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Quick Burn Booty & Thighs Workout!
Butt, Legs & Thighs, VIDEOS

May 2, 2016

Quick Burn Booty & Thighs Workout!

Sweat Time: 7 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Legs & Thighs, Butt


This is such a fun Pilates inspired standing butt and legs workout! You can do this at home without any equipment! The exercises will lift your butt, sculpt your thighs, strengthen your quads, slim your calves, and make your lower body look super toned and sexy!

The moves are:

1. Push Pedaler Squat
2. Puppet Legs
3. Tip Over
4. T-Stand Hamstring Extension

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  1. LexyA says:

    Cassey, I am very excited to say that I looked in the mirror today as I was doing this workout (last one of today’s videos in calendar workouts in July) and I thought my body looked great! I hardly ever feel that so it is amazing! This is the first month I’ve ever used the workout calendar (though I have been doing a little bit of pilates every day for about 4 years) and the discipline is great. Far more time available during lockdown (no commuting and very little socialising!) means lots of exercise. Thanks for keeping us all going! You are great.

  2. snagler says:

    Is the hamstring extension supposed to be turned in or turned out? Does it matter for maximum hamstring workout?

  3. issa_mely says:


  4. hailelyre says:

    I just can’t keep my balance and for the last move, I don’t feel it in the booty that’s doing the hammer curl. I only feel it in the leg and booty that’s holding me up

    1. annnika.f says:


  5. Rachel D says:

    My balance is improving by the day.

    1. Kestrel says:

      Same here!

  6. DivaExcel says:

    The burn is real!!!!!!

  7. Ashleyam3 says:

    The buuuuurn!!

  8. yeisermom says:

    I like this video! It’s quick and very effective! 😁

  9. falsettoslife says:

    i can’t balance for my life stoppp itt

  10. Bill Leacy says:

    Cassie, what’s the name of the background music in this video?

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