10 Minute Beautiful Ab Sculpt Pilates Workout | 7 Day Ab Challenge

10 Minute Beautiful Ab Sculpt Pilates Workout | 7 Day Ab Challenge

Sweat Time: 14:11 mins

Equipment Needed: Matt

Workout Type: Abs

Body Focus: Arms


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  1. Melanie says:

    Love your workouts and positivity… loved the last song in the track too. What is the song title and who is the artist?

  2. LexyA says:

    Will there ever be a time that I don’t hate eagle crunches? Or that @Blogilates ever responds to comments on this blog site again instead of on social or the new app?! Never mind, still love ya, Cassey!

    1. Keianna_Haugen says:

      She mainly just responds on the newer videos! <3

    2. blogilates says:


    1. It was hard the first 2 days

  3. Haimanty Roy Adhikary says:

    Whenever I do Pilates with you Cassy,I breath in, and smile….
    it’s too beautiful to enjoy those sweat hard moments,Love Love Love

  4. Isabella says:

    Wow was my first day hard my abs were burning so hard! 😅🔥🤩

  5. LexyA says:

    Yay! I did it! I completed the 7 day ab challenge. Go me!

    1. Lisa says:

      Hi! I was just wondering about your results after completing

      1. LexyA says:

        I definitely felt stronger in my abs but didn’t honestly really look that different because I don’t like dieting so I only did the workouts and tried to drink more water. I always eat fairly healthily anyway but I love food and at 8 stone, I don’t feel the need to diet. I’d rather be happy and drink wine, eat chocolate, cheese etc than diet to change my appearance.

  6. Frida King says:

    Is there a problem if I don’t exercise at the same time each day?

  7. Fitperson says:

    LOVE IT!! Thanks Cassey

  8. angkayezimm says:

    Super hardcore ab workout😫👌🏼👊🏼