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500 reps Pyramid Ab Workout

November 11, 2018

500 reps Pyramid Ab Workout

Sweat Time: 26 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: Pop Pilates

Body Focus: Abs


12 thoughts on “500 reps Pyramid Ab Workout”

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  1. Whiizkid says:

    Tough tough but… doable. Roll ups hardest

  2. Rachel D says:

    Second time and still a killer.

  3. DarkWizard says:

    The double leg lifts killed me, but still one of my favorite workouts. Thanks Cassey!

  4. ahelms says:

    Loved this workout! I was a head some of the time, but it gave me time to be slower at the more difficult moves for me, such as the roll-ups, then the video would catch up to me. Thank you Cassey!

  5. Genie says:

    Some people keep saying that it is fast but I was ahead. Either way for the 5% that actually see this make sure you know that you are beautiful for you. Also great workout Cassey

  6. Morowa says:

    I love this one. I was so sore for a few next day but so happy!
    Today I’m gonna do this again 😊

  7. Nate Wilson says:

    Love this workout! It’s a little fast but I still enjoy it.

  8. Spacie says:

    LOVED THIS. But the reps were way too fast and by the time we got to the higher numbers I was hopelessly behind. Had to stop the video.

  9. tlbowen says:

    I’m going to be sore for days!

  10. madeleinegrace5 says:

    The roll ups were the hardest for me

  11. believedreamachieve1 says:

    Double leg lift was definitely the hardest but this was a great workout!

  12. Katarina Schiller says:

    Loved this (as always)! Although I feel like the leg lifts were too fast for me to do them safely.

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