Shredding for the Wedding Cardio Workout | BRIDAL BOOTCAMP

Shredding for the Wedding Cardio Workout | BRIDAL BOOTCAMP

Sweat Time: 14 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: Cardio

Body Focus: Total Body


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  1. Lianna says:

    More Jaqueline please

  2. LexyA says:

    Great workout, but Cassey is such a typical big sister in how she treats Jackelyn! I hope she is now as invested in planning Jackelyn’s wedding as she expected her to be in her own!

  3. Fiona says:

    Normally I do not sweat at all but this time I sweat like crazy!

  4. MrsMartin says:

    Wow! I don’t normally sweat when I work out but I’m am just dripping sweat after this! Yes!

  5. Abby Daniel says:

    This sure made me sweat! Worth it to look and feel great at my wedding next month!

  6. Lisa says:

    You should include fiancés as apart of doing this with you. Mine thinks paliates is not for men at all but is doing it every night (and dying more than me) to support me wanting to get in shape for the wedding. Give a shot out to all the supportive fiancés 🙂

    1. LexyA says:

      That’s so cute! Hope you had a fabulous special wedding day.

  7. theokgatsby says:

    LOVED that there was not jumping in this! Perfect cardio for my apartment setting!

  8. Rachel D says:

    I have this routine like four times and every time, I love it still.

  9. Luiza Emile says:

    This is just my favorite cardio video ever!!!

  10. selenehanna says:

    Everything about this series is amazing… the moves, the colors, the editing, and a visit from Jacqueline. Thank you, Cassie!

  11. Lizzy says:

    LOVE NO JUMPING! more of this please!!!

  12. bananegothique says:

    loved the no jumping!

  13. yeeun21 says:

    no-jumping!!! luv it hahaha

  14. timeturner36 says:

    Thank you so much for the non-jumping workouts!!

  15. angiehill says:

    I hate to complain all the time but if I access the calendar when I’m logged in and tick off my workouts as I do them, then WHY OH WHY when I need to log in again, are those tick marks now gone? For that reason, the linkable pdf’s you used to use were great as I could tick them off on my computer and know they are safe and ticked.

    1. Yiffniff says:

      YES!!! I’ve been having the exact same problem! Sometimes it’ll save the ticks, but more often than not it doesn’t – drives me crazy 🙁

      1. Anja says:

        Same here

        1. mahawy97 says:

          i have the same problem 🙁

      2. FluffyTeapot says:

        Yeah, me too! It´s like the work never happened… ^^

    2. scnabais says:

      I’ve been having the same problem!! It drives me a bit crazy since it’s very motivating to see all of the boxes ticked and then I just feel like I haven’t done any of the work! Please fix this! Thank you

  16. Lauren says:


  17. Dickson says:

    Hi cassey! I just started to follow your monthly workout calendar and I would like to know if I should finish all the workouts listed on the day or just choose 1 or 2 from it?
    Thank you so much for such amazing calendar! 😁

    1. cupidelf18 says:

      Yes if you have enough time try and finish all the videos listed on the calendar if not at least do the first video because it is the cardio warmup

  18. Christina says:

    My god I did this workout after 1 workout I sweat! Very challenging. 👍🏼

  19. Marie-Pier says:

    Omg!! This just made the cut in my top 5 blogilates videos ever! More than just a warmup! Really good cardio AND leg workout! but still doable haha!

  20. yeisermom says:

    Wow!! I really enjoyed this workout! The no breaks in between are actually a bonus. I like the hard work 👏

  21. Niina says:

    You forgot “shieldmaidens”.

    1. GreyNox says:


  22. Iglika_77 says:

    Before i began Cassey’s begginer calendar my legs was very fat and weak. Now i can run upstairs but still i’m training to be powerful and strong. I have a big progress but my goals are to do the legs wo’s without rest, so this video was perfect to check my level.

  23. Peaches123 says:

    can we do a workout focus strictly on hamstrings? Most of the hamstring workouts I’ve done haven’t been as intense as i would like. Love you and your sister Cassey!

    1. Harley says:

      That would be so great!

    2. Iglika_77 says:

      I’m intrested in stretches about front split. I reached the level to do side split and i was so happy when i done it for first time. 🙂

  24. annafld98 says:

    It was awesome!!!!

  25. cierrascynosure says:

    This was so great!! I always laugh while dying when you guys are together and it’s so worth it!

  26. peanut84 says:

    Missed the last 4 weeks with the flu that turned into a sinus infection. This workout definitely tested me! I need to build up my endurance again. Thanks for all you do Cassie..yours is the first workout I’ve wanted to stick with!

  27. popster_eminnz says:

    I love how this workout makes you concentrate on form! Great energy as always between you to. 💕

  28. dianaalrabadi says:

    i seriously love your sister, she’s the cutest <3

  29. Natalieworksout says:

    Love this! this bridal booth camp is the best~