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ABC Abs 2.0

October 8, 2018

ABC Abs 2.0

Sweat Time: 6 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Pop Pilates

Body Focus: Abs


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  1. Smwarren says:

    This one was the best workout for this month. I loved it. Can you do some more of these please?

  2. JadeSalony says:

    Fun video! I love how you brain farted on R LOL

  3. WorkInProgress says:

    I never knew how long the alphabet was until I had to leg-spell them lol

  4. Kim Baker says:

    I am dying laughing right now. I had to take a break at G for garbanzo bean. Hilarious, and a good workout! Thanks!

  5. angeladawn14 says:

    Yesss, you like sailor moon too. So much love.

  6. Merica says:

    I loved this workout – great distraction while working out :)! Ps: we are dressing up as vamoires with my husband and all of our pets have cute bat outfits 😀

  7. tlbowen says:

    So fun to bring this one back!

  8. Aja B says:

    That was tough, I was yelling some R ideas for you lol Rainbow Bright, Robot or Racecar driver! 🙂 You should dress George up as the tornado, you as Dorthy and Sam as Toto.

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