How to Grow Taller. Exercises for Better Posture!

How to Grow Taller. Exercises for Better Posture!

Sweat Time: 11 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Arms and Upper Body


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  1. Marax says:

    I looooooved the wing rolls!!! They were so fun!!

  2. dhirabatrisyia says:

    Makes me sweat!!

  3. Angie efmb says:


  4. Rachel D says:

    This one was truly a killer.

  5. VAmmi says:

    The gecko is death. I had to do it on my knees!

  6. Shelby says:

    Are the sides of my neck supposed to be burning during the shoulder exercises? I’m trying to make sure I’m not straining my neck muscles, but they still burn along with my shoulders, and I don’t want big neck muscles!

    1. Gisha says:

      Sometimes it does burn a little but as long as it isn’t unbearable pain I think it’s okay

  7. popster_eminnz says:

    I like all the different moves in this one.

  8. Gisha says:


  9. Kitten18 says:

    This was my favorite day of the april calender!Thank you Cassey!🤗💗

    1. Gisha says:


  10. Iglika_77 says:

    I love this WO. Thank you so much !

  11. Raf says:

    Geckos are always so hard for me 🙁

  12. lil.yonnie says:

    It isn’t so hard but it feels good after doing it.

  13. Jessica Kirkland says:

    Anyone tried ?

  14. Hannah B says:

    wow!!! that’s hard but it feels gr8!!! thx !

  15. Belgian Girl says:

    I’m a daily follower of the Beginners 2.0. Today my back hurts from working too long in the garden yesterday and it was day 14 (rest) so I did this exercise and believe it or not: my back feels a lot better! More flexible, less painful! Thx 😉