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Came Here for LOVE…HANDLES! Toughest Muffintop Workout EVER!

May 27, 2018

Came Here for LOVE…HANDLES! Toughest Muffintop Workout EVER!

Sweat Time: 8 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Obliques


37 thoughts on “Came Here for LOVE…HANDLES! Toughest Muffintop Workout EVER!”

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  1. Jmulo18 says:

    This was horrible 🤣🤣 jeez casey why?!

  2. PopsterAsh85 says:

    shoulder burrrrrrrrrn!!!!

  3. kbiaggi says:

    Oh, my aching shoulders!

  4. Aun R says:

    I almost made it through each side without modifying!

  5. cade_56 says:

    this hurt mostly my arms

  6. denisefn says:

    I felt my neck like crazy! :((

  7. Rachel D says:

    Side planks and crunches are my demons. I will overcome them one day.

  8. Green says:

    My feet just keep slipping with this one, making it extra difficult

  9. Zandra57 says:

    This one is great! I can really feel it working and strengthening. 😀

  10. Rachel D says:

    WOW!!! My side hurts from this.

  11. jamoumie says:

    I can only feel it in my shoulders, too hard for me. I wish my obliques would feel it a little more!

    1. Yiffniff says:

      Yeah, I feel it much more in my shoulders as well :-/

    2. j.stevens95 says:

      Me too. Its frustrating cause I want it to work my obliques but my arm isnt strong enough

  12. miss_nancy says:

    Balancing myself was so hard, i kept falling over ahhh

  13. Sugar5121 says:

    Could not do this one. Im too heavy to lift my self up my arms start shaking. I can’t. Skipped

    1. Marti_P says:

      Hey! I know my reply is a little too late but I just want to tell you that I believe in you. Maybe you can’t do it today because it’s too difficult now but I know that one day you will be rocking this moves! Keep up, we’re in this together.

      1. selenehanna says:

        *Selene liked Marti_P’s message*

  14. Popster.ryan says:

    This workout killed me!

  15. Werika says:

    My shoulder and arm hurts like hell even when I’m on my knee… 🙁

    1. Gisha says:

      same gurl saaaaaaame

  16. falamo says:

    RIP my booty.

  17. popster_eminnz says:

    OMG I can’t believe I got through that! When it was released I had to keep stopping to rest! Super exciting progress!

  18. madeloddle says:

    i feel like whatever leg is on the bottom can never stay straight for me haha

  19. inesr says:

    This one only hurts my shoulder and my butt but I don’t feel anything in my abs… and I pay attention to my form 🙁

    1. Paula97 says:

      me too! 🙁

  20. sage says:

    oh my… that was haard! And my legs were slipping as hell

  21. nicesori says:

    oh, my shoulder!

  22. Engelica says:

    My butt hurts more than my abs 🙁 no pain, no gain!

  23. Mac75 says:

    On the knee and only half. Omg I’m such a weakling!!

  24. cherryd7 says:

    Ooo that was super tough! Next video we go!

  25. Natalieworksout says:

    so haaaaaaaaaard even on the knee, I hope one day I get strong enough to do the side plank

  26. Lauren says:

    Not completely at the side-plank level yet, but I figure better to do some than nothing! 😛

  27. Cynthia says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the monthly workout calendar? I lost all of my progress 🙁

    1. Andrea says:

      i keep losing it every time i log back in. had to print it out.

    2. Natalieworksout says:

      me too its so annoying, to lose all progress and that you have to keep loging in every day!

  28. Hi Cassey,

    First , let me say I LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS! In my early 60s, I do Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Power workout 3-6 times a week. Then I follow it up with your Muffintop and love handles videos. Wow, talk about feeling it afterwards! Before I go, I did want to thak you so much. And I just watched your video on The Perfect Body and the comments that you got. What a bunch of morons. You have a great body, with great legs (which I wish I had!) and more. Don’t let anyone discourage you, that’s their stupidity and ignorance talking. They’re just jealous, is all. You and Billy Blanks are my workout heroes who keep me going every day. Love ya, keep up the great work.

  29. klstorck20 says:

    Tough of course! I felt it would have been a bit easier if my supporting leg didn’t keep slipping. Next time I will try it with shoes on!

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