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Fun Yoga Routine for Flexibility with Jackelyn Ho

July 2, 2017

Fun Yoga Routine for Flexibility with Jackelyn Ho

Sweat Time: 11 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Stretching

Body Focus: Total Body


78 thoughts on “Fun Yoga Routine for Flexibility with Jackelyn Ho”

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    This was a wonderful hip opener stretch that I really needed! Please more of sister bonding time and Jacqlyn yoga!

    1. Jacqueline says:

      My mistake ~ Jackelyn. <3

  2. LexyA says:

    Yes, please! More yoga and more Jackelyn. This was perfect on a day when I was feeling unwell and couldn’t face cardio but wanted to stretch. Thank you xx

  3. lesleyisabel says:

    I loved this. I also loved the bubbly personalities. It makes a huge difference.

  4. Shefi says:

    Wow that was refreshing!! Thank you 💕

  5. Angie says:

    Good video, nice to stretch out the legs, especially after all the butt and leg work we’ve been doing in the Beginner’s Calendar. The speed was a bit too fast for me, especially when getting into some of the trickier positions. Maybe we should have more of a relaxing, slow yoga video?


    Brilliant – definitely a good idea to have a weekly routine of yoga with Jackelyn

  7. Manjusha says:

    This is lovely ..came across this today

  8. LexyA says:

    Just discovered this old video! Great for stretching some very painful and stiff glutes, hips and thighs after a killer workout a couple of days ago. More yoga with Jackelyn would be great, please.

  9. Michele says:

    That was so great! I was looking for a a good yoga workout and this was the winner!

  10. Prathiksha Divyananda says:

    This was too hard. I’ll try it again tomorrow.

  11. Mima says:

    That was HARD but I LOVED it! Absolutely great!

  12. rkap10 says:

    Love this, it was just what I was looking for! One question: For the standing split – are we trying to keep our hips squared to the ground or can we open our hips up to the side?

  13. F.J says:


  14. MilaHyde says:

    I loved this video so much! Please, Cassey, can you invite Jackelyn again for more yoga?

  15. Vicky Kyrman says:

    PLEASE PLEASE MORE YOGA… it feels so good after a full day!!!!

  16. mayzinmoe says:

    It felt so good. More yoga please<3

  17. ellennallen says:


  18. Angie efmb says:

    More yoga with Jackelyn <3 !!!

  19. Brooke says:

    i loved this simple yoga video. Great de-stressor and good nice workout when I was feeling tired. I would LOVE more yoga videos!!!!!

  20. AggieP says:

    It was great and super fun. Maybe a bit too fast at times and if you’re not very flexible some poses are a struggle but defo would love to see more yoga routines on Blogilates

  21. Jessica says:

    I’m doing the beginners calendar. I found it difficult do do because there aren’t any modifications for beginners.

  22. chrlnhsr says:

    That was a great cool down yoga!! I’ve added it to the end of my Leg/Booty days!

    1. Firebird says:

      ✨Great idea!! ☺️

  23. Jpop1107 says:

    more yoga please!

  24. LKDiLapo says:

    Definitely more yoga!

  25. Cynth says:


  26. Briggies says:

    yay, yoga!

  27. mslotta1 says:

    More yoga please

  28. pwat86 says:

    Yes yes yes to more yoga!!

  29. ericakae says:

    I loooove this. Can we get a whole series with Jackelyn please??? Thanks!

  30. madivv says:

    Ok yes I love this! Especially since I’ve been finding my abs super tight from the challenge, this helped stretch it out

  31. Rachel D says:

    My favorite two.

  32. kbiaggi says:

    Love this! You and Jackelyn are so cute<3 I want more!

  33. FaithK says:

    I loved this so much! I would love to see some more yoga videos!

  34. Reese says:

    I LOVED this flow and you two together– the chemistry you have as sisters makes the workout fun and light!

  35. fussyk says:

    loved it!

  36. Jan says:

    Love yoga! Love the sisterly bond! More yoga! 😘

  37. hcollins says:

    Been loving Casey and her workouts … now sister yoga too!💞💖✨

  38. Erica says:

    Love it!

  39. Vammi says:

    I want her to do a kickboxing pilates combo for beginners! That would be awesome! Maybe like a kickboxing song challenge with an back and thigh song challenge combo? That would be crazy!

  40. sophiavella says:

    More yoga and more Jackelyn! Loved this so much!

