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BRUTAL BOOTY! At-Home Pilates Butt Workout!

March 20, 2016

BRUTAL BOOTY! At-Home Pilates Butt Workout!

Sweat Time: 10 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Butt


29 thoughts on “BRUTAL BOOTY! At-Home Pilates Butt Workout!”

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  1. LexyA says:

    Well, I thought I was going to die (‘a good booty death’ as Cassey would say), doing this at the end of today’s calendar workout. But miraculously I am still alive! Hooray! Might find the stairs a bit tricky tomorrow though 🙂

  2. LexyA says:

    Butt is dead! Love those shiny leggings, Cassey. They look very cool on you.

  3. jlmoodies says:

    OHhh so hard ! I could finish the rounds…

  4. JadeSalony says:

    Why is it that the easiest looking moves are the hardest!

  5. janasabinab says:

    I just died! Couldn’t keep my legs up all time. But it felt great afterwards!

  6. katlynhlee says:

    Anything on my side absolutely kills me! I’ve been following these calendars religiously since January, but I swear one day I’ll be able to get my leg up and keep it up!

  7. Mj94 says:

    Are you here on April Workout calendar?? Day 1 is insaaaneeee, lol. I’m so out of shape. But I’m determined to power through it!

  8. i find the brutle booty was panfull my butt feels extremely weird and annoying
    btw i am 10 years old

    1. chichigua says:

      You shouldn’t do this exercises if you are that young. I recommend you to play a sport. These exercises are for full grown up adults. You don’t need to exercise your booty.

  9. camilac says:

    What do you recommend for knees if they hurt during the workout?

    1. chichigua says:

      I have a knee injury and what I usually do isn’t to put a pillow in the Mat for more support

  10. Rachel D says:

    If I were to yell at you, will you hear me? Loved the workout session.

  11. jackiebug1 says:

    What am I doing wrong that I feel this more in my hip flexors than in my butt??

  12. Ameliorated says:

    That stretch at the end felt so nice!

  13. klstorck20 says:

    I did this for the first time without stopping today!

    1. cati says:

      Oh wow, congratulations! It’s my goal to be able to do that one day… For now I still dread this video every time I see it on the calendar…

  14. denhamwife says:

    Hey Cassie! Could we get videos that are easier on our knees? I love your workouts but they hurt my knees so badly.

  15. Angie says:

    First time I did it I dropped my leg every 10 seconds, now I can do the entire thing in a row 😀

  16. cati says:

    Oh my gosh, the moves where you are on your side like in this workout are always the hardest ones for me!!! Still can’t do this video without pausing – but I know I’ll feel so accomplished when I make it one day!

  17. j.d.808 says:

    my fave workout to do with ankle weights works wonders

  18. eo4wellness says:

    Very effective. Thanks. Enjoy the stretching too.

  19. lil.yonnie says:

    Top workout for this body part. Mini leg circles is one of the most effective moves and I love the soreness after doing them 😀

  20. Jessica Digrumo says:

    I love this workout!!! you are amazing <3 <3

  21. Angela Keßler says:

    looooved this video! could you do a “brutal” – series pleease? that would be just amazing!

  22. bella says:

    I love this workout so much! your videos are great

  23. Abbie says:

    Where did you get the leggings you are wearing?? I need them!!

  24. Susan says:

    Did this right after extreme abs 3….So hard!!!! Love the workout! Your best exercise for the booty so far!

  25. Petra says:

    Woohoo! I LOVE blogilates butt torture videos ☺️☺️ This one ???? love u cassey!!!!

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