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5 Minute Fat Attack!

April 19, 2015

5 Minute Fat Attack!

Sweat Time: 5 mins

Equipment Needed: None

Workout Type: Cardio

Body Focus: Total Body


30 thoughts on “5 Minute Fat Attack!”

There are 30 comments posted by our users.

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  1. alliesweets says:

    My heart is beating out of my chest. Also, my legs are still sore from yesterday.

  2. fit4smiles says:

    Great challenge, heart pumping, thank you!

  3. aimee528 says:

    about an 8!

  4. tnickolet says:

    Yikes…the warmup! Sweating

  5. ncdoeringer says:

    6. I loved it. Hard, but not hating myself.

  6. Kajakiss says:

    about 6 🙂

  7. Butler23 says:

    As I restart my fitness journey pre surgery this was a 7 – my hips killed!

  8. snupee says:

    I’m sweating and breathing so hard- geez 10

  9. Angie efmb says:

    Keep breathing – I’m already hyperventilating, so no problem!

  10. ValFitness says:

    It has been a while since I’ve had a real workout. Getting back on track to being healthy and fit is going to be a process. As of now this felt like an 8.

  11. metoo says:

    Just added this to the hundred challenge, felt like it was a 5 on the scale.

  12. kbiaggi says:

    Just did this after one round of the revenge workout…feel like I just finished an intense run lol.

  13. inka.ripatti says:

    Love it

  14. lidya.indra says:

    burns so bad omg good job girl!!

  15. Rachel D says:

    This is my last exercise for the day. At the end of this one, I was out of breath. WOW!

  16. Zandra57 says:

    I absolutely loved this cardio routine! <3 I would say this was about 8 or 9 burns for me. =D

  17. cottonrl01 says:

    10 😭

  18. Rachel D says:

    I love it.

  19. Akanksha says:

    Extremely 10

  20. mahah91 says:

    Great Workout

  21. yeisermom says:

    After all the workouts before this last one… this one is a 10. My calves hurt the most out of everything lol

  22. Liv4him says:

    I am soo out of breath!!

  23. maplelim says:

    OMG! I am out of breath…. Thank you Cassey for this 5 star workout!

  24. Kitten18 says:

    Heart and legs attack and on fire!!Thank you Cassey!!<3

  25. arbok says:

    my lungs died

    1. arbok says:

      but it felt good!

  26. yeisermom says:

    I’m out of breath!! But I feel amazing!

  27. GreyNox says:

    I love how quick this workout is and how heavy I’m breathing after I struggle through it!

  28. Revetcki says:

    My big boobies hurt so much. I had to hold them with my hands, no Sports-bra that can stand that 😫

  29. esther.boon says:

    Puffinggggg!!!! But fun, thanks Cassie 😀

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