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I’ve been experimenting and experimenting all week long, trying to find you the coolest and yummiest foods that are budget friendly, healthy, and easy to make. This week’s recipe gets checkmarks for all of those! Crepes. Healthy crepes! Ever walk by a giant glass window and see the guy pouring creamy batter onto a hot griddle, then watch him smother it with Nutella and fill it up with freshly chopped bananas, artistically fold it into a 1/4 circle and drizzle it with honey and top it with powdered sugar?

Crepes in the window

Oh yes my lovelies…this week I have a gorgeous crepe recipe for you but it ain’t gonna cost you $8.99 or anywhere near that. It’s gonna cost you 83 cents!! And you’re gonna feel like you’re having a guiltless YOLO meal. Nope, not an oxymoron. Ready for the ingredients? Here it is!

healthy crepes ingredients


1. Mix your dry ingredients together (oats, cinnamon) and blend into a fine powder in a Magic Bullet or regular blender.

2. Then add half a ripe banana, an egg (or 2 egg whites), and almond milk. Blend!

3. Take your batter and pour into a pan on low-medium heat. Just a thin layer!

4. After you see mini bubbles form on top, flip it! If you can flip it in the air – DO IT!!!! It’s exhilarating. This batter will make about 3 crepes about 8″-9″ in diameter!

5. Now fill up your crepe with fresh fruits! I used 4 strawberries and the other half of the banana! Roll it up. You’ll get 3 sleeping puppies that you can pet :)

6. Optional – to top, you can add nonfat Greek Yogurt and a honey drizzle!

The whole recipe without the honey and yogurt is only 250 cals with no added sugar, and using all natural ingredients! Nothing crazy here.

I hope you give this recipe a shot and wow your family with it. They won’t even know it’s good for them! Seriously!! If anyone makes this please use the hashtag #cheapcleaneats on Instagram, Twitter, and now…even Facebook! Did you see this?

facebook hashtag

I had no clue that you can hashtag on basically all social media networks now! Great!! This will make it so easy to find your food and comment on it. And of course for all y’all to find each other too when you’re hashtagging similar topics!

healthy banana berry crepes

Look at that. It’s beautiful and so so good for you! MMMMM! I’m hungry. Want this now.

Ok go cook, eat well, and enjoy your day! We have a lovely weekend ahead of us. I love seeing your hard work from the #JuneOnFire Calendar – you guys are KILLING it and I am so proud of you! In the comments, will you let me know what I should healthify next?

Thank you and love you!

<3 Cassey

Ps…Been trying to make healthy bubble milk tea. It’s really hard to sub those tapioca pearls…they have a distinct chew when you bite into them. Trying all sorts of crazy things. Will let you know if I figure anything out!!!

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