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Quick Burn SADDLEBAGS Slimdown! Best Outer Thigh Workout!
Legs & Thighs

June 19, 2016

Quick Burn SADDLEBAGS Slimdown! Best Outer Thigh Workout!

Sweat Time: 10 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Legs & Thighs


58 thoughts on “Quick Burn SADDLEBAGS Slimdown! Best Outer Thigh Workout!”

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  1. Vernika says:

    This is really effective. Love this.
    Can you suggest something for weight on knees?

  2. NaikeDelferriere says:

    I love this workout so much

  3. Pavithra says:

    Hii….I just love your workouts on problem areas. Can I order dvds from you???

  4. Whiizkid says:

    Awesome. Let sciatic felt it for sure

  5. Kailyn Michelle says:

    Cassey started talking about rolling down hills and Homeward Bound 2 comes to mind Cassey said we should be alright I’m thinking how this is. the fourth time I’ve worked out today and I feel dead on my feet and still have to go over a new. song I’ve got choreography for and go through my Zumba with some food I know I can do it – have mercy

    1. JackJack says:

      Hey Kailynn Michelle, that sounds very exausting! Are you sure it’s good for you? I’ve made my days quite similar to yours (several different sports, all exausting) some time ago, heck, i still push myself through it sometimes… But I found out out that it actually isn’t good for me, my body, my concentration & my entire mind, because i always come to a point where i break down (or nearly break down) because i pushed myself to hard – and a sure sign for that is that i am dead on my feed & thing like working out which usually make me happy have lost all their fun… I hope you won’t overrun yourself – watch out for it! You aren’t supposed to torture yourself, this world already does that for you…

  6. Dana says:

    Oh my peas and carrots!! My butt and thighs hurt. 🤪 Thanks… I think. 🤣

  7. johanna_hietala says:

    Hi Cassey! I have seen a lot of requests for knee fat. I feel like, besides actual fat, the knees (and other impact joints) tend to swell with this amount of exercice. Is it possible to have a strech workout specifically targeting swollen joints?

  8. kbiaggi says:

    One of my fave workouts! That was amazing…wasn’t so intense that I needed to stop and take breaks, yet felt the burn in a really good way. Thanks, Cassey!

  9. snagler says:

    You posted this workout twice today 🙁

  10. capdeason1 says:

    Love your workouts and your enthusiasm…..thanks for keeping it real. I’m in my 50’s and trying to stay strong so I can hold my grandbabies! How do you strenghten and tone the meaty part of the inside of the knee? Not the back of theknee but the part on the inside of the thigh? It’s mushy! Thanks in advance!

  11. candzwp says:

    Thank you! For the content of decent workouts that do not cost an arm and leg! I love these calendars! I have a plan and motivation to workout in my busy schedule!

  12. Peggy says:

    Just wanted to thank you because my daughter and I do your workouts. I am getting stronger each day so thank you! Your program is so motivational and I look forward to doing it each day…especially when my daughter does it with me. Thanks for your program and for making exercise so much fun for me again. By the way I will be 50 in May and my daughter is 22 and I have never felt better!! Thank you Thank you!! This saddlebags workout is my favorite so far I also like the 500 rep pyramid ab workout!

  13. Sara says:

    That was great. Going to feel that all day!!

  14. Rachel D says:

    Beautiful indeed.

  15. mknz says:

    can you make a video on how to get rid of knee fat

    1. avazaboli says:

      I really like working out with this video since saddlebags are my main concern. I wish you make more saddlebag videos Cassey! or a long video to target saddlebags, legs and booty. love uuu xxx

  16. mellyd180 says:

    more saddlebag workouts plz!!

  17. sakshiakhouri says:

    that was insane (in a good way) !!
    could you do a slimmer hips workout or something please !!

  18. Jolly James says:

    Loved the workout as well as the talks… those tips were so meaningful.. just exactly what I needed to hear… Thanks Cassey for being so loving and kind… 🙂

  19. Kate Greene says:

    that was CRAZY!

  20. lisaprettypetals says:

    Wow loved this n I’m killing the workout calendar n I love it’s free thanks cassey😍

  21. asouthman says:

    If you want to die, then do this with a resistance band.

  22. eo4wellness says:


  23. cupidelf18 says:

    How long have all you guys been a popster😀 I have been one for a entire year today!!!

    1. cicimank says:

      started in summer so 8 months for me^^

    2. Nina says:

      I’m a popster since 2014 :DD I love Cassy and her workouts!

