Snatched Waist & Shapely Thighs // FRIDAY // 28-Day Summer Sculpt

Sweat Time: 37 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Pop Pilates

Body Focus: Abs & Thighs


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  • rlinge says:

    Those side seals make my hip pop every time I lower down. :/ But other than that this workout is great on days that I don’t feel like doing much.

  • Autumn says:

    First time back in severa years, this kicked my butt 😂

  • Suchita Dhuri says:

    Great work out

  • teiluj24 says:

    Arm challenge could be great. Leaner, stronger upper body.

  • EllieAnna says:

    How come all the most recent videos are getting really low difficulty ratings? Is no one else finding them hard 😩?!

    On another note…the energy you bring to every class/video Cassey is totally infectious, I hope you are as happy as you seem to be, you are such a lovely gem ❤️

    • popster_nina97 says:

      I noticed that too, must be a bug :/ I hope they fix it, I love the rating feature

    • Maddiey11 says:

      IKR I am always looking at the difficulty to… prepare? myself? xD But they all say they’re super easy yet I’m over here like AHHHHH

  • K. says:

    Thighs and booty for a 100 challenge!

  • timeturner36 says:

    Cassey – could you add some cardio videos to the calendar? For people who are used to doing calendar workouts these are on the easier side and I feel like my body’s been taking a break this week

    • Ming Barbara says:

      I absolutely agree with Timeturner, that is why I did a cardio video before the workouts. But it is still too easy …

    • MarianaNunez says:

      It does feel way easier! Although I thinks it’s nice to take a break.

  • tamstarqueen28 says:

    Ohhh, this one looks like it’s going to be easy!!! YAS! Cassie included some of my fav workouts.

  • rebeca07 says:

    What a nice way to end the first five days of summer sculpt!!!!
    Greetings from Mexico!
    Love blogilates <3