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Silent Death Cardio – Apartment friendly workout to lean down

December 1, 2017

Silent Death Cardio – Apartment friendly workout to lean down

Sweat Time: 13 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: Cardio

Body Focus: Total Body


24 thoughts on “Silent Death Cardio – Apartment friendly workout to lean down”

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  1. Sam says:

    Curious on how many calories this workout burns!

  2. carolinalulli says:

    When I got engaged I bought rubber wedding bands so that I could wear something on my hands while I was working out/lifting or washing dishes. And now I don’t worry about harming my diamond rings or potentially losing them! Great workout, too!

  3. abbeyjo24 says:

    one of my favorite videos

  4. Rachel D says:

    Truly a silent death workout!

  5. jackiebug1 says:

    This is my fav video of hers everrrr

  6. Zandra57 says:

    This was so enjoyable! I love when you do silent workouts because I hate bothering my neighbours early in the mornings.

  7. ruthm23 says:

    Really enjoyed this one, a lot of balance which is still a bit difficult for me but nonetheless liked it 🙂

  8. emily99 says:

    This is one of my favorite workout videos and I watch it all the time…and each time I get excited again when Cassey announces her engagement!! Still low-key waiting for that video with Sam. xD And maybe after the wedding, it’d be so funny and cute to see a couple’s workout routine!

  9. livvaneman says:

    This was a fun one 🙂

  10. mrsalysa says:

    The last one just killed meeeeee i was not able to handle it the final time but this is m last exercise so im so proud bc last time i was not able to do it

  11. manump says:

    I really liked this workout! No noise at all and no burpees!! 😀

  12. fitgirlhanna says:

    I love this!! I’m so proud that I did it!! (Day 15 of the may 18 calendar)

  13. lisabrent says:

    Love this workout!! No jumping and I’m sweating so much. Thanks cassie 👍🏻

  14. Andrea L. says:

    I’m still having balance problems, but I think it’s good that you make us think about that sometimes too! I’m really clumsy…this might help!

    1. Andrea L. says:

      Still having balance problems 2 weeks later, but only on the knee push kicks! I can do the twist kick one now. Yay for improvement!

  15. Alison says:

    Mostly hard because of balance, and since we’re moving quick, I struggle so I have the feeling I am not doing the moves at my best potential, so… Not as enjoyable as I expected. But, hey, I need to work on my balance ! 😛

  16. arbok says:

    silent but deadly

  17. yeisermom says:

    I liked this workout! I used to dance so to be able to use my dancers balance while working out is just awesome!

  18. GreyNox says:

    This is not my favorite workout. I have no balance to my name (despite working on it) and the second song is just very frustrating. The other two are great though and have me sweating up a storm!

  19. klstorck20 says:

    That was awesome! I loved this so much!

  20. ticklina says:

    Please fix the fullscreen option… If there is extra text / borders I prefer to just switch to good old youtube, which makes this whole video embedding contraption kind of pointless. Keep improving 😀

    1. Mistralka says:

      Click the video twice, you’ll get the full screen.

  21. Becca says:

    Try a silicone ring for workouts!! I find my fingers swell sometimes during intense workouts. Silicone rings help. I can weightlift and do exercises on my fists with no issue!

  22. Marie-Pier says:

    Awesome warmup! I’m sweating but not dying.

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