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Fun Indoor Cardio Workout

December 7, 2014

Fun Indoor Cardio Workout

Sweat Time: 11 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: Cardio

Body Focus: Total Body


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  1. kbiaggi says:

    I love this, Cassey!

  2. This page truly has all of the information I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  3. lisaprettypetals says:

    So the giveaways are old is there any for 2019?

  4. Rachel D says:

    99% through. I am loving the sessions more and more.

  5. Laura says:

    Do you have any low impact cardio? I’m in an apartment and no matter how “light on my feet” I try to be I end up stomping the floor during any jumping and my downstairs neighbors don’t appreciate it haha.

  6. Katherine says:

    Favorite cardio video even though I dont like jumps!

  7. esabeau says:

    One of my favorite cardio videos! I swear, whenever I see this video on the calendar, I always end up choosing to do this one first before any other video. 🙂

  8. Kylie says:

    Love this workout, really got my heart rate up!

  9. yeisermom says:

    I really like the energy in this one! Out of breath 😲

  10. Andrea L. says:

    Sweat time is only 7 min!

  11. klstorck20 says:

    That was a lot of fun!

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