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Grow Your Glutes Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #7 ☀

July 30, 2017

Grow Your Glutes Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #7 ☀

Sweat Time: 5 mins

Equipment Needed: Floor Mat

Workout Type: Floor Workout

Body Focus: Butt


16 thoughts on “Grow Your Glutes Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #7 ☀”

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  1. ellennallen says:

    Single legged bridges kill my lower back for some reason. I have to keep switching to regular bridge.

  2. denisefn says:

    I live in Brazil, and it’s currently 100ºF outside, and I don’t own an AC lol Dying

  3. Rachel D says:

    More shorter videos, please. They are very intensive

  4. kkarora says:

    I couldn’t keep my leg up the whole time, but I didn’t stop! Currently in Thailand with a broken AC and it is HOT! I feel it girl! Not like that LA heat though

  5. Carobabe says:

    I *still* really wanna know what the intro/outro song is called!

    1. ch3yu says:

      I am soooooooo a beginner
      this was cool too Cassie 🙂

  6. Kitten18 says:

    I love song challenges!Thanks Cassey

  7. Alanna says:

    You’re the bomb! I love your quick videos!

  8. Kelsi says:

    As if I didn’t already love enough… you’re a dog person! My furbabies are my lifeeeee. THE BURN WAS REAL!

  9. denisefn says:

    Awn, Frankie is so cute! I loved that she was in this, so I got distracted from the pain lol

  10. cinamona says:

    challenges are the best

  11. MariMari says:

    Love song challenges!!

  12. ClaudiaMaffi says:

    Oh my God!

  13. disnerdbeth says:

    I love your dog!!! I distracted myself from the pain by watching them! Super cute!!

  14. Gabriella Love says:

    Cassey: “It is a single legged bridge. . .”
    Me: *cries* Help!

    1. kiwimouse says:

      I totally relate, lol 😀

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