7 Healthy Tips For Managing Your Stress

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got some good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! (BTW did you take advantage of the 50% off PIIT28 Sale yet!? If not….do it, because I’ll be doing a HUGE challenge in January to celebrate the start of 2018!)

I’ve started holiday shopping but still have sooooo much to do. What about you guys? This time of year is always such a weird mix of excitement and stress. Like, I love it. But also, it’s a looooot. It’s easy to get stressed out.

So I thought today I’d let you know some of my tips for managing stress and anxiety. Because phew, just thinking about those long lines Christmas shopping has me like 😫😫😫.

1. Create a daily to-do list.

Though at first this might sound more stressful, creating a list of what you need to do (and crossing it off as you go) can help streamline your day. If you’re someone always going a mile a minute with so much to do, having a visual reminder of what needs to happen and what to dedicate your time to can really help. It also allows you to figure out what you need to focus on and what you need to let go. This Weekly Planner pad helps me visualize how my entire week will look like so I know how to tackle it!

2. Practice meditation.

A lot of people are weirded out by meditation because they don’t really understand it. I used to think that too! Like, do I just sit around and chant and empty my mind?? How do I do that?! Meditation is actually very personal so it looks different for everyone. Meditation really is just about taking time for yourself. You can do a guided meditation. There’s actually a ton of YouTube videos and apps with relaxing, guided meditations that are specifically for stress.Sam uses the Headspace app once in a while when he needs to chill out! It’s just nice to have one moment in the day to check in with your breath, your body, and relax.

3. Get your body moving.

Okay, exercise is not a cure-all. It’s not going to magically take away your anxiety or stress. But yes, it DOES help. Whether you’re going for a short walk or beasting it out in a kickboxing class, doing something active can take the edge off stress. In the iconic words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”


4. Find someone you can talk to.

Be it a friend. Be it a family member. Be it a counselor. There is NOTHING wrong with needing a person to just listen. We are social creatures. We need to talk things out. You don’t have to do it alone.

5. Journal.

Write about your day. Write about what’s stressing you. Write about your dreams. Just write it out. Whether it’s on a blog, an email to yourself, or a pretty little journal – writing is freedom. Plus, it’s interesting to reflect back on years later and see how you’ve grown and changed!

6. Learn your triggers.

Find out the specific things that really cause your anxiety or stress to flare. This takes times and isn’t always an easy process. Journaling (mentioned above) can help! Talking to friends can help. Just be honest with yourself if you REALLY want to change your habits. Identifying your triggers is just one more tool in understanding yourself and how you work!

7. Make time to do stuff you love.

This is so important. Do things you like! Your hobbies, your passions, those things MATTER! Responsibilities will sometimes get in the way. Ya’ll, being an adult can be HARD. And balancing everything in itself is stressful. But make sure you are still nurturing your soul and what you love. It makes the hard days a little easier.

What do you do when things get extra stressful? Let’s all share our tips and tricks so we can get through this season together!

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  1. Sky Lee says:

    when I first learned that stress can make us sick. I started to be more mindful of it and actually paying attention to my stress-relieving techniques. Thank you so much for these great tips, these would be helpful.

  2. combat says:

    That is a great content. Thanks, Cassey

  3. Thanks for giving such a good list that can help to manage the stress. stress can lose the mental health and after some time it slows down the physical health also. it’s required to get rid of it and taking care of it. we all know without mental health wellness we can’t live normal or enjoyable life. so, we should take care of it.

  4. Beck says:

    Hello Cassey, Excellent tips!

  5. Elayna says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I think its great that you post on topics like this and offer solutions. Healing from anything, including stress, is a process and takes time and effort. Great post.

  6. Jessi says:

    This are great tips <3