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Core Crusher | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD – Best Ab Workout!

January 16, 2017

Core Crusher | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD – Best Ab Workout!

Sweat Time: 11 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Abs


14 thoughts on “Core Crusher | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD – Best Ab Workout!”

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  1. LesleyAnn says:

    When you see the 4.5 flames rating BEFORE you do the video…

  2. ShelbyJ0313 says:

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and it has been a very long time since I’ve actually worked out. I’m tired of feeling groggy and really want to lose weight and get more in shape. I love these videos, and I just started the monthly workout calender today. I got through the cardio warm up okay, but (I’m embarrassed to say this) I’m really struggling with the sit up moves. Any tips on how I can build up the strength to do those moves?

    1. sfrmmn says:

      You should start up with beginner’s workout. —>

  3. Rachel D says:

    I am getting there gradually.

  4. lucie2001t says:

    So good !

  5. bellorie says:

    That last move is nearly impossible for me to do omg. It hurts my butt so much that I can’t go all the way up. I have that same problem for situps Q_Q

  6. sbluv95 says:

    love the song choices for this workout^^

  7. denisefn says:

    OH GOD, I was LITERALLY crying after this T_T hahaha

  8. eo4wellness says:

    Thank you. FYI: The video before this was giving me an error message that it is either spam or in violation of Google policy. That’s odd.

  9. Invidia Mortis says:

    This is such a great workout! I felt the burn and I am really excited to see the results.

  10. j3551 Kaa says:

    I love it <3

  11. Mary Nguyen says:

    Are there any exercises to strengthen your neck area and get rid of the “double chinness” ?
    Thank you! Your videos are amazing!

  12. bubble says:

    Could you do a workout for strong shoulders? (For greenhouse work- needing to lift heavy planters over your head and such) That would be amazing! More things that would be really nice for greenhouse work would be triceps, forearms, and even wrists! Thanks!

  13. Nivedita says:

    great start

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