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Abdominal Etcher & Butt Enhancer // THURSDAY // 28-Day Summer Sculpt
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June 5, 2019

Abdominal Etcher & Butt Enhancer // THURSDAY // 28-Day Summer Sculpt

Sweat Time: 35 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Pop Pilates

Body Focus: Abs & Butt


9 thoughts on “Abdominal Etcher & Butt Enhancer // THURSDAY // 28-Day Summer Sculpt”

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  1. LexyA says:

    Does anyone apart from Cassey ever manage to fold their chest right down onto their legs at the end of the cool down, in this or any of her other videos? I am so far away from my legs!

  2. zoedream says:

    I recently starting staying with my dad to help him out, and he hears me listening to Cassie every day. He never remembers her name (today he called her Sidney, yesterday Vivianne) and is convinced I am live-chatting with her, but always wishes her well and asks how she is doing and says that she sounds like “dear friend”. Cassie, my dad and I love you a lot. XD

  3. Annie says:

    Yeah my butt was burning. And my hips. And my abs. No pain no gain, right?!

  4. Kailyn Michelle says:

    Was finishing up my second round on the video this morning My friend told me that it really wasn’t that bad when I looked back over my shoulder she was doing it and she was saying she didn’t even feel it I know you have said that of you aren’t feeling it you are doing something wrong I reminded her to straighten her foot that I was on my last round but was more than welcome to do later when she gets home She said she only wanted to come to my friends class making me feel like the only reason why she joined me was to show me how it easy it was when I know it really isn’t Iys not the only time people have tried to make me feel bad and stupid about what k do and say and feel and is always why o don’t trust anybody I’ve got great friends but they are also friends with. not so great people too and am just so used to having to watch my back constantly it makes me thankful that I have my books Cassey and my other popsters it always means something to me

    1. leora says:

      She sounds like a toxic friend. She’s definitely insecure if she feels the need to show off to you. I would try to limit my time spent with her if this is something she does often.

    2. jessvvgill says:

      She sounds toxic, definitely not worthy of your time! You’re doing amazing, and I bet you’re getting stronger everyday! You’ve always got us Popsters, we’ve got your back!

  5. lotus_elliese says:

    Be careful if you do this with a workout partner because there will be a lot of feet in faces!

  6. Jessica says:

    NSYNC all the way!! I loved them and Lance was my favorite! The song your thinking of is No Strings Attached. Loving these Summer Sculpt WO and getting my body strong!

  7. Agata says:

    Dear Cassey,
    Thank you so much! You and your workouts are amazing. I feel a lot better now. My arms ( after yesterday) and my legs are burning! I want to improve my strength and flexibility with you. This is what I needed. I am still with you since 2009!!!

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