  41. noidea28 says:

    I liked it, but I’m really not used to yoga so I found it was a little too fast for me… The time I took to understand what it going on, it was already over… But it was fun anyway, you make a great team!

  42. KeeleyH says:

    Love Jacklyn, definitely down for more fun yoga 😀

  43. Julia DeVito says:

    Jacklyn Should make a channel with these type of videos! I love these routines with her!!

  44. Alicja says:

    Love it! More yoga! More Jacklyn !

  45. lauren.spina says:

    I could not work out the past two days because I was so sore… these were the perfect videos for me today! I also think it would be helpful to have stretching videos on each calendar day!

  46. I loooove this video, would like to see more of J´s Yoga here!

  47. Maria says:

    I felt like this wasn’t very geared towards beginners. I wished the moves had more explanation and modifications

    1. Laurel says:

      I agree with this. I am following the beginners calendar and felt that modifications are needed for this to be useful to beginners and to prevent injury.

  48. AngelaW says:

    This was fun!!!! Thank you!!

  49. Morgan says:

    please, please, please more yoga and Jackelyn! Yoga is the perfect combo with your other videos to help stretch and become more flexible. Thank you!

  50. denisefn says:

    Oh God, I loved this! Yoga is so gooood!

  51. aboyce says:

    Love the yoga!

  52. LauSweats says:

    Love it!

  53. burna says:

    love getting a stretching video! would love to see one at the end of each calendars day

  54. MonikaThumbellina says:

    I love it when Jackelyn does yoga with you! I would love it if we could have one yoga workout at the end of each day! I love your workouts but I feel we don’t strech enough

  55. Heather says:

    yes please! I love yoga and would love to see more!

  56. Sarah says:

    Please make more of these! I absolutely loved it and my body feels SO GOOD! Loved mixing this in with my normal pop pilates routine!

  57. Tess says:

    I absolutely LOVE THIS VIDEO! I’ve done it three times already! Please more more more!

  58. Angie says:

    My legs cracked so much!! Love it. More flexibility videos please, and more yoga with jackelyn

  59. Kenzie says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I have been watching you for years and I recently became a mommy, so trying to get back into stretching and losing the weight and this video really help stretch out some of the muscles that went into hibernation for a year! These short videos make it really easy to get in a quick workout while the squirt sleeps!

  60. ewiden says:

    Really nice stretch, more yoga with your sister!

  61. Sharon says:

    Loved the quick, fun dose of stretcher no!

  62. Jenn M says:

    LOVE Jackelyn! More videos with her please!

  63. Rose Haran says:

    Thanks for the vid. It really helped me!

  64. Rochelle says:

    This was awesome!!! More yoga, longer videos!

  65. K_B says:

    Really enjoyed this yoga session, but your sister was speaking a little fast for me to keep up with the steps

  66. Aliaa says:

    Hey cassey😊
    i really love you very much. you are
    my role model
    i am Egyptian and my community and most of my family don’t support me so really you are the one who makes me complete my workout i am 12 yrs , and my dream is to become a pop pilates instructor like you. i will never give up on my dream because i know i can do it ,and thank you very much cassey for making me find my own strength, and making me believe in myself and in my skills , and for making me love my body . thank you cassey and all the popsters for supporting me , i love all popsters around the world and i love you so much cassey 💙💙

  67. Erina says:

    Thanks for all tour hard work ^^
    I would like if you could do more yoga videos, I want to be more flexible 🙂
    But as I am not flexible right now, I can’t do the sames moves as you. And then I’m always wondering if it is better if my leg is straight but far from my body or if I should bend it a little and so pull it closer; or if my entire foot should be on the mat and my leg not straight or should it be the reverse … ?
    So I would like if you could explain what should people who are not flexible do as “variations” of your move ^^

    1. komal says:

      Keep going I remember being passionate about doing the splits I stretched a little everyday following you tube videos and in two weeks i did the front splits 😀

  68. Christine Bellini says:

    Absolutely loved this!! Please do more yoga videos that are fun – so many of them on Youtube are meh.

    1. blogilates says:

      Ok I def think sis and I should do more!

  69. Gabriella Love says:

    MORE Jacklyn!!!! Your sister is awesome and it is so sweet the way you interact:) MORE Jacklyn!!!!

    1. blogilates says:

      haha OKAY!

  70. AD says:

    loved this video.. you and your sis are so cute together.. thanks for a great stretch. Would love to see more of her

  71. Vivian Vaessen says:

    Yessss 💖 so excited to do this first thing tmw morning!!

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