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20 minute Waist Whittler Cardio Pilates Workout | 7 Day Ab Challenge (do this video every day)

May 3, 2020

20 minute Waist Whittler Cardio Pilates Workout | 7 Day Ab Challenge (do this video every day)

Sweat Time: 24:52 mins

Equipment Needed: Matt

Workout Type: Cardio

Body Focus: Arms


26 thoughts on “20 minute Waist Whittler Cardio Pilates Workout | 7 Day Ab Challenge (do this video every day)”

There are 26 comments posted by our users.

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  1. Vicki G says:


  2. LexyA says:

    Argh! Who even has the energy to give themselves a round of applause after this?!

  3. KiSH says:

    Day ONE, this is HARDDD, im already dying and in round 2, my legs and arms are shaking, definitely not as strong as I thought I was 😅😣

  4. Anthea Brazzell says:

    I am in!
    How many calories does this burn?

  5. Minerva says:

    That was so tough! Starting late, but day three of may – day one of ab challenge. Oh my goodness, I have a long way to go and this workout proved it! Thank you for these!

  6. Layla Gomaa says:

    Good workout it worked great thank you for that video

  7. Grace4Soccer says:

    I just want to say thank you for your workouts, Cassey. I have been doing Blogilates for a couple of years now, and I really enjoy it. This spring I tore my ACL, and while I am recovering, I’m not able to do jumping workouts yet. So I really appreciate the low-impact cardio and the modifications!

  8. Leanne says:

    On day 4 and I can really feel the difference. Day 2 was a killer but now im buzzing through it.


      Does anybody find that the last 15secs of each exercise are the killers?!?


    Good morning
    Didn’t want to do it today – but glad I did – day2 finished!!

  10. Izzy says:

    Completed my first day and im dead but I loved the video!

  11. alexandra says:

    did my first day today, IM EXAUSTED

  12. avazaboli says:

    so I just noticed that we don’t have any stretch/break days this month? do you recommend taking any days off?

    1. Han says:

      In one of her videos where she talks about the challenge and this calendar she says to take one day off per week! Unless you are only doing the 7 day challenge and not the whole month, then she says no break days.

  13. dandandanie says:

    I am in! Do you need to do the two vids? or all the vids in the calendar?

  14. Bri says:

    Started this today, I know I’m late but I’m so happy I found this! I am POOPED but feel so proud of myself for finishing this workout. I even took the before picture, and I never do that! Thanks so much blogilates!

  15. LexyA says:

    I’m in – started late but I’m on day 2. Puffed!

  16. cammon says:

    I am so in! First day and I feel the burn!

  17. riri says:

    but i’m totally in!!

  18. riri says:

    omg i don’t know how i can do the rest of the workouts for today after this 💀

  19. Lisa says:

    I’m in

  20. dchamblin says:

    Love your videos! BTW this didn’t upload to Coda ;-0

  21. Clovell says:

    I am in!

  22. fdevalier says:

    I AM IN!!! YAY!! (with my daughter, too:)!!

  23. Göksu says:

    Hi! Thank you for modifications, ı have Orthostatic hypotension so ı can’t do some of the workouts but those modifications help me.

  24. Ella says:

    I am in.

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