Hey POPsters!

Last night I did a quickie trip to Trader Joes and bought some new protein powder. After the Vegan Challenge, I decided to stick to non dairy powders. I tried some brown rice versions recently and last night bought the Vanilla soy powder. I like how it tastes more bready than proteiny if you know what I mean. It makes the pancakes easier to use as “sandwich bread” if I ever wanted them savory!

So here is a new protein pancake recipe that I am loving! Try it out! It is not sweet though, so you’ll want to add some type of topping.


– 1 scoop vanilla flavoured soy protein powder from trader joes

– 1/4 cup egg whites

– 1 tbs psyllium husk (get at trader joes)

– 1 tbs ground flax seed

– about 1/4 cup or a little more of unsweetened almond milk


  • Mix all together and grease pan lightly with coconut oil. EVOO is ok too.
  • Make pancakes as you would regular ones! Flip after about 30 sec on medium to low heat!
  • For syrup I just microwaved some regular strawberry jam with a bit of water and drizzled! You could also use agave nectar, peanut butter, or just top with fruit!

NUTRITION FACTS for the total recipe or 1 serving without topping: 151 cals, 5g fat, 10g carbs, 20g protein.

BTW, I can totes down 2 servings of this no problemo. SO GOOD! Addicted!!!!

Train hard today guys! Summer is here! Please kick it up a notch. You create your own destinies and you can make all of your dreams come true. Just be focused, be driven, and want it BADLY.

<3 Cassey


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  • thanks for sharing

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  • Julie says:

    Does 1 serving mean 1 pancake?

  • Keys says:

    Trying this tomorrow.

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  • Denee says:

    Omg Cassie this is amazing. Thank you. I couldn’t get the psyllium, to used ground oats instead. And topped my pancakes with 1/4 an apple, tbsp of feta & tbsp of frozen raspberries. Sweetened with a little honey if needed :)

  • Akansha says:

    About to make these on a Friday night! Yum, thanks for sharing Cassey!

  • Elena says:

    Just made these! So good! I used hemp protein so they were green :) Kinda weird but good! I used red plum jam for the topping. Yum! Thanks for the great recipes

  • Valerie says:


    I was just wondering if it could be possible to have the recipes list back!! it was easier to surf on in the morning when I wanted something good to eat!! :)

    THANK YOU :)

  • alexandra says:

    made these yesterday, loved them! and they cook just like pancakes :)

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  • Adriane says:

    Ok Cassey. I’ve tried to make these twice and they always turn out runny never fluffy. What am I doing wrong?

  • Sally says:

    Hey Cassey! I made this according to your recipe and they turned out well, not like pancakes. The batter was reaaaally runny and they weren’t fluffy when i cooked them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Dakota says:

    Hey Cassey! I have another pancake recipe that I think you’ll like! (I stole it from dashingdish.com but I altered it a little.)

    1 TBS Plain/Vanilla Protein Powder
    2 TBS Plain low fat/fat free Greek Yogurt (you can also use vanilla yogurt)
    Dash of Cinnamon
    Dash of Pumpkin Spice (or ground ginger and nutmeg)
    Dash of Salt
    1/8 tsp baking powder
    1/8 Cup Egg Beaters (or half an egg white)
    1/4 Cup Old Fashioned Oats
    1/8 Cup Water
    2 Packets Stevia
    1-2 baby carrot(s), chopped (enough to make 2 TBS of chopped carrot)
    1 baby carrot grated
    (If you like nuts, you can add some walnuts, but I didn’t include that in my mix)

    1 TBS Lite Whipped Cream***
    1/8 Cup Sugar Free Syrup
    Dash of Cinnamon

    Mix all ingredients in a blender, except for the grated carrots.

    Fold in grated carrots (and walnuts)

    Spoon out 1 TBS of batter (or more if you want) and cook on a hot skillet.

    For the topping: mix all ingredients and pour over pancakes.
    ***The original recipe calls for low fat cream cheese instead of lite whipped cream, you can see the recipe below and decide which you like better.

    Nutrition: 142 calories, 15 carbs, 1 gram fat, 7 protein

    • Noa says:

      That sounds great! Is that the nutrition value for the whole recipe?

  • CAITLIN says:

    how many pancakes does this make?

