Beautiful Body Pilates | Total Body Workout

Sweat Time: 14:15 mins

Equipment Needed: Mat

Workout Type: Pilates

Body Focus: Total Body


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  • Mariah says:

    This is a great workout

  • LexyA says:

    Please give us another Beautiful Body Pilates video, Cassey. It’s so lovely.

  • Kaylin says:

    thank you for this lengthening, toning, and stretching pilates video. I was a gymnast and dancer growing up, so this is the type of exercise I enjoy; not too intense, but where you feel each muscling being stretched and toned. I would love if you could incorporate more pilates videos that target the whole body like this.


  • Meghan says:

    This was exactly the workout I needed this morning! It’s been a stressful few weeks, and this on a snowy day was like waking my body back up in the nicest way possible. Thank you. 💕

    No nail color this morning. I’ve just trimmed them, though, so it might be time for a nice pleasant blue.

  • Jen Len says:

    Cassie you really make me stay on track and focused. Just when I think I want to give up, you make me laugh so I forget about giving up. I hope you continue what you’re doing, you are extremely motivational. Thank you. Jen

  • LexyA says:

    Thanks, Cassey. Yes, please, more like this – proper Pilates! Great to mix it up with some faster stuff. And my nails (very unusually for me) are metallic pinky-bronze right now too. Yay! I feel so on message!

  • Julie A. Sparling says:

    Ohmegosh Cassie. You crack me up. Thanks for making me laugh while working out!

  • Steph23 says:

    Love it!!!!! Want more….much more

  • runningwithlions says:

    really enjoyed this :) would love to see more of this !

  • Mackenzie Davison says:

    Thanks for this Cassey! I love the slow cardio and I always enjoy your color choices ( both your workout clothes and your mats). The time and energy you put into your videos makes me feel so fancy while working out- especially when I’m at home because I can’t pay for a gym membership! Thank you for your hard work :)