The Best Butt Workout | POP Pilates Top Hits

The Best Butt Workout | POP Pilates Top Hits

Sweat Time: 13:40 mins

Equipment Needed: Matt

Workout Type: Butt

Body Focus: Arms


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  1. Melody Thomasson says:

    So good, definitely kicked my butt lol

    1. Moo Moo1 says:

      Hi Cassey, for us Girls aged 50+ it would be great to help your older followers around my age that has gravity against them but still keen to have the right healthy shape, for videos to help round & plump your Inverted butt or a Pancake butt. When you rfrom late 40 ees onwards no matter what you try, it gets harder to get the shape you would like and sometimes crushes you because no matter what you try, nothing appears to work. I have been following you for nearly 3 years now and do my best where I can to work out with you almost everyday because I love your positivity and strength and you are always coming up with great workouts.

      If there is any chance you are able to help with exercises for women ranging from 40 to 50+ with a couple of videos for the older girls who follow you would be so so inspiring and positive.

      Thanks for listening

  2. Signe bakken says:


  3. Akshaya says:

    Guys I have a question. Will this workout hell me reduce my butt??

    1. Lexie says:

      Technically, you can’t spot reduce fat. However, you can work on building specific muscle groups makes the area seem more “toned”.

  4. Krithika says:


  5. Assem says:

    I want to be better than now

    1. Krithika says: