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Quick Burn Calves! Best Workout for Sexy, Slim Calves!
Legs & Thighs

May 15, 2016

Quick Burn Calves! Best Workout for Sexy, Slim Calves!

Sweat Time: 9 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Legs & Thighs


If you want to know how to get lean, sexy, slim calves – this workout will do it for you! No equipment, plus you can do it anywhere, especially at home. I did this calf workout and was SORE FOR DAYS. Loved it so much.

Big thank you to Zespri for making this possible!

The moves are:

1. Calf Raises
2. Calf Raises – Out
3. Calf Raises – In
4. High Heel Pliés
5. Plié Calf Raises

55 thoughts on “Quick Burn Calves! Best Workout for Sexy, Slim Calves!”

There are 55 comments posted by our users.

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  1. Sydney M says:

    I did this video two days ago and I felt it yesterday but HOO BOY do I feel it today! I could barely stand up all the way when I got out of bed this morning. I love that I can feel myself getting stronger!

  2. Jessica T says:

    This workout video broke into my home, stole all my money, kicked me down the stairs and walked right over me on it’s way out. My CALVES.

  3. dhirabatrisyia says:

    uwu it burns

  4. Jen says:

    So, my calves burn when I do the three first moves like they are going to cramp, so I can’t push as hard as I want to in fear of falling onto the floor in excruciating pain. Anyone got any tip for me on what to do? 💖
    Love the workouts though! 💕

  5. Lucy K. says:

    How many sets and reps???

  6. Breum123 says:

    Does anyone have some good stretching exercises for the calves? I looove this workout, but right now, two days after doing it, I can’t even walk properly, because my calves are so sore! :((

    1. Valerie BT says:

      I tried doing the “Ultimate Stretching routine” and it really helped! My legs hurt less than before! I’ve been trying to do it daily 🙆‍♀️ Hope it works for you!

  7. Rachel D says:

    Wow, my calves are swelling.

  8. kbiaggi says:

    WOW. Wish my bf was here to give me a nice calf and foot massage after this!!

  9. believedreamachieve1 says:

    I still hate this workout my calves are deceased!

  10. surabhi says:

    This makes my knees hurt always anyone else?

  11. Breum123 says:

    I seriously cry inside every time I see this workout on the calendar. I have bad memories of walking in a weird way even three days after doing this workout! Hurts soooooo bad

  12. dhruviepatel says:

    Please come India ❤😊

  13. shoval says:

    this video is crazy good!

  14. Ashleyam3 says:

    Yees! I did this all the way through! And it felt so good!

  15. Ameliorated says:

    That hurt so good!

  16. yeisermom says:

    Love this video!! I have big valves anyways- genetics…. but this is an awesome way to tone them so they are sexy 😍

  17. Dangi says:

    Come to Czech Republic 😉

  18. klstorck20 says:

    This video is really hard to do alright after the “shape of your thighs” video!

    1. Gisha says:

      Yesssss….. Glad to know I am not alone

      1. MeeraAlJunaibi says:

        Same here guys! Wow my legs are killing me!

  19. acarpenter143 says:

    Not exactly sure why, but this is my personal favorite video on here. Maybe I’m bias because it’s the video that got me into doing blogilates in the first place… but all I know… is that I’m hugely disappointed that no matter what I do this video is the only blogilate video that’s blocked on my computer. Amazing video though!

  20. yeisermom says:

    I couldn’t keep off my heels for long…. I got about halfway before I had to go all the way to my heels…. but I finished the video! 😄

  21. kelsi says:

    anyone else feel this in their outside ankle — like above the bone?

    1. emilyspool says:

      Yes! What is that about?

  22. eo4wellness says:

    Killer workout. Thanks!

  23. esther.boon says:


  24. klstorck20 says:

    Haha my balance was way off on this workout!

  25. cora says:

    hey can you do any calf stretches for me I have tenden issues

  26. hayley says:

    i’ve never thought of slimming as a desirable effect on the calves. i would think building shapely calves that balance nicely with thighs would be the goal. im a toned and shapely individual but my calves have always been a dissapointment. i guess beauty is relative, so if this works for those who wanna slim their calves, then im happy. but perhaps a calf building video could be added too? i trust your videos almost exclusively on the internet, so it would be great to add that to my blogilates favorites playlist to do in between my dance shifts during the week 🙂

  27. Iman Jamal Shah says:

    how much times a week should u do this?

  28. Erin says:

    I could barely walk for two days after this wo!

  29. Caroline says:

    My calves still ache two days later!

  30. Lala Aleksanyan says:

    Today was a good day with my gym mate! 45 minutes of cardio and after that we sweat our asses off with Cassey’s programme. First we trained our calves with this new quick video and after that we trained our booty and legs. When we go to the gym we like to train our whole body. So after a couple of squats and lunges we trained the abs as well with the ULTIMATE 2016 AB WORKOUT from Blogilates! It was a good day 🙂 Tell us what you think of our quick workout routine, we like to hear from you!

  31. Matthew kovar says:

    PLEASE can you travel to the united states new jersey because I really want to see you so badly but i only been a poster for over 2016 and i never got to see you before and i also really want to say hi to you so badly.

  32. Kayi Lee says:

    Hey cassey!!! 🙂 i totally loved this video, specially because I always loved the way my calves looked, all chunky and super muscular 😛 always had this obsession about having them super strong, so I’m really thankful for the video! About the Popflex collection… Omg I totally loved the mermy pattern!! Loved it! I also would love if you could do your next collection tropical themed! It would be sooo cool! I’m an Asian girl and when it’s summer and I get all bronzed up I like to think I’m an island girl haha lol. Really love that theme!
    Thanks for the all the inspiration you give us everyda and for being an example of fitness and really about everything!
    Love you!

