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KICK BUTT BLASTER | PIIT28 Street Fighter Inspired Workout

December 1, 2017

KICK BUTT BLASTER | PIIT28 Street Fighter Inspired Workout

Sweat Time: 8 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: PIIT28

Body Focus: Butt & Thighs


34 thoughts on “KICK BUTT BLASTER | PIIT28 Street Fighter Inspired Workout”

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  1. Kailyn Michelle says:

    OMG honey I felt the need to comment but I don’t know how many people have noticed by now but I got in around 4:00 with my food from from my favorite restaurant after seeing “ The Secret Life of Pets 2” The little rabbit – Snowball in one scene is found playing the video game “ Street-fighter” and it is too funny They mention “ K O wins “ and I started thinking about you If you haven’t seen it you should it is too sweet and I think you and Sam would absolutely love it

  2. dobisu says:

    my legs died at the end of the 4th time but it was so awesome at the same time 🙂

  3. kbiaggi says:

    Doing it once, no sweat…doing it 4x through and I’m drenched!

    1. kbiaggi says:

      Okay this time after doing it once, I am already sweaty but it’s also summer, so…hahaha awesome though!!! Love it!

  4. pizzarollpatrol says:

    I LOVED this!! I absolutely hate cardio but I had so much fun with this!!

    1. kbiaggi says:


  5. MaryCaecilia says:

    OH my GOSH. This was my first full PIIT ever, and I was so scared days ahead. I’m so glad I got motivated in the end and did it. This was awesome! I feel like a firebender now. Thanks, Cassey! <3

  6. jznii_t says:

    thanks for this; it was super fun and i am super sweaty now

  7. mjancaitis24 says:

    I am literally drenched in sweat at the end of round 4. Do more videos like these please!

  8. Vik says:

    This was a lot of fun!!!!

  9. arianakrz says:

    I really loved this workout! It was super fun and I could really give my best, pushing through until the end. In the first round I thought: this is easy but now I’m panting, covered in sweat. Please do more kick boxing style videos, they’re so much fun!

  10. kristinapantic says:

    I remember doing this for the first time and literally dying after the first roung but i kept forcing myself to go on… and here I am a month later, sweating like crazy, but feeling tired only halfways through round 4.
    Seeing actual progress feels amazing.
    Thanks Cassey for screaming at us to not give up!!

  11. Rachel D says:

    I did 100% four times straight today!!! Oh how I love this workout.

  12. Luiza Emile says:

    Last week I was able to do only two if the four rounds of the PIIT of that day but today I did this one three times!!! I’m so proud of myself and so thankful to you, Cassey!
    By the way, here in Brazil the thigh gap is NOT a thing, strong legs are what almost every woman here is looking for.

    1. Leahb2613 says:

      Good job!

  13. Yellow_Ej says:


  14. Nickynutrition says:

    I Love this workout! It makes me feel powerfull

  15. Fanny Flambo says:

    This one wrecked me! Love it.

  16. yeisermom says:

    I really enjoy the sweat I get from this video!

  17. SVBProds says:

    I was first introduced to the Street Fighters game when there was a machine in our neighborhood laundromat. I was a little girl and would always ask my mom for quarters so I could play. I would choose Chun-Li or Ken Masters 💪🏽😊

  18. Mary k says:

    sooo cool !! loved ittt

  19. SadieRodriguez says:

    My sweat game was strong on this one, let me tell yah! lol

  20. Natnatblogi says:

    love this one bcs I can actually do the whole 4 times. YAY!!!

  21. Mistralka says:

    Okay, so I’m following the calendar since November 2017 (so it’s my 5th month), and now I’m supposed to do my 4th round of this vid, but my left knee is giving out, it hurts so badly, it even pops when I do the kicks, I’m not sure I should do the last round, I’m afraid my knee will break or something QnQ

    1. Mistralka says:

      Okay, I managed TT^TT

  22. DannyL27 says:

    Omg I love workouts with kickiiing!! You can do more like that, easy but really intensive, I have sweat everywhere!! 🙂

  23. Namyi says:

    This is my favorite PIIT work out as of now! <3 LOVED all the kicking

  24. eo4wellness says:

    Fun! I also enjoyed the just-for-fun intro!

  25. Cathyjacob7 says:

    By far one of my favourite videos. I always feel so strong after I finish. Like a total badass!!

  26. Nanzi says:

    also my favourite!

  27. Angie says:

    Favourite WO so far 😀

  28. GreyNox says:

    A fairly easy PIIT workout if you’re only doing it once!

  29. Spacie says:

    Love the costume and theme! But 4x is too repetitive I get bored!

  30. Marie-Pier says:

    Fun and Fierce! Great “New Year, New Me” Work out!

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