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Kylie Jenner’s Actual Hips & Waist Routine | Cassey Tries Celebrity Workouts
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July 1, 2018

Kylie Jenner’s Actual Hips & Waist Routine | Cassey Tries Celebrity Workouts

Sweat Time: 24 mins

Equipment Needed: Weights

Workout Type: Gym

Body Focus: Hips, Waist


17 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner’s Actual Hips & Waist Routine | Cassey Tries Celebrity Workouts”

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  1. keelinkelly says:

    Not a good workout if you aren’t at the gym with the equipment :/, I ended up having to skip most of the video.

  2. snagler says:

    Where were the modifications for the Stability Ball Leg Curls, the Bicep Curls, and the Ball Throws? And some the modifications made it way too easy it didn’t even feel like a workout. This is why I really don’t like these celebrity workout videos. The whole point of your videos is to be able to do workouts without any equipment or having a gym membership, but these videos defeat that.

  3. This is amazing! My wife looks up to her! she follows her heavy!

  4. lidya.indra says:

    you forgot some of the modifications :/

    1. ilaydacetin says:

      yeah. that’s what she always does

  5. Sallyee says:

    If you add this to the monthly calendar you have to explain the no equipment options first or at the very least not forget them totally. Good for a video, no good for a calendar, will skip all these this month for sure.!

  6. MissStandfast says:

    My modifications:
    Ball move #1: Held a bridge. Lifted and flexed one foot and did froggers with that single foot while holding the bridge with the other. Switched half way. (Actually quite effective!)
    Lats move: Took two light weights. Held a superman and extended, then pulled weights back–so same move as Cassey only holding light weights and paying attention to lats as I worked. Obviously gravity is pulling in a different direction than the resistance bands would but I still felt it there 🙂
    Ball move #2: Squat jumps – squat and touch fingertips to floor, then push into a jump with hands going up.

    1. JessicaLea says:


  7. KeeleyH says:

    Great gym workout but I do everything at home with zero equipment so I would have liked to see the modification for that one ball move and the bicep weights move.

    1. bailsofhay316 says:

      For the ball move where you move your legs up, I put my feet up on a chair and did elevated bridges instead, and for the one where you throw the ball down, I threw a pillow. And for all of the weight lifting stuff, I used books, but you can also use canned foods instead! 🙂

  8. kristincbish says:

    Mountain climbers… I’m dead. But happy!

  9. oh my! this is so cute! will most definitely try this soon! thank you for posting this, will check out more of your content

  10. ewiden says:

    I love celebrity workouts, it’s so much fun and so hard and sweaty 😉

  11. akeeshapls says:

    Didn’t have a clue what to do for the ball exercise so I did squats instead, lol. Loved this routine, though! 🙂

  12. Brenda Cruz says:

    I don’t love these celebrity workouts, you have always inspired me because of you and make me feel good about just being me, I think if you want to make this celebrity thing you should choose someone that empowers, like Emma Watson or something like that, not just someone that looks good.

  13. madeloddle says:

    Love the workout!! What do you do for the ball ones if you’re at home though? <3

  14. beckera16 says:

    I think you should try Taylor Swift’s workout next!!

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