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BAD GUY BOOTY! A glute workout inspired by Billie Eilish

July 22, 2019

BAD GUY BOOTY! A glute workout inspired by Billie Eilish

Sweat Time: 4:55 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Butt/Glutes Workout

Body Focus: Total Body


11 thoughts on “BAD GUY BOOTY! A glute workout inspired by Billie Eilish”

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  1. brownmckm says:

    LOVE this workout!!!!!

  2. Callisto says:

    11.11.2019: is it juste me or the workout calendar is way easier than maybe 3 years ago? I used to be so sweaty and now it’s just meh…And I’ve had a big break of months /out training and lots of muscle loss. Don’t mean to be rude I’m just asking if you feel too that the calendar arrangment got way easier?

    1. Rina.villani says:

      I think the videos are shorter but i still feel muy muscles working hard, dont you? I think its possitive because ir doesnt make me wanna skip the day!

      1. Callisto says:

        you probably right about the skip day! I should just add some more workout to be completly satisfied.

  3. madihyde says:

    So much fun!

  4. PEMF MAT says:

    Great workout! Thank you for sharing this! My glutes would be sore after this that’s why i ready my PEMF therapy mat, it helps to reduces stress and fatigue, improves circulation and cardiovascular function and more! This is great for recovery of the body.

  5. Pam Hughes says:

    Hi I just started your 28 day work out over the weekend, Just so you know I am an active 61 year young woman and I think you’re great. I enjoy you and sometimes George , Cassie, I look forward to the results.

  6. Kelly Gingrich says:

    Whoa the pace on that one! Short but fun!

  7. stacynicole62 says:

    I bet the next challenge workout is booty related OOORRR song challenges!!

  8. Traci says:

    Loved it! But it was too short!

  9. Emily says:

    I love the music in the background! I miss this from your first videos! <3

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