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5 Moves to Lift Your Butt & 5 Tips for Living your Best Life

August 14, 2017

5 Moves to Lift Your Butt & 5 Tips for Living your Best Life

Sweat Time: 12 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Butt


20 thoughts on “5 Moves to Lift Your Butt & 5 Tips for Living your Best Life”

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  1. kbiaggi says:

    Omg I was breathless at the end, and I wasn’t talking during the workout lol. Cassey gives really good, motivational tips! I hope young girls watching this really listen.

  2. Helena23 says:

    I love all your positive advice, it also made the workout fly by!

  3. summermigliori says:

    tips for making this not so hard on the wrists? I had to keep stopping and adjusting. Love the leg workouts, but my wrists were hurting (and they usually don’t!). Please tell me it gets better lol

  4. 313511 says:

    The best workout for the body and the soul! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s amazing!

  5. iszy24 says:

    I loved doing this video, great workout (the pain!!) and so inspiring, definitely words to live by and just what I needed right now for motivation. Thank you!

  6. Rachel D says:

    Wow! I did this through. I see great progress from June to December 2018. I am so happy. Thank you, CHL.

  7. lisaprettypetals says:

    Loved it,I’m going through alot with my 8yr old nonverbal autistic daughter n dealing with people like when we go to the park parents can be so nasty like yesterday we went to this inclusive park ,its for special needs kids n other kids,but my daughter dont like crowds n will get upset when people get close, so my daughter n 12yr old son were on this Mary go round n this kid almost got hit he ran over wanted on,but I politely told him he has to wait n his day got huffy with me I told him she special needs it was alful,he took his kid to a swing,but I was so upset I wanted to run off with my daughter this why we isolated alot,I just dont want to deal with people,I want my daughter to have fun like any kid its just not fair😭

  8. gbolsover says:

    It’s not clear when to switch sides during this exercise. I ended up doing the first leg for close to two minutes then had to go back and do the other side for two minutes. I wish there could be a buzz added so we know when to switch.

    1. summermigliori says:

      lol SAME! I was like “will I ever switch legs?” lol

  9. JSJ says:

    I’m glad this was right after warmups because these are hard if you do other butt exercises before this

  10. rinnahriggin says:

    Literally 30s into the first move sweat was dripping down my arm

  11. yeisermom says:

    O.M.G.!!! My legs are shaking so bad haha! 🤣

  12. GreyNox says:

    Those side legs pulses are more like side leg lifts for me!

    1. denisefn says:

      Same! It was impossible for me to do the pulses 🙁

  13. Andrea L. says:

    nearly killed myself when i missed the transition for rainbow butt! Be warned girls!

    1. spookynachos says:


  14. Katie says:

    I completely agree with everything you said. With jobs, there are times when you can’t do something that makes you happy unfortunately. 🙁 I mean, when you have to pay bills, you need a job that pays you enough to do that. After years of working jobs I hated, I’m fortunate enough to be able to do what I love now but it’s only because my husband has a job that can support the family. And because we have a kid so I’m still the main caregiver. I’m a group fitness instructor and I find it so much fun. It pays squat (as opposed to paying money per squat), but I’m enjoying myself and getting stronger and healthier every day. This in turn encourages my family to do the same. It works out well for us – husband is the money provider and I’m the healthy lifestyle maker. For the most part anyway. 😉

  15. chris mitch says:

    I love my job but to get there I have to ride the train for an hour. I don’t like being in the train for two hours each day. Maybe you have a few ideas for workouts while riding the train. That would make those two hours more fun ^-^

  16. Gabriella Love says:

    I am an introvert and am really scared of talking to people and trying to get to know them. Could you give some tips on how to be more outgoing?

    1. disnerdbeth says:

      Hello! As someone who suffers from social anxiety (clinically diagnosed), my tip is to try and get out of your comfort zone. I know that sounds scary and the TOTAL opposite of what you want, but the only way to feel comfortable is to show your brain that it isn’t scary! When you start familiarising yourself, your discomfort zone will become your comfort zone. Even if it’s just forcing yourself to make your own doctor’s appointments (something I absolutely dread, but force myself to do), getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to make true improvements.

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