  33. Resa Hammock says:

    Hi Cassey! I love all your videos they are totally my energizers for the day! I think your next popflex collection should be Disney! It would be so fun to work out in something that is designed with such a fun pattern! None of the less I know what ever is next will be awesome!

  34. Melissa says:

    G’day Cassey, your videos are loads of fun and you’re constantly motivating the viewer. This is excellent because otherwise I recon I would have given up every single time. I love your Popflex designs, the colours are so energetic. I would like to see in the next Popflex collection is bras designed for skinny girls with big breasts. I find that the majority of bra designers don’t have sizes like this and when they do they usually don’t have sports bras ?

  35. Hannah says:

    Hey Cassey! Thanks so much for your positive spirit and for motivating me to get (and stay) in shape. I’ve just finished my first year at university and I can happily say that I did not gain freshman 15 (thanks to doing your workout calendars every month). In the next popflex collection, it would be lovely to see some capri-length workout leggings (that end just below the knee). As a girl with bigger thighs, capris are my go-to’s in the hot weather as opposed to shorts!
    Also please come to Canada some day 🙂

  36. Market says:

    Hi Cassey <3 I love your videos. I wanna POPFLEX with sexy and elegant red. I like simple things so I will be really happy if your collection will be only in one color. Have a nice day 🙂

  37. Carmen says:

    Hi Cassey! Thanks for all the motivation and tips! Working out with you is really fun! What i would love to see in your next collection is geometric paterns and a lot of black and white!! ◻️⚫️ Love you!

  38. michelleruss says:

    I can’t say thank you enough for getting me and my butt in shape!! I love all of the POPFLEX collections! I wonder if there was a way that the new collection could have a variety of styles. As a bigger girl trying to feel better about myself and sometimes the super tight clothes make me feel selfconcious when I work out. I love the swan tank and goddess top because they give a little extra room and flow. I love the shorts, but they just don’t fit very well, I wonder if there could be some longer shorts like mid thigh? That would help me feel more comfortable! I also love some of the other ideas people have given about the main color being black with some bright statement colors!! Maybe like a soulful collection or a rainbow of workouts! Black for strength, red for energy and determination, Orange for enthusiasm, yellow for optimism, green for well being, blue for stability, purple for power, and white for peace!! The clothing could help energize the workout!! Thank you so much!! ??

  39. Abbytom says:

    Hey I really think that colours like the milky way is really beautiful. And I really want to say thank you for all the motivation you gave me. You are really amazing xx ??

  40. Luca Pokornyi says:

    Hi Cassey! I think in the next colletion it’d be really cool to have more light colours, like babyblue and babypink. Also if you would made some acessories like beautiful hair ties or hairbands that would be really useful. And last, but not least some swimsuits or bikinis could pop up the collection. Luca ??

  41. Javiera Paz Sepúlveda Salas says:

    Hi Cassey! I think that for the next collection you could apply some ombre patterns or include colors of the green-turquoise shade 🙂 but what I would love the most is to include short people friendly sizes. There are some of us, like me, who are just 5 feet tall or even less, and the legs of the leggings are way too long 🙁 tiny people problems, hahaha.
    Have an excellent day! Lots of love from Chile 😉

  42. Shouna says:

    Hi Cassey !! I think it would be really cool if your next POPFLEX collection had a swimsuit collection! You could make beautiful bathing suits because summer is coming up and I would love to get some new bathing suits !! ?

  43. Jordan says:

    Hey Cassey, first I just wanna say thank you for motivating me to get my butt in shape! But the real reason I’m here is to tell you I think the next Popflex collection should be super! I think it should have a black base with neons and bright colors to add a fun flare. I think the feel of the collection should be like a spark, something to ignite our fire and love for Pilates. Maybe some cool quotes or fun prints to keep things cheery like you! Hope you have an awesome day, love always, Jordan.

  44. Elise says:

    Hello ! The 1st and 2nd collection were very elegant and delicate, maybe for the 3rd one, it would be great to have something focused on something super energetic !? Like, the sun ? With strongs colors like red, orange, yellow, something that sends really strong vibes and that can show how powerful and vigorous popsters can be ! ?

  45. Faischa says:

    Hi Cassey! I personally like to workout in black. It feels badass ish.. hehe^^ but I know that your collections are mostly colored. However maybe you would consider a ‘bad(ass) girl collection’ with base color black and an accent of a bright color or colors. But for your cheery personality a ‘cheerleader’ collection would be cool too. With the Blogilates logo so everyone knows which team we’re on! POPster high! Hehe^^ Okay, that was like 12% of my ideas. But I’ll stop now. 😀

  46. Tara Lang says:

    For the next POPFLEX collection, it would be super cool to see bright neons or something galaxy-like!

  47. Klaudia Petrenko-Goljanek says:

    The best thing to your new collection it would be SAFARI STYLE, some zebra, Leopard, giraffe you know all the best known animals coloration ?????

  48. Michelle Terry says:

    I’m in Melbourne Australia, and would fly to Sydney to join the workout, I’ve been a pop star for 3 year and have never thought it would ever be possible to work out with you in person, once in a live time opportunity. Xxx
    P.S PIIT rocks!!!

  49. Kitishia says:

    Amazing! Can you make this workout into a printable? Thanks! 🙂

  50. Stanka Hrebickova says:

    And what about Europe? e.g. Czech Republic:) Because that’s were I live 🙂

  51. Matthew kovar says:

    can you travle to the united states New jersey because that’s were i live

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