Holiday Dazzle Time…Jewelry Giveaway with Kallisti Designs!

Happy December POPsters!!!

I CANNOT believe that it is ALREADY Dec 1. So much has happened the past year and you know what? We will be celebrating our FIRST holiday season together as a Blogilates Community. Last year I did not know any of you the way I do now. We are like a family. This season, you guys are the best gift I never expected.

Onto the giveaway! Let’s start off December with some dazzle, sparkle, and shine!!!

We workout hard and it’s time to show off our lovely curves and our infectious confidence with some holiday dresses and jewels. Today I present to you one of my LATEST obsessions: body chains. Body whaaa? Body chains.

What a fun way to dress up a plain top or dress! Xing over at is actually one of our own fellow POPsters from NYC. I am a big supporter of women entrepreneurs and designers (of course) so this giveaway was a perfect way to show some appreciation to the ladies who run this world. Wait, what did you say Beyonce? :P


1. Go to and “like” the product that you want to win. Your product can be worth up to $258.

2. Come back here, tell me what you picked, and answer this question: “What makes you feel beautiful?”

3. This time, one lucky winner will be selected based on his/her answer. Be thoughtful, be genuine.

4. Contest is INTERNATIONAL and Xing can ship worldwide. Ends Dec 15, 2011 11:59PM PST.

So pretty! I am wearing the Capelet, $258. You can actually move the chains around and transform it however you want.  Can’t really explain it too well without confusing you so watch the video on it here. I think this will def be a part of my New Year’s Eve outfit!

Much love and I am super excited about the Burpee World Tour!!! I can see your enthusiasm too. Also meetup is on SATURDAY!!! Print your tix if you’re coming. If anyone wants to chat live with me and your SF POPsters, can you email me at [email protected]? I need you to get Google Plus. We will be using the google hangout feature. As for the live stream…still figuring that out! I want to get a reliable service that does not cut out! But keep your schedules clear for 12:15PM PST on Sat.

See you soon…and comment! GO!

<3 Cassey

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  • Samantha Clark says:

    I liked the Moebius Belt Chain, very unique.

    What makes me feel beautiful is my confidence, because it’s something gained by loving yourself on the inside as well as the outside. You could be the most beautiful person in the world but if your not confident you will never shine like someone who is truly happy with themselves as a whole. And not everyone is born with it, it’s just like a muscle, sometimes you have to work it. But the more you work it, the happier you will be with the results.

    Thank You Cassey, all your work with this blog and your videos helped me a lot. After 4 years of trial and error I’m FINALLY seeing results. Your workouts are like a tool to help me shape my mind and body. <3 <3 Greatly appreciate everything you do.

  • Lindsey Sullivan says:

    I feel beautiful after I do your cardeo and Pilates workouts. I love the way I look all ready and sweaty after a workout because it tells me that I worked hard and that I know my body is getting better and stronger. It feels great when my musclse are burning and I can see the beautiful definition in them as I go down for a jumping squat, or a split switch. I love the way my body has been looking lately, slim and muscly. Your workouts have helped boost my confidence especialy sence im in highschool and I need as much confidence as possible. im not just one of those thin boney girls. Im thin and muscular in a still feminen way. and I love it! Im no longer afraid to wear booty shorts and short shirts. Thank you soo much Cassy for helping me learn to love myself! <3

    • Lindsey Sullivan says:

      sorry, I forgot to say, I would like to win the Capelet! Love you Cassy!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Kate McElhare says:

    I love the Oura Bracelet. It fits my simplistic, yet edgy style. What makes me feel beautiful is my ability to be confidence, be calm, and be intelligent in every day life. I am a college student and the best part of my days are spent learning new things about the body and helping others. Beauty to me is exuding confidence in a humble way. Some people say losing weight makes them beautiful, but I am more of a wellness type of girl. I exercise and eat healthy in order to prolong my life and set examples for others. I do consider myself a mentor because I love working with children and I plan on making my career based upon the wellness of others.

    Being beautiful is being comfortable in one’s own skin. I recently turned 20 and looking back on my high school and junior high years, I was one of the few of my friends who remained true to myself and never let criticism affect my education or how I lived my life. I was constantly picked on for having strawberry-blonde hair and you know what, it makes me different and it makes me beautiful! I have never died it and never will. Growing up in a society where being thin and tan is “in”, I choose to walk to the beat of my own drum and continue to set new boundaries rather than conform to the old.

