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Ultimate Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Body

March 6, 2017

Ultimate Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Body

Sweat Time: 8 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: Cardio

Body Focus: Total Body


21 thoughts on “Ultimate Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Body”

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  1. JadeSalony says:

    I love the quick burns!

  2. lisaprettypetals says:

    Omg I’m dying, but I feel awesome 😊💗💗💗

  3. emrepp says:

    this is one of the only cardio videos I can do all the way through without breaks! I love it!!!

  4. Rachel D says:

    I completed this for once.

  5. jana.k says:

    i dont know why back hurts when i do the last move…im really trying but it really hurts… otherwise i really like this workout it gets me sweaty so quick I love it!! 🙂

    1. ELuksikova says:

      it is same for me I think it is because our bellies are not working the way they should and thanks to that our backs must do more than they should (they are overworked) and hurts thanks to that. But I can be wrong. I just 16 so what can I possibly know. And sorry for my english I am foreign.

    2. ellennallen says:

      I also have problems with back pain when my muscles aren’t strong enough to do what they’re supposed to. It helps to suck in your tummy and think about making your core as tight as possible.

  6. DivaExcel says:

    This is my fav workout/Blogilates video. I’ve done it so many times that I knew when she’d change moves without looking at my laptop and I was also repeating the things she was saying as she was saying them. But all in all, this is an amazing workout! 🙂 😀

  7. livvaneman says:

    I loved the view the video had.

  8. Iness says:

    I got a question … I’m currently doing the month calendar and Im wondering if doing all of the video workout, specially today’s (22/03) wish is very long (58min) is not too much … Im worried I might get injuries ….
    The thing is that I love Cassey’s workout and happiness…

    1. scnabais says:

      Hey! I can’t speak for Cassey, but if you feel like it’s too much for you, feel free to skip one of the videos! What I do is I open all the videos for the day in different tabs and quickly evaluate how long they are and what exercises are in them, so that I can decide which video(s) I won’t do, if any.

      1. esther.boon says:

        That’s what I Do Too. Sometimes the videos can have repetitive moves which makes it a little boring. Plus I too can’t spare an hour, so might swap a longish one for a quick burn song challenge.

    2. Yellow_Ej says:

      The calendars are designed so that you don’t plateau. So do two things, 1: listen to your body (this may mean limiting the videos you complete)…and 2: do your absolute best and push yourself to improve each day. Personally, I usually do every video on the calendar to the best of my ability.

  9. cathysch says:

    I´m dying but I love it!

  10. Laura Gates says:

    Love this one!

  11. MayaVeloso says:

    like this one

  12. Esha pandit says:

    hey…..I am visiting your profile for the last 3-4days and you know what….what no one would do for me in the last 3-4years, you did that. I am super motivated to work out again. I want o gain back my fit body and strength. I am following multiple challenges as well as cardio exercises. It is being very tough..but I am loving it a lot. I will update my transformation soon. Love you a lot and respect you more. Keep inspiring 🙂

    Also, I love the way you promote fitness. You motivate me like anything and I do not feel like going for machine workouts or crash diets. I can relate a lot to you. I am from India and people hear call their sisters as “didi” (remember the dd from Dexter’s lab..just like that :P) I will call you Cassey didi too 🙂 :*
    Take love

    1. Aarushi Sunil says:

      I’m an Indian too! Glad to meet with a fellow Indian :).

      1. hemlata says:

        I m here too 🙂

  13. Natalie says:


  14. estelle says:

    I love it Cassey!!!

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