Arm Fat Blaster | POP Pilates for Beginners

Arm Fat Blaster | POP Pilates for Beginners

Sweat Time: 15 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Arms and Upper Body


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  1. Vittoria says:

    hello, were can i find the beginner calendar?

  2. alcy says:

    The reverse rotations T-T fun though

  3. Carol says:

    Can I do these arm exercises standing? I have early arthritis in my hip and knee, and holding this seated position for a long time bothers them.

  4. Evelyn says:

    Did anyone else expect the Beginner’s Butt and Ab workout? That’s what the beginner’s calendar says on Day 12 but it linked to this

  5. Daena says:

    why can’t i view this video?? it says must be approved for you to do it???

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmmm not sure why it says that. It works for me! Maybe try a different browser?

  6. Susan gregurick says:

    Very doable

  7. somru2020 says:

    Love this video, Thanks 🙂

  8. Neils says:

    day 3 done! If I don`t comment any more It will be because I have lost my arms XD thanks you for your videos, I`m so motivated!

  9. lesleyisabel says:

    painful but effective. thank you.

  10. chloe says:

    day 3 done

  11. amyd12 says:

    Wow I love this workout Cassie, thank you! One of my new favourite arm workouts.

  12. Sally says:

    Thank you!

  13. Juana says:

    Finished day 3! My arms are burning lmao,also my legs.I’ll finish the 30 days program for sure:)

  14. Sheridan says:

    Girl that little pep talk at the end made me cry idk what it was but it made me feel so good about coming back and finishing day 3! Thank you!

  15. Traceymp says:

    What a difference to do this on day 20 compared to when I did it on day 3, can definitely see I’m getting stronger! Thanks Cassey!

  16. Kim says:

    Do you have any videos on stretching? I’ve gotten tension headaches shortly after the workouts and I think it’s because all those small muscles are getting tight from working out suddenly and I wonder if you have any good total body stretches or upper back and arm stretches aside from what we do in the videos!

  17. Natalia says:

    is this supposed to be listed for day 12? because the calendar says this video:, but this one is linked!

    1. Prathiksha Divyananda says:

      Thank you I was thinking I pressed on the wrong workout till I saw your comment lol

  18. May says:

    You telling me I look good definitely helps… Thanks!

  19. Nessie says:

    Done for this day! Aaaaaah that burns!!! but it’s because my rests in between is a lot less than these past 2 days! Makes me feel good about myself ✨

  20. Apple says:

    Anyone else’s fingertips going numb-ish during 10:17?

    1. Apple says:

      I meant 9:23

  21. Kenzie says:

    Day 3 done!

    1. Fitperson says:


  22. Bobbi says:

    You really don’t mind that I scream at you? I do it a lot, sorry 😀 however, it means day 3 complete 😀

  23. ESER says:

    Day three complete.
    I love that this video had so many back exercises included. Thank you for the amazing workout.

  24. Bell and Berries says:

    My shoulders are burning! But day 3 of Beginner’s calendar done!

  25. Cat says:

    At the end….
    Cassey: “High five!”
    Me: “Haha…. NOPE!”
    *arms melt into mat

  26. mayzinmoe says:

    My arms are hard as a rock! Love it <3

  27. yriv13 says:

    Dear Cassey, I did not like you today… I made myself workout even though I didn’t feel like it and I focused on arms. You BURRNNNEDDD my muscles in the middle, the end, and even afterwards. Thank you for making me push myself and for making awesome videos I can work out to. Love you! =)

  28. Castamira says:

    My arms are dead.

  29. mchllcho says:

    I never knew I would have so much fun doing so many arm exercises at one sitting haha 😀

  30. Heidi says:

    Oh my god… I’ve tried going through the beginners calendar time and time again. I’ve never been able to even make it through the first video. I’m just on day three and I’ve already made it through both videos without stopping. It finally feels good. Thank you so, so much! (Blasting “Women” by Kesha in the background helps too)

  31. JessGuinan says:

    Your positivity and encouragement are such a pleasure, especially when I’m totally losing it!

  32. Valerie BT says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for these videos you really keep me motivated I used to workout before but lately I’ve been through a lot and I’m constantly depressed so this feels great I mean it’s like a boost for my day! I can already feel it working eventhough it’s day 3! Thank you ❣️

  33. MommaRobin says:

    Finished Beginner’s calendar day 3. And by finished I mean I did at least 80% of the moves…I have apparently let my fitness level get so low I am below your beginner level. BUT, I listen to my level, and push when I can. I definitely already feel an improvement in my posture, so thank you! I am going to keep pushing and hopefully I will improve. I do make sure to stretch after the workouts, and do some good stretching before bed to try and help with soreness.

  34. Izzy says:

    So far day… 3 😀 I want to do all of them! Thank you so much for finally motivating me to burn this post-baby fat! 😀

  35. Sckyeee says:

    This is one of my favorite workouts😁

  36. sarah says:

    Great workout burningx

  37. Maha says:

    if u are at day 12, I think this one meant to be

    1. Jen says:

      Thank you! ♥️

  38. alicebrites says:

    Thank you, Cassey!

  39. Jordan Strack says:

    The link on the beginners calendar for “beginners ab and butt work out” (day 12) brought me to this video? I think the links are messed up.

