Hardcore Heels Dance Tutorial (Beginner) with Rebecca Zamolo, Rosanna Pansino & the Merrell Twins!

Sweat Time: 14:21 mins

Equipment Needed: Heels

Workout Type: Dance

Body Focus: Total Body


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  • Kailyn Michelle says:

    Did this before Pilates class at the gym for the calendar workout and my quads have been killing me all day where yo are laying in the flor and have to bring up your entire body from the burr up I never knew how hard it would hit Wven athletes have their weakest points and men has always been my quad muscles I’ve never been able to crawl as a baby so I’ve never been able to build up an quad strength for 36 years now and it hurts like hell trying to build that up One of the instructors does include quads in her routine meaning I stay after from to time as a result of and she will push me till I’m screaming I’m used to having my other muscles around my quad that usually take over when working out my legs Cassey you little devil – you You always have a way of making me focus on different parts of my legs so that – those different parts of my legs get worked And I nice rich doing this Rosanna Pansino I really am a huge fan of hers and watch her on YouTube when I get a chance to Ly girlie

  • ujuugwu says:

    I live I’m a 6m by 5m room with less than 1 meter walking space. So even though I did the whole routine, alot of it involved standing and watching yall lolllll

  • YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodLesbian says:

    I’m gonna do this dance for Brie Larson lmao

  • chloe.jenkins143 says:

    Ooooooh feelin all sorts of sexy 💁‍♀️