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Leg Slimming Workout // PIIT
Legs & Thighs, PIIT Series

February 14, 2016

Leg Slimming Workout // PIIT

Sweat Time: 9 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: PIIT28

Body Focus: Legs & Thighs


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  1. leora says:

    I like how now in the calendar she puts let videos because we’re supposed to do each video twice! She used to put a normal amount of videos but it would be confusing.

  2. amiller19 says:

    That was awesome! I actually did all of the moves without stopping!

  3. jsj14 says:

    Does watching one of these while you are too sick to do it, count?

  4. Rachel D says:

    What!!! This was a killer!

  5. jcombs22ika says:

    awesome killer quick work out but be careful of laying on the floor so fast – older folk could have breathing issues – we are young and can tolerate it – but u ROCK GIRL!!!! VERY INSPIRATIONAL <3

  6. Ana Caballero says:

    I love your videos!! I have a question: what should I do if I can’t jump? I have a disk hernia and a knee surgery… 😔

    1. eviematilda says:

      just do the normal squat

  7. Andrea L. says:

    Did anyone else just do the kneeling leg lifts twice? The workout today is more than 45 min anyways.

    1. kbiaggi says:

      yes lol

  8. pyszka says:

    When Cassie just trickes you into doing this 2 times. God help me.

    1. yeisermom says:

      I know right!!? But it so much fun though 😁

  9. Jood says:

    Dose this work out get rid of fats beside the knee’s? please help xoxo

  10. Jood says:

    Dose this work out get rid out of the fats beside your knees+ yay I`m the first one who commented.

  11. Mariam says:

    I love this workout so much i try and do it everyday

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