  40. Rachel N. Thomas says:

    The moves were great.

  41. Adrienne says:

    Hurts so good!

  42. jennruiz says:

    I love this one!! Fun and painful

  43. Beccles says:

    Just finished this video and day three of the beginner’s calendar! I loved this video and super excited for day four tomorrow 😀

  44. Icicle says:

    Great to have someone guide me through the exercise and at home too

  45. Ashleyam3 says:

    I Loved this one! And I did it all the way through!! 😀

  46. Tiffany says:

    Probably has the wrong link, check the video here

  47. Jasmine says:

    I’m getting the effect, instead of Ab and Butt it’s the Arm Blaster. It’s a test lol 🙂

  48. Jana says:

    Does anyone know why it gives this workout on the calendar for week 2 day 12 when it says beginners ab and butt workout?

  49. Rébecca says:

    OMG this wo just killed me ! Getting stronger everyday! Thanks Cassey <3<3<3

  50. Pooja says:

    i am working on my arms and this video is soooooo painful but soooooo good! thank you for this one cassey!

  51. egalonski says:

    i really loved this video

  52. eo4wellness says:

    Love “arm” day!

  53. bellorie says:

    My arms burn so much but this is my most favorite arm workout video.

  54. malinhk says:

    it hurts so much! But so good! 🙂

  55. ivana.koleva says:

    That was a great one! Thanks!

  56. eo4wellness says:

    Love this workout

  57. eo4wellness says:

    Thank you.

  58. eo4wellness says:


  59. shutterdove says:

    You know what would be really great? If the calendar linked to these videos on the Blogilates website, instead of YouTube so we could all rate the video after doing it!!!!

  60. Minnie says:

    Hi Cassey! First of all, thank you for your videos and above all your inspiring personality.
    Just a quick thought inspired by today’s workout on the November calendar. I am a beginner (I’ve been doing Pop Pilates since September so I still consider myself as such). I’ve seen tremendous progress in many areas but still struggle a lot when obliques are concerned. I really don’t know why. I’ve tried A LOT of your videos (last month I wasn’t following the calendar but just experimenting with your workouts) and it’s really really hard not to get frustrated because there are really few of them I can do.
    I have thought about it and I think the main reasons are:
    – Arm strength: my arms have grown really strong, but I can’t hold a side plank on my elbow for long. I think this is true for many beginners judging by what I read on youtube. Today I couldn’t do any single exercise on “Quick burn obliques” and had to switch to another video;
    – Legs flexibility: this might just be about a few of us, but i’m not flexible and it really affects me: basically I can’t lift my leg too high if I’m standing on my knee with the other leg. For example, in “6 minutes to a little waist” there is no way I can do the rainbow obliques because my leg simply doesn’t lift that high (I can lift it much higher if I’m standing, so I usually do a laying variation similar to Accordiums from the waist training challenge; this also affects me when I’m doing leg and butt exercises but that’s another issue for another time).
    – General obliques weakness (i tend to use other muscles – my hips, for example – since I don’t have strong obliques…)
    Now, the last issue can be probably only solved through hard work and I’m all for it, but:
    Could you find a way to do a beginner video that targets obliques and takes into account the fact that many beginners don’t have strong arms and might not have a great leg range (sorry if this last one isn’t a thing. I’m not native to english lol)? This would be a life changer, seriously!
    (Please, everyone, don’t read that as a critique: I love Cassey and I am forever grateful for the work she does for us! Especially since it’s a free channel. I only asked because she’s doing this great series for beginner, and I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible in order to highlight some possible issues that beginners might face).
    THANKS A LOT (for everything),

    1. Momma Robin says:

      I have some of the same issues when it comes to flexibility. I used to be much more flexible, but now in my 30s after 3 kids, it isnkt always there, or it is, but I dont have the strength to use the flexibility. I have used several other pilates and exercise programs in the past that were really good at showing modifications for these issues in the regular video. I agree, Cassie is amazing to workout to, and sometimes she points out modifications, but not always. Cassie, would that be an option? Instead of making a whole video focused solely on those of us who are super beginners in targeted areas, just make sure to add modified options to your regular videos? You are an angel!

  61. Terri says:

    Hi Cassy, thanx youve opened up a whole new world for me! Is there a calender for your new beginners workout vids?
    Also could u recommend a few workouts for transverse abs?

    Thanx for your work!!

  62. Anny says:

    Thanks for this video. Please, please, more arms videos. Why not an “extreme arms 1”?

  63. Kamila says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I think that you’re an amazing person. Learning to love your body in a world where media rejects “skinny-fat” people like me with flat chests and no curves whatsoever can be super hard… I love how you spread body love, and I cannot even comprehend or tell you how much you’ve helped me this past year. I love your workouts, and try to stick to your monthly calendars if I have time. I wanted to ask you if you could do a “teen series” for teens who are going through tough times with body image and stress. I’m sure it would be SUPER helpful to teens who are confused and angry at themselves for no reason because of physical issues, and your series could contain girl talks or hacks to “ease” everything. I know you’re a super busy woman who is doing good for the world 24/7 and I totally understand if you can’t do this! Thanks!

  64. Cassie says:

    Favorite arm video so far (and that’s really saying something!)