10 Minute Arm Toner | Total Body Transformation Workout

Sweat Time: 13:50 mins

Equipment Needed: Mat

Workout Type: Arm

Body Focus: Arms


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  • Kate says:

    So how many times a week do you recommend doing the 10 minute arm toner to get beautiful results?

  • Florence Plourde says:

    What is the name of the last song that was playing during the workout? I’m trying to shazam it but i can’t find it!

  • Serena valentine says:

    where did you get your outfit from, also I love you and your videos so fun and effective

  • Luise Heide Weber says:

    Thank you! Great work Arm Toner workout!

  • JulieLinM says:

    I love this! I even added weights to it.

  • LexyA says:

    Cassey, are you sponsored by Trader Joe’s?! Great arm workout. Thanks.

  • Maha says:

    I wish to get arm tonning

  • Larissa Rea says:

    Where is your outfit from? I love it!!