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Super Fun Cardio Dance Workout! | We Go Together from Broadway’s GREASE

January 14, 2018

Super Fun Cardio Dance Workout! | We Go Together from Broadway’s GREASE

Sweat Time: 14 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: Dance Cardio

Body Focus: Total Body


33 thoughts on “Super Fun Cardio Dance Workout! | We Go Together from Broadway’s GREASE”

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  1. Cutiespoon says:

    This one reaffirms that I don’t like the dance videos, but I felt that warm up!

  2. JackJack says:

    Wow. I felt a but awkard dancing alone (augustworkoutplan) but it still was kind of very funny, espacially watching you two in the process

  3. PopsterAsh85 says:

    I stand corrected. THIS is the best video ever.

  4. andreaw12 says:

    Possibly my favorite video to date!

  5. ellennallen says:

    I love the idea, but I think that the actual dance needs to be repeated several times to the music. This would help not only with grasping the choreography, but also with actually getting cardio. By the time my heart rate starts to rise, it’s all done! It’s not as fun if you have to just rewind the same two minutes to try to get your workout in!

  6. lisaprettypetals says:

    I don’t like dance workouts I’m no good at them n I keep trying

  7. SunshineCozy13 says:

    That was fun, totally forgot alot but it probably be easier on a screen bigger than my phone haha. Love your videos like always tho! You rock

  8. lisaprettypetals says:

    I’m not good at these dance workouts I get all mixed up with moves uggg

  9. kbiaggi says:

    The pace of the choreography demonstration was much too fast for someone like me who doesn’t dance at all. The dance itself was really short and I just didn’t feel like I really did anything. But, thanks for trying, Cassey! Can tell you really enjoyed it.

    1. Sodacolaclassic says:

      Just repeat it, it’s fun!

  10. ch3yu says:

    not what we expected with this title.

  11. Karabuck7 says:

    I loved this because I love Grease and I was not feeling working out. But now I am so happy and ready to start my workout. I would not say that this was cardio, more of a warm-up.

  12. kristinapantic says:

    I always feel awkward doing these kinds of warm ups… like I waste 9 minutes of my life just standing there and waiting for them to actually start so i could just jump around for 2 minutes, because there is no freaking way that i can remember all that in such short time, and i don’t have time to go back or pause the video….

  13. Eugenia says:

    I really didn’t like this… lol i didn’t sweat at all and think it’s a little dumb

  14. Laurebrook89 says:

    i love the warm up but i skipped the dance part.

  15. jennruiz says:

    I love this!! So much fun!!!

  16. luvbugbia says:

    So much fun! As a a girl who’s been doing musical theatre her whole life, this was perfect, exactly what I needed to make my day!

  17. jelena_stanic says:

    i love this so so so much! i kept laughing the whole way through, it was so fun!

  18. eo4wellness says:


  19. simmonscorner says:

    Love it!!!!

  20. apprevost says:

    That was so cute! Thank you!

  21. mel_rmz96 says:

    thiswas sooo much fun

  22. lozbun says:

    I enjoyed Cassey’s warmup but skipped through the dance section.

  23. SadieRodriguez says:

    I love this SOOOO much!! Definitely learning with my best friend!

  24. blubs116 says:

    Just a bit too fast for me to keep up with.

  25. Natnatblogi says:

    This choreo could be fun, but its way to fast!

  26. Rachel817 says:

    I am really, really bad at dancing.

  27. lhiguera says:

    How incredibly fun!!!!! Plus, I am sweating!!! 😀

  28. GreyNox says:

    I love the energy between you two! I’m horrible at coordination but you both make me want to try over and over until I get the moves right!

  29. Diana Perez says:

    I loved it! You all were so much fun! I ran it several times until I could follow through all the way!

  30. analaks says:

    So rewarding once you’re finally able to get it down and make it through the whole video, love it.

  31. DG_Dakitty says:

    This was sooooo much fun!

  32. alexzstar says:

    i love dance workout

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