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Train Insane HIIT Workout!

September 23, 2014

Train Insane HIIT Workout!

Sweat Time: 8 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: HIIT

Body Focus: Total Body


34 thoughts on “Train Insane HIIT Workout!”

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    I do this with modifications; and love it

  2. Artimes says:

    I’m dying that was not only hard but also fun😆😅

  3. shiv37 says:

    Been off my workout game for a while, this video made me feel good about building my strength back again. 🙂

  4. Alex says:

    Made my daughter do this to prove Cassey is great (better than her favourite Joe Wicks). She agreed! Yay! And now we’re both puffed!

  5. Rachel D says:

    I was completely out of breath.

  6. Myrto says:

    I was forcing my legs to move in the end.I love blogilates so much!!!!!

  7. Cbaby1998 says:

    Doing the ‘easy’ variations and still struggling. Feels so great to finish though!!!!

  8. ninafeli says:

    I’m always dieing through this haha – but I love how it is and that I can challenge myself so hard!!

  9. miranda clare says:

    This was so hard!! Proud of myself for doing it!

  10. ptrutneff says:

    Exhausted and sweating like crazy. And I even did the easier version for some of them.

  11. lisaprettypetals says:

    Omg I finished it n I’m dead!

  12. lisaprettypetals says:

    I’m trying this,but idk lately what happened to my back such pain I’m try to stretch n hope I can finish,if I can t workout I will die😱

  13. miikamon says:

    Okay, putting split lunge jumps, burpees AND reptile jumps in one workout is just evil, I was DYING!

  14. Breum123 says:

    I simply can’t do these Tuesday HIIT videos – I can’t even complete it one time without failing. Isn’t there another alternative, cause it’s so demotivating to see that I can’t even complete it one time:(

    1. cashna319 says:

      Maybe just do 3-4 different cardio workouts Cassey has. They are more Pilates moves but they still make you sweat! Don’t worry it takes all of me to make it through the video four times. We’ll get there! 😊

  15. Nina says:

    omg, I’m sweating sooo much! This is incredible .. I’m doing Blogilates for 3 years now and it kills me every time 😀 the worst one is the last one, I hate it sooo much haha, but I’m proud I’ve done it!

  16. Olga says:

    Oh my god why did that nearly kill me? Am not even done yet and i have to take a break to prepare myself mentally for the last two rounds… please tell me im not the only one that took LOTS of breaks?

    1. mahawy97 says:

      trust me you are not the only one

  17. cupidelf18 says:

    When I saw the thumbnail I inwardly died

  18. kiwimouse says:

    So much mental strength needed here >.<

  19. akeeshapls says:

    I didn’t think it’d be this brutal that I’d have to break it up 2x in the morning and 2x in the evening. Ughhh Cassey you’re horrible!!

  20. LaetiN says:

    “Don’t get tired. Tired is in the head” Oh Cassey x)

  21. rinnahriggin says:

    no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to be able to do reptile jumps…they drain me in .5 seconds..

  22. Breezygirl says:

    One of my favs… I love the jumping lizard🦎

  23. ingrid says:

    Flash back to three years ago, when I did this four times through and died…

  24. Andrea L. says:

    After the rest of the cardios, I couldn’t even do half of this. It was a great workout though. Next week I’ll finish the workout!

    1. popster_eminnz says:

      Me too! It was killer after 4 other cardio videos!

    2. Andrea L. says:

      Ok OMG I’m back and it’s still tortureeeee

  25. eo4wellness says:


  26. claire_bear1.1 says:

    This is so insane! Omg!

  27. klstorck20 says:

    So glad I am following the calendar and only have to do this once. 4 times through would kill me!

    1. NathNath says:

      I totally agree! Every time that I say see that I have to do this workout I am starting to sweat…

    2. Sylya says:

      The funny thing is when you’re following the calendar and you actually have do it 4 times through on a given day.

      1. chiarauer says:

        OMG thats what i just thought!! hahaha

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