    I am smart. I am passionate. I am caring. And I am beautiful.

  • Sara says:

    I like Capelet Body Chain :).
    What makes me feel beautiful?
    It makes me feel very beautiful inside to see my family happy.
    It makes me feel relief because then day is not so bad.
    It makes me feel beautiful when I see my brothers smiling
    then I sleep good and I feel like I flying.

    To be healthy is very beautiful thing and to be loved to.
    When you are good to your body and your mind, your body will be grateful.

    When you feel beautiful inside, it can be seen on your face. <3

  • sony says:

    Well Cass, being Natural makes me beautiful! When I say Natural I mean perm free since i was born:) yeah i was teased for having big ol braids in my hair and their were times I wanted to change the way I looked. instead ignore it and be you! Ha to be Healthy and free makes me the beautiful person I am today*I picked the Anchor
    Body Chain



  • Shana says:

    Hi!!!!! (^__^)

    LOVE the Oura Bracelet…All the jewellery is gorgeous..but I love the simplicity of the bracelet but still looks very beautiful.

    What makes me feel beautiful????…my husband <3

    I feel the most beautiful when even at my lowest point in the day…after stresses of work….my house…family.. when my husband put his arm around me and just gives me a look…and I know I look crap and feel bad but just his look makes me feel amazing. He knows when I need a boost and sometimes just out the blue he surprises me more..I love him so so much <3

  • Lauren Pickering says:

    I liked the beautiful Oura Bracelet, actually I would have loved it if there was a button :D

    My Answer to “What makes me feel beautiful?” is simple. I feel gorgeous when people say I have beautiful eyes. They aren’t the most unique eyes ever seen but they are unique to me and I feel great when other people see that too. It also makes me feel great because it means that when they talk to me they look me straight in the eyes. It mean they are talking at me and not to me. That’s the true mark of someone who recognizes who you are. It’s true that it’s simple, but that’s all I really need, the eyes are after all the windows to the soul. :)

  • kelly says:

    i love the box body chain, i used to have a body chain yrs ago and lost it. didnt think id see them again. exercise and eating well makes me feel beautiful! simple. of course i have off days who doesnt! just got to get up and keep going!
    thanks for all the motivation x

  • Gwgw says:

    hello Cassey:) since i always find it dificult to chose i liked the Heira Body chain/`but i also love the one you’re wearing(she has amazing designs!!)
    ~what makes me feel beautiful:
    From time to time i always finds ways to make myself look more pretty as well as beautiful, this can be a home treatment,some nice makeup,a dress or high heels,a nice workout with sweat all over..but in the end all theese are the steps to be taken to reach beauty to the lenght that he eyes meet.I recently concluded that theese alone won’t make me feel beautiful as long as i don’t feel comfortable in my own body!So i feel beautiful ,when i feel good in my skin in any way:):)

    that’s all from me and thanks again for a wonderfull glam giveaway~kisses!!

  • Mandy Orts says:

    I really love the Boxed body chain ^^
    What makes me feel beautyful… Most of all my progress. Ive been on a quest to be the “me” I want to be for quite some time now, and seeing how far Ive come since I began seriously working at it makes me feel so proud of myself, and happy :)
    I feel at my best when Im running, feeling my heart pumping and my muscles burning, I cant help smiling, knowing that im a little bit closer each time ^^

  • Jacqueline says:

    Eeek! I got so caught up with my response to your question, I forgot mention I absolutely LOVE the Caplet body chain that you were wearing!

    It looks absolutely gorgeous and hopefully I could pull it off somehow (especially after letting the thanksgiving feast(s) get to me) But thank you again for this giveaway :D :D

  • Jacqueline says:

    During my childhood, I never felt beautiful. Through the years, I just crawled into my corner and sought comfort in the foods I ate, because that was the only thing that was constant in my life. I gained so much weight which only lead to further seclusion of myself with my food and books because that was all I needed. or so I thought.

    In high school, when I reached my peak weight, I remember looking in the mirror and being completely disgusted with myself. I felt fat with my thunder thighs, flabby arms and huge stomach, I felt ugly and absolutely horrific. But I had friends and family who accepted me for who I was and supported me in my endeavors.

    I realize now that although I needed to change how I looked physically, but most importantly I needed to change how I felt about myself as a person. My confidence and self consciousness was at an all time low. But going to college changed all of that.

