5 Ways to Build your Core & Confidence Workout

5 Ways to Build your Core & Confidence Workout

Sweat Time: 13 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Abs


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  1. marifercv says:

    Day 5 done! Thank you for encouraging us all the way in every exercise.

  2. chloe says:

    it was so intense and but i tried my best. love u

  3. Claire says:

    Super hard but also a good challenge for me. I had fun and sweat some. The topics talked about were very helpful to hear and also made it go by faster. Great abs workout. I sure am gonna be sore tomorrow!

  4. Belle says:

    This is exactly the video I needed right now. Thank you so much! I am strong, I am kind, I am confident. So grateful for the lessons you teach us.

  5. Brianna says:

    Wow that one was intense! I love your living room!

  6. Crystal says:

    I push myself to workout everyday!

  7. Nuha says:

    Am I supposed to be able to lift my whole back off my floor? Cos I can’t

    1. natashasett@gmail.com says:

      mine won’t either 🙁

  8. Chetna says:

    Amazing lessons to learn. And i really love ur workouts

  9. Sıla says:

    I love your energy, it makes me motivate but I think this exercise was difficult for beginners. I’m not sure to do moves correctly.

    1. Laura says:

      That’s so true!

  10. Mima says:

    That last move/exercise was just so difficult for me. I don’t think I did it correctly. But I did enjoy the rest of it. Thank you, Cassey.

    1. dhirabatrisyia says:

      Same! When I get to the end, I just tried so hard and failed miserably

  11. Conniebou says:

    I love you Cassey, you’re great, but some of these moves are not suitable for beginners.

  12. Lisa Koteka says:

    I want to compliment you on your motivational skill at bringing a love of pilates to a beginner like me!
    I just wanted to share that I am doing the Beginner challenge calendar and while I have loved the workouts so far and have gained great benefit from them I felt this work out was too hard for a beginner for day 5 and it just left me frustrated from trying to struggle through it
    I am so keen to complete this month challenge however so Thank you for putting this out there for us beginner poppers

    1. Jo says:

      Didn’t manage to finish it, because my legs are still so sore from day 4, which I did 2 days ago. Moreover, I had a hard time lifting my whole back, so one shoulder was often stuck on the floor. Glad to see most popsters here are finding this workout too hardcore, I feel less lonely 😀

  13. LC says:

    You’re amazing. I wish everyone was as nice and thoughtful

  14. Cat says:

    Thank you. I feel that this video really jumpstarted my day.

  15. Estefany says:

    The talk was awesome, I love it!! , but the moves were really hard for a beginner at day 5.

  16. Amalie says:

    Following the beginners workout. Love the energy and talk, but I think the moves are to hardcore for day 5.
    I miss some back exercises.

  17. ESER says:

    Not quite a beginners workout. Day 5 done.

    1. Amber says:

      Right? I couldn’t get my back off the floor. And all the using quads when we destroyed them in day 4 is no fair 😅

  18. Jen says:

    This is great, thank you! Love the affirming thoughts while moving—VERY powerful and empowering! More like this, please!

  19. mayzinmoe says:

    Love this!! Workout and Self-Development tips at the same time.

  20. Traci says:

    I’ve been doing your videos for a while but I had not done this one yet. I LOVED IT! I felt like it was a meditation built into my work out. I hope you do more like this!

  21. Sara G says:

    I am not even close to what you are doing but I did what I could thank you for inspiring me!

  22. Miqaela Lund says:

    I love the excersise but i wish there was a more beginner friendly abs workout. Where you have the time to build up your core. Me for example cant lyft my torso completly above the mat, only half way.

  23. Valerie BT says:

    Thank you Cassey! I almost died with the last moves tho I need to get stronger this felt great for the 1st week of beginners calendar! ^ ^ I was too afraid of trying but I’m happy I did it

  24. Julia says:

    This is on the beginner’s calendar and it’s definitely a challenge. However, it’s good to try and push a little bit further to get out of your comfort zone and move towards intermediate. I have soo much respect for Cassey nailing those moves at that level for 2 minutes at a time (whilst talking!!!).