  • Maggie says:

    Hey Cassey! the pancakes are so yummy.. I used strawberries for the top.. Kind a syrup.. Just adding some agave to the strawberries in the food processor.. Delicious!! But I had to do the pancakes without flax seed because my husband is allergic to them.. They turned just fine but I wonder if there are another seeds or something to use instead so the mix would not be so runny..

    • Meryl says:

      Chia seeds work the same as flaxseeds (they make a thick gel when they’re in liquid)

  • Kristen Niemeyer says:

    Tried these this morning and they were so good!!! Cassey, to make the batter a bit sweet, I added a dash of cinnamon and some vanilla extract! <3

  • sophie says:

    Yum! A couple tips:

    1/4 cup egg whites= about 1.5 eggs

    ADD SALT! I added salt the second time and the result is soo much better.

    You can replace the husk with anything, I tried ground oats first, then coconut flakes. You could also just increase the flax.

    *Also, I used mediclear protein powder which is orange flavored, and that was fine.

    I made a quick topping by simmering 3/4c blueberries with 2T water for the time it took to cook the pancakes. Super yummy and healthy syrup =)

  • OMGGGGGGGGGGG that looks so good. I cant wait to try that too!! thanks! :D DROOL

  • Mandy says:

    Those look amazing, i’ll make them tomorrow, maybe throw in some oats and yogurt . I love pancakes ! And I those are healthy,too :)
    I have a little question, I love doing your pilates and cardio workouts and eat healthy but now it’s summer vacation and i eat out every day, sometimes more than once a day and when i come home i’m exhausted and have no energy to workout.. how can i go out, eat out and still stay healthy or at least as healthy as i can… i see your posts about eating out all the time and also you travel a lot .. do you skip workouts and eat unhealthy sometimes? Oh, and one last thing, do you think that fasting for a few days or maybe just for a day is a good way to clean and detox your body ?

  • Ashlee says:

    That’s pretty much how I make it already! I love these pancakes!

  • looks deeeeeeeelicious!

  • Tisi says:

    Tried it today…with a little modification…..super health and delicious

  • Sarah D. says:

    Oh man the timing of this post was horrible for me! I wanted so badly to make these for dinner.

  • Mary Taylor says:

    Is there a vegan alternative?

    • Jordan says:

      I increased the almond milk to a 1/2 cup and added a 1/2 tbs of cornstarch and of course omitted the egg white to make them vegan. They turned out very yummy with a little coconut oil and agave on top.

    • Vidya says:


      I don’t use eggs. For every 1 egg = 1 tbs flax powder + 3 tbs water and let it soak

      and almond milk/soy milk is good

  • julia says:

    replace physillium husk with more flaxseed?

  • Erin says:

    Just made these!! Soooo good! I used Agave Nectar as syrup :)

  • christina says:

    Thanks so much for always giving us great recipes. I struggle with food…I rarely make the right choice. You make it so easy to do that, though. <3

    • Luan says:

      I enjoyed redanig your work! GREAT post! I looked around for this but I found you! Anyway, would you mind if I threw up a backlink from my site to your site?

  • Jen B says:

    Thank you for buying most things from Trader Joe’s, Cassey! It’s a wonderful place!

  • Sanne says:

    Gonna make them tomorrow as breakfast, I looove pancakes.
    btw, could you maybe make a blogpost about what you eat in a week?

  • Krystle says:

    I want to make these, but I don’t have protein powder. Will that change things if I omit it? Any suggestions?

    • Firah says:

      Use egg whites/substitutes/beaters instead! And cottage cheese :)

  • Britt says:

    Every part of my body is sore, I already did a short weights workout today but I still want to work out ! Summers here and I have 24 pounds of post-baby weight stuck on me !!! Helllllllllllpppppp

  • Geli5135 says:

    What would be alternatives for the psyllium husk?

    • halil says:

      I’ve used ground flax seed and oat bran successfully as alternatives. I just substitute one in equal amounts to the psyllium husk.

  • Nika says:

    Yumm! :)

  • Amanda says:

    Amazing! Now if only those egg whites were replaced with a vegan friendly option ;)

    • Mary Taylor says:

      Yes!! Agreed!

    • Lucie says:

      Yes, I would love to see a vegan alternative too!

    • Omnivore says:

      then replace them, it is so funny how vegans let us know about how they are vegan.

  • Ilse says:

    Looks so yummy! I’ll need to buy some protein powder soon.

  • Can you omit the psyllium husk? Or replace it with something?

    • Sylvie says:

      I made it without, and it was fine. I think that’s just for nutritional benefits.