else experiencing difficulties?

    1. Tiffany says:

      700. The rest tomorrow. 🙂

  15. I did that squat challenge one morning and I woke up the next day very very sore.

    Thank you so much .

  16. Nice list. I’d also like to add single-leg squats, pistol squats and goblet squats, (in which you hold your elbows out and up at your chest and go down to place your elbows on the inside of your knees at the bottom of the move. It’s a great hip opener). Those are some good ones I do with my training clients. Squats are an essential full-body move!

  17. Scallywag says:

    I maaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy go mad and try this on Saturday morning! Reckon I will still be able to stand up in the shower afterwards?!

  18. Karen says:

    I can’t believe I did all of these squats! If you made an arm one (e.g., the push plank), I know I would definitely die… xd Would be cool and hilarious if you started a “1000” series… jsing d;

  19. İpek says:

    that was amazing and loved the gifs lol!