I Let Fans Choose My Workout…and I almost died | PIIT28

Sweat Time: 9 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: PIIT

Body Focus: Total Body


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  • lisaprettypetals says:

    Omg Cassey you killed me lol😊

  • bohemien says:

    OMG this one is insane! I’m not fit enough to do this after all other four 16th April workouts. I hope one day I will be able to to this.

  • kbiaggi says:

    Talk about ultimate cardio workout!! I’m so glad this was part of the calendar workouts today because once was enough for now haha. I wonder if Sabine actually tried this or if she’s just sitting back laughing, watching Cassey (and imagining the rest of us) suffer XD

  • mjancaitis24 says:

    If you are doing this as just part of the calendar workouts, do you need to do it 4 times or just once?

    • Akanksha says:

      just once

    • lisaprettypetals says:

      Man even if not once is enough no way I’d make it through 3 more times,I died with 1 lol😂😂😂

  • tamstarqueen28 says:

    LOL did the fans forget that Cassey would also sneak this into the calendars and make us do it too? WHEW!!!! *died*

  • sinemkirk says:


  • louisacork says:

    did like two moves and already given up lol, probably not the best workout to start when you have literally never worked out before lol

  • swan says:

    what doesn’t Sabine like? Planks and jumping. Sounds just like me lol.

  • podoj5418 says:

    Yesterday I went for a 5 mile walk in an attempt to take advantage of what little nice weather is left in WI. My legs already felt somewhat sore, but I thought I would try this workout today. I got through 2 rounds and threw in my towel. I feel dead. I curse Sabine ;)

  • xandreakofler says:

    I did all four rounds and now I’m dead. How can someone put all moves I hate into one workout

  • Rachel D says:

    I thought Cassey got served in this revenge wo until the table turn on us. I sweat like never before.

  • Mannat17 says:

    This was SO HARD!!

  • scarlettzhang says:

    this one is crazy

  • Dori Harbin says:

    Love this workout! What a challenge!!!

  • tulip541641 says:

    You go Cassey! I’m sweating along with you