    At my university, I was surrounded by beautiful people with drive and confidence beyond any I have witnessed. I became motivated to change myself, with my physical attributes first. I knew better than taking the easy way, so I embarked on the tough route. After 2 years of eating healthy (and exercising when I could), I lost 30 pounds. For the first time I felt better about myself.

    From then on, I needed to change my mindset. I gradually put myself in positions where I needed to be confident and comfortable with myself. For example, in leadership positions or mentorship, I wanted my own mentees to understand their own self-worth, how could I preach what I don’t practice? This was the most mentally challenging change I knew I had to make about myself. With time, I became comfortable with myself, and I learned to love myself more and more each day.

    Yes, it is easier to criticize myself but being positive and being in control of my body and my mind has been priceless and kept me humble instead of flaunting and being haughty. Although it took years to find my inner beauty, I have undergone the transformation from awkward to awesome! (or at least I’m still trying to).

    I feel beautiful knowing my happiness with myself as a person, as a girl, as a woman in this society. I feel beautiful when I am able to contribute back to my community through my actions and devoting my skills to give back to those less fortunate than me. I feel beautiful when I know I am not perfect, but I can try to BE and DO the best I possibly could.

    All of this would not have been possible without my unwavering support of my family/friends and all of the people I have met who have pulled me out of my corner. THEY made me feel loved and beautiful, and without them I would not be where I am today.

    Thank you for reminding us of our beauty with each blog and video you post! When I read/watch your videos, I find great encouragement and positive energy that I apply to my own life on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing your entries :)

  • Brita says:

    I like the “Heira” body chain. These chains are amazing, they definitely fit my style.

    What makes me feel most beautiful is being able to completely express myself and be accepted for it. I live with three very pretty girls, but my style and personality are different from all of them. We are all friends, but sometimes I feel like I can’t act or do or look like I want and it’s hard to be boxed in that way and I get self-conscious because their personalities are more overpowering than mine. I have friends I met outside of this group who have personalities and styles that are very similar to mine. Being around them and laughing and talking about things that are important to us makes me feel incredible and I think that radiates outward.

  • Jennifer says:

    Heira – Body Chain, absolutely stunning, and would look great with multiple clothing pieces!

    What make me feel beautiful is my individuality! I love the fact that I’m different both inside & out. There are so many people out there who want to be someone else, but why would you when you can be the wonderful, fantastic, beautiful Y-O-U! Staying true to yourself is extremely beautiful in my eyes, and also very inspiring. If you can overcome all of these “social standards” out there, then you can reach out on your own – do what you want, be who you want, and have a great, happy life, all while feeling great about yourself instead of insecure about not being like someone else.

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way!! :) xox.

  • Zana says:

    I “liked” the Capelet body chain. So beautiful! :)
    What makes me feel beautiful is my friends and family who help me through tough times. Whenever I felt down about how I looked, whenever I compared myself to other girls and thought “Wow! her thighs are like perfect, I wish my thighs looked like that” or “Her hair is so beautiful, why can’t my hair be like that” whenever I thought these negative thoughts my friends and family were the ones who made me look on the brighter side. I began to look on the positive things and felt more confident which made me feel beautiful. I can walk down the halls with my head held high and actually feel good about myself. To me a great mind and personality is everything. :)

  • nadine says:

    i am beautiful for many reasons. i have a great mind. i think differently than many people. i am happy with my mind, and also with my body. i don’t let anything that people say get to me. i believe that beauty (looks-wise) is in the eye of the beholder! well, i guess personality-wise it is too haha. i have a beautiful hair color that everyone compliments. i can pull off lipstick, i am great at applying makeup but i don’t feel like it’s necessary to make me look nice! i feel beautiful wearing anything. i feel happy and comfortable. beauty is never pain in my world because you can always find cute things in comfortable and cheap ways. i refuse to buy anything unless it’s perfect and in my price range. i have searched for years for the perfect shoes, the perfect velvet dress, the perfect rings… everything. never settle for less than what you want! all of these “dumb” material things don’t make you beautiful, but they help you stay happy sometimes when you need a little boost and every time you smile, someone thinks you look beautiful. i am at peace with my looks, my body, my personality, myself as a whole, and the world. and i believe that is what makes me beautiful. i hope everyone can feel that way in their lives.

