Toned Tank Top Arms & Back // WEDNESDAY // 28-Day Summer Sculpt

Sweat Time: 35 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Pop Pilates

Body Focus: Arms & Back


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  • rlinge says:

    This was harder than I expected. But as always the modifications were great 👌

  • zoedream says:

    cassey, a pilates goddess: “these moves that are graceful are the worst!”
    me, a sweating walrus: GRACEFUL!?

  • KatharinaS says:

    compared to the first week the exercises seemed allready easier but still hard. like them so much

  • bilja.bo says:

    Ahaahaah aaaarms :)

  • Senister1 says:

    Arm workout today. My biceps are burning. Good workout

  • stanka says:

    After yesterday’s butt torture, today great relax :)

  • FaithK says:

    I am loving this Summer Sculpt!

  • CORDIE says:

    Wow, I am the first commenter! Hi Cassey, I love, love, love your workouts! 💗I hope you see this because I can’t comment on youtube…but, anyway, this is the first program I am following along with you, and I am sooo excited. You are my top favorite fitness channel and I wake up every morning to be with you! It’s still Tuesday where I am, but I cannot wait to do this workout tomorrow. You are my number one inspiration and motivator for fitness! Doing your workouts makes me FEEL HAPPIER during the day. endorphins. Anyway, you’re the best.
    -CMS 😊