  25. andreagil says:

    I’m just between being a beginner and an intermediate POPster and yes, the second and third move I wasn’t able to do… but guys, remember you can always modify them! 🙂

  26. yriv13 says:

    This was awesome, thanks Cassey! I had to modify some of the poses to continue moving but it just lets me know what I need to work towards. I used to be scared of doing the monthly calendar because I never felt like I’d be ready and strong enough to perform all of the moves along with you but I’m coming to realize that you’re never really ready and I won’t ever be strong enough if I don’t start somewhere. So here’s to day 8 of the May calendar 😊❤❤

    1. Angie efmb says:

      That’s great message! This is my second month doing calendar ( I did finish 100abchallenge first). First month made me feel all excited at first but later I became somewhat scared too. Then, I noticed when this month started and when I did same videos as I had already done last month, I became stronger without even noticing the change. So I want to tell you congratulations on not giving up and thank you for inspiring me today! 🙂

  27. Gabby says:

    this video was extremely hard for myself as a beginner I couldn’t do the majority of the video it was too extreme for a beginner really didn’t feel like I got a good workout on this video for the simple fact that I couldn’t execute these moves other than the very first move and that one was difficult in its own right. I could not do a full roll up on the rest and just found myself very defeated doing this video

    1. Mieke Van Der Keilen says:

      I feel the same way, it’s a little demotivating when you can’t “simply” do a sit up. I did crunches instead and modified the other moves as well, but I think this was too difficult for beginners

      1. Tatianka says:

        After this video I feel soooooo weak! I couldn’t do most of exercises properly…but! I kinda felt relieved after reading those comments to see, I’m not the only one who couldn’t finish it.

  28. Lily says:

    Couldn’t even do 2 of exercise 2 and 3 ): Really felt the other ones though, and just did some roll ups while they were on.

  29. Madelayna says:

    Cassey- this video is on the beginner’s calendar and shouldn’t be there. It’s listed on your website as intermediate. I personally can’t do any of the exercises that require us to pull our backs off the floor. This video needs to be taken off the calendar or it needs to be refilmed with more modifications. People can get hurt trying to do more than they physically can. I didn’t want to hurt myself so I just rested during the moves I couldn’t do. Next time I’ll use easier moves you use in Flats Abs Workout. Please fix this ASAP. As always, you are amazing and I’m looking forward to my next workout!

    1. Noor Alshaikhmohamed says:

      Same here, I couldn’t do a lot of the moves that were in this video. I felt really disappointed in myself until I saw your comment. I really wanted to do them all but I just could not because they were too hard for me.
      Thank you for pointing this out!

    2. Virginia says:

      I definitely agree with this comment … I couldn’t lift my back off the floor and I really felt like I was doing everything wrong in the last move because I couldn’t go any further up. Maybe it is more appropriate for upper level workouts because it doesn’t feel good physically or even mentally leaving you a little bit discouraged right from week one ! But I loved aaaaaaalll the other workouts from this week, your energy and positivity are amazing, and I kept binging on your inspo videos all week 😉 So glad I found blogilates … I even excited to workout every day !!! MIRACLE

  30. Eli says:

    Wow, this is the first of the Beginners Workout which was really to hard for me as beginner. this is a bit dismotivating 🙁

  31. Rachel D says:


  32. ravenclaw27 says:

    Cassey, I don’t know if you are going to read this, but I just want to say that you have changed my life. I love everything about you and you are my motivation and inspiration to keep going. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication!

  33. Anne says:

    Not strong enough to do the moves in full-form yet, but trying my best! Hopefully I will be able to come back and smash this video one day!

  34. Rithi says:

    Dead! But it feels so good!
    Compliment: I love your energy Cassey!

  35. kbiaggi says:

    When you first previewed the moves at the beginning I thought, “This looks easy!” Then you said we would be doing each move for 2 minutes…not so easy, haha! My main problem is that when I sit up during the moves, it hurts my mid/upper back. I’m trying to have proper form but guessing I’m not? I already struggle with chronic back pain, hopefully this isn’t making it worse. Thanks for the workout, though, Cassey!

  36. Rachel D says:

    Crunches are something.

  37. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness, I did the two beginner videos on the calendar in a row and I about died! This second one was killer. I do like when she talks all the way through, at first I was like how one earth is she doing that, I am dying, lol. But now it really helps to just do the exercise and not focus so much on how much it hurts! I do feel I am getting stronger and more confident. She is so awesome!

  38. Hailey says:

    Good job to everyone that completed that workout! That was difficult and you pushed through.

  39. Malak says:

    this workout is too difficult for beginners, perhaps it should be in a more advanced calendar 🙂

    1. Luna says:

      I agree, loved the abs workout today but this one seems a bit too advanced for me as well. 🙂

  40. madisono says:

    Usually I dread ab day as it is definitely my weakest area… today was the first day I completed this video entirely. Feeling so good right now!