  • Lin says:

    I love the capelet!

    I feel beautiful when I make a conscious decision to treat myself right. That includes:

    – Eating well
    – Exercise
    – Setting aside “me” time
    – Putting in the extra 2 minutes in the morning to comb my hair
    – Surrounding myself with talented supportive friends

    We ladies pour so much of our effort into other things (people, expectations, work, etc.) that we sometimes neglect ourselves. I think when we put in some time every now and then for self-cultivation the payoff is a radiant beauty.

  • Kate says:

    Can I please please win the Capelet body chain, it looks stunning! The thing that makes me feel beautiful is my friends – they always love and support me no matter what.

  • Emma says:

    Loving the Heira chain and loving to win it. lol. Also, I feel beautiful when I’m wearing sexy lingerie on, even if I’m wearing a baggy sweater and torn up jeans over it :-p

  • Kelly says:

    What makes me beautiful?
    I am a confident woman (:

  • Jenn says:

    I absolutely love the Heira Body Chain!

    What makes me feel beautiful is knowing that I can lend a hand to those in need and make a difference in someone’s life. I absolutely love volunteering. Outside of work, whenever time permits, I would spend my time giving back to the community (and working out of course). I would volunteer for events such as marathons, soup kitchens, food banks to making cards and spending time with the seniors at the convalescent homes. To me, feeling beautiful is touching another person’s heart in a positive way. Volunteering and giving back definitely makes me feel the beauty that no designer clothes or expensive make up can.

  • Xing Xu says:

    Cassey’s just put this up on youtube looking radiant as always!

  • Liz says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, I can’t wait!

  • Sarina says:

    I’m a friend of Kallisti in NY, I can’t enter since I’m not on facebook but just came to support this awesome contest. Yeah!

  • Kay says:

    I already have capelet II but would love to win heira :)

    Beautiful is waking up to a perfect sunrise.

  • Lea says:

    I wish wish wish that gorgeous Sling will be mine:) I love it:) The color is sooo cool and I can see myself wearing it with miniskirt or nice simple dress…It is so edgy!

    What makes me feel really beautiful? I feel like that when I am in HARMONY! That means: When I workout a lot, eat clean, when I have nice skin, when I am reaching high goals, trying new things, when I am inspiration for somebody and when I am surrounded with my friends (so I feel that I am beloved).
    I also feel great when I get new friend – for me that means that I am reliable and lovely person. And I feel really awesome cuz I have good friendship with my sister Tanja<3.
    All that means a lot to me and if I feel beautiful I can be great person and a little sunshine.

  • I chose the [Aves Charm Ring]. What makes me feel beautiful… I definitely would have to say it starts with a good night’s sleep; waking up with a calmness, an assuredness of who I am and what I am about. I feel beautiful when I feel empathy towards others, or compassion or when I’m laughing with a friend. It’s a feeling, an acceptance of who I am, who I was created to be, an excitement of what is ahead of me in my life. A confidence that comes from outside of me. Also, knowing that I am beautiful inside and out, the confidence I have gotten since I’ve decided to change & live a healthy, happy, active life and having persons to support me on this journey to greatness.

  • Lena says:

    I like the Capelet Body Chain!

    What makes me feel beautiful is the confidence I have in myself to try my best in what ever it is that i do, no matter how difficult the task may be.As well as taking care of my body, I’ve learned to love the shape I have it makes me who I’am and no one else.

  • Miriam says:

    Hey there :)
    I picked the Capelet II Body Chain. Sooo original and pretty ! Fell in love instantly :P
    What makes me beautiful… other than how this jewellery would make me look like :P I say that what makes me beautiful is my recognition of all the luck I have in life. All my joy and happiness are recognizable in my beautiful blue eyes and my smile for which I often get compliment. Mostly, what makes everyone beautiful is in the eye of the person looking :P Especially if it’s you who’s looking in the mirror ;) The basic is showing yourself that you love yourself ! Treat yourself right and you’ll feel beautiful ;) Everyone deserve self love, we’re all unique!
    Lots of love xxx

  • Mary Raupp says:

    I ‘liked’ the Moebius belt chain, because it looks SO versatile and can be hooked to any belt or blazer to instantly amp up and rock out any outfit! SO CHIC!

