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SNOWBUNNY BLAST – at home cardio to burn fat!

December 6, 2015

SNOWBUNNY BLAST – at home cardio to burn fat!

Sweat Time: 10 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: HIIT

Body Focus: Total Body


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  1. im_just_becky says:

    Omg those jumping ones KILLED me
    Just started trying to get back into working out and decided that finally I would stop just reading your emails, and actually do something with them!

  2. andreagil says:

    RIP me

  3. Kailyn Michelle says:

    I have gotten so used to Casey’s workouts that it’s crazy when I ask my friends if they are ok after our aerobics classes when they are breathing hard but they wind up thinking I’m not working hard enough but with videos like this that Casey puts up I’ve learned how to breathe through it in a way that makes me feel pumped and ready for whatever else gets thrown my way Casey is awesome and I love her for teaching me this trick

  4. Rachel D says:

    100% through. My heart is beating so fast.

  5. patiencepassion says:

    I love this cardio Hitt. Smile throughout the workout makes it easier!

  6. magenmh922 says:

    My favorite Blogilates HIIT workout!

  7. popster_eminnz says:

    That’s just like a PIIT28 workout!

  8. sk says:

    Hi Casey! When I tap on the timer in the work out timer tab, it asks me to ‘Tap to purchase’ so its an in app purchase :S same thing for when I try to access my workout calendar etc through the app. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. moca says:

    Just a question from a begginer: if it is a part of my workout, do I have to do it 4 times or just once?

    1. Anja says:


      1. LexyA says:

        So pleased you said that!

    2. kbiaggi says:

      Once if you’re doing other workouts, 4 times if it’s your only workout 🙂

    3. Kailyn Michelle says:

      If it is part of your calendar workout then no but if it isn’t yes You do the videos shown for that day People like me so it all at once but you don’t have to if you don’t want to all you’ve got to do is to go at your own pace and you can always plan on doing the videos at different times throughout the day There is definitely no shame in that so don’t letanyome make you feel otherwise

  10. eo4wellness says:

    Fun video!

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