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The Best Workout for Watching TV! | At Home Toning Exercises

December 1, 2017

The Best Workout for Watching TV! | At Home Toning Exercises

Sweat Time: 20 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Total Body


23 thoughts on “The Best Workout for Watching TV! | At Home Toning Exercises”

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  1. chxrlie says:

    i love this one – how many times should we do it if we only do this one? i want to become a pro at straddle circles!

  2. Lisecl says:

    Loved this workout!

  3. Angie efmb says:

    So I this wo is in May calendar 2019 both on Thursday and Friday. I think the wrong link is on the Friday one because it says stretch and flexibility focus. Maybe it should have been the video with the same title from 6-week body toning bootcamp?

    1. Angie efmb says:

      So I see that*

  4. lisaprettypetals says:

    Love this your the best😊
    I have a suggestion if you could do some workouts with light weights?I use my bright pink 3lb weights when you do arms n I love it❤❤❤❤

  5. Rachel D says:

    I was watching you suffering me.

  6. Rachel D says:

    This was wonderful.

  7. Kate Greene says:

    wow!! that went by crazy fast

  8. Lisa Bambu says:

    Wow what a workout 😊

  9. marthachastain says:

    Oh my gosh! The exercise in minute 4 through 9 was AWESOME. What muscle is that targeting? I need more 🙂

  10. Ariella says:

    I try every time and i fall every time 🙂 I usually do some leg circles instead :/

  11. Carmen says:

    How many can actually do that straddle move???

    I feel like my legs are like anchors. I cannot get them to stay in the air for even a second! She makes it look so easy.

    1. ElisaTintree says:

      Same problem here, the single leg ones are challenging but i can handle them, but both legs up no way…

  12. Whitney says:

    Bangs are in girl!

  13. shellyp2018 says:

    i always watch MASH when i workout with Cassie lol

  14. KISUGA says:

    Whenever we were doing the leg circles it was really hard on my knees. Is that normal?

  15. Morgan says:

    OMG That last one! In my head I kept going “Nope, nope, nope, probably can’t do that.” I did it anyways and died, but hey I did it.

    1. denisefn says:

      Congratz <3

  16. CLMarelich0824 says:

    Started my New Years Resolution in middle of January and carrying it into February!

    1. Natalija says:

      same here!

  17. majaw says:

    Starting my New Years Resolution in February! 😂 We
    love you Cassie!

  18. Shelly says:

    Finally got around to see the new website and doing workouts this year! I had a late start because of family issues and personal illness, but now I am ready to go!!!

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