Day 4: Mermaid Front Raise! | 100 Glute Challenge w/ Wengie

Sweat Time: 6:18 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Butt/Glutes Workout

Body Focus: Total Body


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  • rebfleming says:

    Every time I do this move, the thing that hurts the most is my calf muscles and not in a good way. Anyone know something that might alleviate it?

  • E says:

    I’m a super taster too!

  • Kailyn Michelle says:

    Honey I am so loving you for having Wengie on your channel is it possible to have Annie Le blanc Sofia Dossier Or Kayla Davis on one of your other videos Kayla is an incredible dancer and works out all the time too She has her own channel and is also known for We are the Davises and even Annie has insane workout routine too and Sofie is an incredible contortionist I just think it’s be really cool if one of them got a chance to do something like that too See if they can keep with you I only say that vise I know you like the competition but yeah I’m just curious that’s all lysm. And you always do such a great job