    3. Angie efmb says:

      I am new, have been working out with Cassey for two months now, since march 2019 (started with 100ab challenge). 🙂
      Hope you are doing well everyone!

  24. arbok says:

    such an effective workout!

  25. tryingtogetfit says:

    I love how Cassey talks about random things. It keeps your mind off the pain.

  26. yasminy says:

    One of my favorite workouts! thank you <3

  27. GreyNox says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else’s top leg slip around for the first move? I can’t stay stable!

  28. dweaa913 says:

    I’ve had to skip a week since I had no internet, but luckily I’m gonna be able to go back on schedule! I feel so much better already. Thanks for asking!

  29. Rachel says:

    OMG that hurt….Love it!!
    FYI the cheese rolling is in Gloucestershire in the UK (where I used to live) and is a tradition going back hundreds of years where people run down a steep hill after a 9lb Double Gloucester Cheese!!! Pretty crazy!!

    1. RedVelvetKate says:

      LOL i love cheese rolling down a hill X’D

  30. SCARLETT says:

    Thank you! I love your videos!

  31. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much for this video! And I would really LOVE some more dance workouts!!!

  32. Danielle says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I love your workouts. You are so motivational and happy – it’s fun to start my day with you.

    Could you come up with some post-baby workouts? I worked out with you throughout my pregnancy, and would really like to tone my midsection and get back to my prepregnancy weight. I’m excited to see what you might come up with. Thanks!

  33. Kate says:

    This is legit my favorite leg workout out of all of them! (this or plie squat challenge) I do this one every other day and am really starting to see a change! Thank you Cassey, you are so inspirational and you have taught me not to compare myself to other people. Can’t wait to continue doing your workouts!

  34. Jo Carter says:

    The top of my outer thighs are on fiiiiire! Yay 😀 Thank you for that excellent workout Cassey, I enjoyed it 🙂 Now time for a walk 🙂

  35. Kiara Soobrayan says:

    Amazing workout! I would love a workout to get rid of underarm fat, if that’s even possible.

    1. tayusuki says:

      The actual fat, needs a clean diet! However, you can tighten the muscles of course and tone them up. You’d focus on the triceps in that case!

  36. Chariot Snow says:

    I love this video, Cassey! And I love how your inspirational pep-talk during it totally distracts from the pain! You’re awesome

  37. Amy S. says:

    Holy Burn! WOW! This has to be my new favorite. I feel like I’m being lazy because I’m laying on the floor but OMG – the burn is intense!!!

  38. Sophia mf says:

    Casey thank you SOOOO much! I’d only been doing this for a week and I’m already seeing a difference! You’re helping me so much in my journey, and helping me become more confident. I am so grateful for that, thank you :p

  39. Lindsay Fischer says:

    A kickboxing style workout?

  40. Lindsay says:

    I would love to see a hamstring workout!!

  41. idele nsanda says:

    i’m French looking for motivation & i found you!!
    Thanks Cassie !!!! i’ll follow your receipes & workouts !! for september i wish to lose some extraweights which made me sad for so long

  42. Naty says:

    Don’t you want to make some video with healthy recipes and foods what you eat now at summer?

  43. Autumn says:

    This work out is the best saddlebag workout I’ve come across. It’s hard and works, but doesn’t take up too much time. LOVE your videos. I recently came across your stuff on YouTube and I am ADDICTED! Only a couple weeks with applying your videos to my lifestyle and I’m already seeing and feeling a major change! You are awesome!

  44. monica ott says:

    thanks for making this video! i have really bad saddlebags and couldn’t find anything that worked, im so gonna do this video!!!

  45. Dana says:

    Hi Cassey! I saw your photo on instagram, when you was like a mermaid! I am really interested in how it was and how you can swim with it! Can you maybey make a blogpost of it or video? I would really like that!
    Thank you for your positivity and workouts!

  46. Sydney says:

    Ever since I started working out, my thighs have been getting bigger. I started working out because I wanted to become leaner and thinner. Am I doing something wrong/ how can I make sure I slim my thighs down rather than make them bigger?

    1. denisefn says:

      oh, I feel you… My thighs are getting huge 😮

  47. Ashley says:

    Can You do a QUICK burn ABS??? I dont have time to do the 13 minute ab vids, PLEASE do this!!!!!!!

  48. Maureen Barnes says:

    thx 🙂

  49. Candice Cordero says:

    OMG! Today’s workout was killer. Super intense. I felt weak today. I was really bad this weekend. Two parties and ice cream cake. I didn’t have any fuel to start the fire. I’m gonna look up some clean eats recipes to give myself the right nutrients to power through my next workout sesh.

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