  41. Esther says:

    This video is hard!! I couldn’t come up so high with al the crunch variations. I cant get my chest and my leg up at the same time. But i wil get stronger 😉

  42. emily99 says:

    I’ve done this video in the past, but the past few months my face broke out in cystic acne (right before college) because of stress. I used to be confident, but my self-esteem plummeted. However, I’ve felt better the past few days and this video gave me some amazing tips that I needed right NOW to help me get back up! Thanks, Cassey! <3

  43. RandomIzzie says:

    I loved the talking and the motivation! It kept my mind of the actual thing I was doing, even though I was paying attention if I was doing it correctly. However, I do like that you do include some talking about the exercise at the end. Thanks!

  44. Charlotte says:

    I Love the talking, when I run I play motivational speeches it makes me think about life and clear my head of negative and non constructive thoughts.

  45. Ixchel says:

    I think this particular video is not for begginers. The last video was way easy and this is a big jump from the last also I don’t appreciate all the talking I rather lissen about the excersice

  46. monarivas says:

    Last month I did this video, I remember getting so frustrated I could not perfect these moves and last the whole 2 minutes. Today, I completed it all and I honestly felt like I did great, super proud. it was pretty touch, but I felt my core a lot, which is my weakest area. Thanks Cassey for the motivation.

  47. Alicja says:

    Is there any twisted crunch modification? I am not able to lift up :(((( Help

    1. Alexa says:

      I struggled a lot with this video, but know I will get stronger! What I do to modify the twisted crunch (and any other similar move) is to make sure I lift my head, neck, and shoulders off the mat. It is difficult at first and feels a little uncomfortable, but I’ve found that it really helps.

  48. Tammy says:

    I don’t get the way these comments are dated. It’s strange. Oh well! Better get moving!

    1. monarivas says:

      My comment is in here from last month. She re-uses some videos or some people may switch there days around and or do the workout before the actual date.

  49. Kaitlyn says:

    As a beginner I am having trouble doing really any of these moves. Kind of discouraging but at the same time I know that it takes time and practice to get those moves down.

    1. Francis says:

      Kaitlyn- totally agree. I’m strong on thighs but core is my weakness and the first 3 moves were such a struggle I got frustrated with myself thinking it was just me. I just kept listening to Casseys input on confidence though which allowed me to finish the video. Keep going and good luck!! You’re doing great

  50. Taylor P says:

    Great video Cassey! Love your videos where you talk and give advice. It makes the workout go by faster and you give great advice.

  51. Valerie says:

    I love all your video especially the ab workouts. I like all of your videos too.

  52. PopStar123 says:

    Cassie you are so amazing!!!

  53. mel_rmz96 says:

    i love this kind of videos i love the wya you think

  54. GreyNox says:

    First time not doing the easier version of some of these moves! I had to take a break or two but I did it!

  55. HoseOnTour says:

    It s so much about the legs, too, especially if youve done a lot of leg work the day before. I am motivated… but it hurts! 🙂

    1. Yiffniff says:

      Yeah, I actually felt it much more in my legs than in my abs!

      1. mahawy97 says:

        me too

  56. Agnes says:

    The burn is real 😮 but also as an beginner I feel that I pull my neck more , need to work on that ! 🙂

  57. Katie says:

    I really like it when you talk to us like this. When I was learning how to be a fitness instructor, I was mainly doing your videos and I really liked how you distracted me with talking. So now when I’m leading group x classes, I’ll talk to my students. Not as much as you did in this video (or this series because I’ve gone through the others as well), but I share stories etc with everyone to make them laugh so they have an enjoyable experience. They leave smiling and happy and ready to take on the rest of their day. Thank you for showing me good ways to make exercise enjoyable! <3

  58. Karl O'Brien says:


  59. Chelsea says:

    Not about being better than anyone else but about being your own best self getting better every day loved this!!!!

  60. Alessia says:

    Hey Cassey! I love your videos and, since I have some problems with my inner knees fat, I was thinking… What about an inner knees wo?

  61. Kassi says:

    Cassey, you seem so much more vibrant and happy in these new videos.

  62. Christine Galati says:

    You are great!!!

  63. Joanna says:

    Loved this video! I feel like strengthening my core is the hardest part of fitness and even though I love how I feel afterwards, I always dread ab days. THIS video, like many other blogilates videos, helps me forget that dread as I am working on being a better than I was yesterday. Thank you Cassey and team!

  64. Gabriella Love says:

    Thank you so much for this video, Cassey! I really needed this. You are such a beautiful person inside and out:)

    P.S. Could you do more stretching videos that involve extensions? oh and more yoga!!!