Toned Thighs Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Thighs

Sweat Time: 8 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: PIIT28

Body Focus: Legs & Thighs


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  • kbiaggi says:

    Thanks, Cassey! Nice, easier workout. I love your hair and makeup!!

  • amg7723 says:

    my buns are BURNIN

  • kelly says:

    Love the burn! I love your hair style.

  • Strong Areej says:

    Love this video.❤️🔥✨

  • kiwinoslen4u says:

    LOVE this burn!

  • yeisermom says:

    Holy moly! Feel the burn!! 🔥

  • GreyNox says:

    Am I the only one who does the first exercise on their elbows because I just start going and miss when Casey says we can switch it up? Kinda like aw man! I have do copy this for the other side!

  • Chris Spangler says:

    Thank you Cassey! I have a question: how do you prevent or fix popping joints? My knees and hips always pop with every leg move. Thanks!

  • Morgan says:

    How do you get the sound so clear? what kind of mic do you use?

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you so much! I really loved this one & can feel the burn in my outer thighs right now, just finished it. I’ll follow this with arms before I head out the door. You always inspire me & give me a boost with your wonderfull, bright attitude.

  • robert says:

    8 minutes of pure knowledge. Thank you for sharing this gem. I wish i had that scenery by the way when i glanced over my back! I have the factories of Leeds, though. Take a peek at this small gems http://www.vivaguides.com/single-post/BooksforTraining