    What makes me feel beautiful is treating my body right. I’ve struggled with understanding my body image and that led me to abuse my body through various eating disorders. The way to TRULY feel beautiful is to RESPECT your body. When I respect my body, I select and eat foods that will make me proud hours later, when I have energy, alertness, and vigor for life. Out of respect for my body, I workout and focus on QUALITY over quantity. Visualizing the muscle groups, as well as my body utilizing the healthful foods I have invested in it makes me feel strong, smart, and beautiful. By eating right, I FEEL right! And you can do the math….yes, that makes me feel absolutely unstoppable, and gorgeous.
    Ladies, respect your body for its amazing capabilities, and if you put good in, you will get good out. Beauty, strength, and balance. <3

  • Vanessa Anderson says:

    Well what makes me feel beautiful is is my personality and smile because I can always make somebodys day and I am a very giving person so I’m a easy to person to know thats why I feel I’m beautiful

  • Rebecca says:

    My husband makes me feel beautiful. On the days when my hair is greasy and I don’t have makeup on, and I’m not wearing a bra, and I just look like I got hit by a truck, he’ll tell me I’m “beautiful,” and I can’t help but believe him with the way he looks at me <3

  • Eva says:

    I liked the Kallisti – Eros II Multichain Ring. What makes you feel beautiful? Well, even though I will become a makeup artist next year, I’ve started to see myself in the mirror and love myself with or without makeup. The last two years have been tough emotionally and I learnt that respect and love come from within. It is a tough lesson to learn but I did learned it. Fortunately, today I can say I’m my own woman. Big kisses Cassey!!

  • jennifer cortez says:

    Capelet Body Chain.
    Being with the love of my life makes me feel beautiful, cuz when we’re together. I’m the only one in his world, he doesnt stare or even glance at any other girls. No matter how “not photo ready” I may look at times, he always reminds me he loves me for whats inside, and always has. It makes me feel special knowing that someone loves me that much. Thanks for the giveaway! xo

  • Aik says:

    Being myself makes me feel beautiful. When I don’t put on a mask or false bravado. When I am open and honest with myself and the people around me. When I wear clothes I enjoy for no other reason that because I feel comfortable in them. When I am doing things I am interested in.

  • Naomi Sirait says:

    I would be very happy to get Pegasus Body Chain… what a lovely pieces!

    things that makes me beautiful is a happy feeling.
    every time I feel happy, I feels like my smile just getting bigger and bigger that I believe everyone is beautiful when they smile very sincere.
    and thats what I do.

  • Bindi says:

    i like all of them in different ways, but having to go with one i choose the Anchor. i like the a bit rustic square piece in the back-centre that gently goes out with the chains enhancing the female body. beautiful!

    So the a to the q…. I feel beautiful when i am at peace with myself. I truly believe that inner beauty shines throughout our bodies. I feel beautiful when i have overcome something, reached a goal i have set for myself. That is the start position of also helping others, begin with yourself. This is also when most people around me will tell that i look beautiful. Fighting with my weight, health, abuse and self confidence for some years now has been tough and left many scars on my body and in my soul. But all these scars are experiences of life, making me proud of where i am today, yet humble because i know what i have gone through and overcome to reach there, i can’t take it for granted. The beauty of the thought when succeeding and just thinking how far i can go if i just allow myself, everything is possible.

    Thank you Cassey and the blogilates community. The humor, the support and all these different lives and stories makes it a nice “place” to be and get motivated.

    • Bindi says:

      ooops, i saw the Anchor was 285, not 258… sorry, i choose Capelet! :D

  • Katherine says:

    I dig the Oura multichain bracelet, I think it’s so different and funky.
    I have to say I feel beautiful when I’ve just come out of the shower. Somehow I just feel I look fresh and youthful.

  • Bali says:

    Heart Heira,

    Putting on a perfectly fitted dress and a high pair of red soled pumps.

  • Kimberly says:

    I love the anchor chain!
    I feel most beautiful when I am working out and becoming a much stronger woman! Doing POP Pilates help me ease my mind knowing I will be able to do great things with my 2 beautful kids in the coming years!

  • Galina says:

    I really like the Heira Body Chain.
    What makes me feel beautiful is my boyfriend, because he never stops telling me how much he loves me (even without makeup on).

  • Xing says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the super comments and for sharing your stories. Keep it up, I’m excited for the future winner!

    Xing Xu
    Designer, Kallisti