Stretches You Need After a Stressful Day

Sweat Time: 14 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Stretch

Body Focus: Total Body


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  • Annika says:

    I wouldn’t mind if this video kept going forever… I love this

  • Debarbara says:

    love it…thx 4 this wonderful stretch

  • ch3yu says:

    this was wonderful <3

  • Nanny Cath says:

    Done … loved it thanks x

  • liki says:

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zandra57 says:

    I love this routine! <3

  • mitraaz says:

    I love this video

  • adrienne says:

    hey Cassey can we get an option on the work out filter on your websites for stretches.. I love your video for stretches but always have to search to find them

  • arianakrz says:

    love love love this, will be using this video a lot. I really feel amazing after this thank you cassey <3

  • Rachel D says:

    This was wonderful indeed! What are giving me stress are working and schooling at the same time. And that, a long distance ride home. But I find solace in your exercises. Thank you, CHL.

  • Gabygabs says:

    I loved it! Especially the background music. Rn my lower back is killing me from my book bag that I carry around all day. Love these vids!