YOLO. A feeling post.

YOLO. A feeling post.


You only live once.

It’s cool that #YOLO is a trending word now, but it’s always been kind of the way I live my life. The way I phrase it is: “You only have this one life, so why not?”

I apply that to the way I work, eat, meet people, and in general make my decisions. If I’m gonna do something, I’m going to do it 110%. Because if I don’t, what’s the point of half-a**ing it? You’re always gonna look back and be like “Well I COULD have been successful if I did this…if I did that…if I…if I…if I!!!!” NO! Stop it. No ifs. You make your own decisions, you choose the way you want to carry out life, and you also choose how you react to situations. And you also choose to be resilient or choose to sit there and feel like a failing, crying widdle baby that’s helpless.

This week has been so up and down for me. I’m super focused on Blogilates and oGorgeous right now and unfortunately that leaves less time for things like working out and sleeping. Haha. Well the latter I never get enough of anyway! But this week it got to a point where I actually MISSED one of my classes on Sunday morning. It wasn’t even that early, 9am. I felt so bad. I hate disappointing students who get up and show up only to find that their instructor isn’t there. Ugh.

Anyway, sorry for the tangent.

I’ve been driving myself literally nuts this week trying to get the DVD, the new shirts, and the new bags ready for everyone. Not to mention lots of planning for the app and the community. Community should be running mid to late October btw 🙂 I started eating much much worse than usual. I think it’s because I am a little stressed out. I mean, I love what I do, but I think this week it started to affect my health.

I didn’t work out yesterday and it wasn’t my off day. I just felt my insides were not feeling so well and when I can’t glow from the inside out, I just can’t commit to a good workout. And when I work out, I wanna be beastin’.

(Hmm, would you wear a shirt that says BEASTIN’ – OMG I WOULD!!!)

Anyway, the lack of sleep is beginning to affect me health wise and that is NOT OK. I always get asked “Cassey how do you have so much energy? Where does it come from?” Honestly, I think it comes from my spirit and my enthusiasm and my love for you guys and what we do – but biologically and physically – my spirit cannot take me on forever. I’m starting to wear down! Oh geez.

This is not good.

I am fortunate that I have supportive parents that help me out however they can but I feel like it may be time to get extra assistance or something. I dunno. This is all new to me. I guess I will feel it out and see how things go. No worries though POPsters. I will still blog daily and do everything I normally do but maybe I need help with things like editing. Yes, I love it but not as much as I love just writing and teaching classes and tweeting back at you. I know I tried to get someone to help me film and edit a while back. That unfortunately did not work out. Maybe I should try again. After all, I believe that we are each born talented to do what we are best at – so I should really let go of my control-freak ways of not letting anyone do anything and go back to what I do best which is instructing and designing.

Yes. Ahh. It feels good to write this post and kinda just realize what I need to do. I love writing. I didn’t always though. I hated essay writing. But that’s different. I don’t have to collect concrete quotes anymore 😛

OMG okay. Why did I start talking about all that when this was a YOLO post with french toast on top!!??

Oh yeah because I only live once and that’s why I work my butt off. But then again, I only live once, so let’s not kill myself.

Oh okay – back again! Please Cassey stop straying from the topic!!!!


Someone wrote on facebook today and asked about a “YOLO” moment food.

I love this. If you’re having a YOLO moment. Just have it. JUST ENJOY IT.

Adanma, because of you I have been inspired to not use the words “cheat meal” or “cheat food” anymore. I will FROM NOW ON use the word YOLO meal and YOLO food. So thank you thank you thank you for that. You actually inspired me to write this whole post.

So yea – that is why I posted that picture of the french toast up there. OH MY GAWD. That corn flake crusted french toast is heaven in your mouth x67823648927358990238 with condensed milk sawwwwwce smothered on top. OH. MY. GAWD. It is probably an obscene amount of calories but you know what? It makes my mind and my heart and my spirit soooooo happy. I love that french toast. If you’re ever in Melrose in Southern CA, the place that makes this is called Blu Jam. I found them on Yelp. YOU MUST TRY! Lines are long though for Sunday brunch!!!! I’m drooling just looking at it.

So POPsters! From now on we live YOLO style and we eat YOLO style one meal a week k? That should keep our minds and our bodies happy. It’s always so important to find that healthy balance that works for you.

What’s your ultimate YOLO meal? Tell me in the comments.

And umm, speaking of drooling…

I wrote on FB yesterday that I was drooling over the new bags and wallets that are coming out. I was gonna wait til next month to do the official the launch of the bags but whatever, I think I’m gonna post em this week/weekend for presale! I just got the bags shot and I cannot believe my eyes. To see my babies come to life is AMAZING. Is that how it feels to give birth????

That question is for our mommy POPsters out there!

So I’m gonna give you a little eye candy right now…these are just 2 of the many styles coming out soon. They are not on the website yet so you get a sneak peek just for coming here to read my ridiculous post about YOLO-ing through life.

Here it goes!

Presenting the new…

HOT YOGA BAG!!!! Mesh, breathable, and what is that!!??? BOWS!!!!!!!

Andddddd…..here come the first ever….oGorgeous wallets!!!!!!


Do you like!!?? Do you like!!!????

If you click on the pics they go nowhere and no you cannot buy them yet. Everything will be ready for presale this weekend. So get your mouse-clickers ready.

And in honor of the arrival of the new babies, I am extending $25 to anyone who wants to buy a yoga bag from the current oGorgeous collection! Use the coupon code “YOLOYOGABAGS25” at checkout. Shipping is still free within the US of A! Click here to see the collection!

*ahem clears through* Cassey here, your personal stylist…would you like to take a peek at these?


Okie dokie. I am off now – back to work then gym then a hot oil massage that my friend got me from like seven months ago!!!! I have literally booked, canceled, and re-booked it 80 billion times. I am seriously GOING TO GO today. My only request to myself is that I try to relax my mind and try not think about everything I have to do during the 90 min session. This is a major challenge for me. I will let you know how I do. Should I go for hot oil or hot stone. Wait, it’s not hot stone is it. That doesn’t sound right.

K love you all!!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Sussan says:

    What a refreshing post! Its wonderful to see a motivational figure say its okay to eat a “YOLO” meal every now and then to keep sane. Many who strive for a fitness routine tend to forbid foods and forget we’re allowed to enjoy ourselves while on the fitness journey. All it takes is to take care of your health and well being as a lifetime goal, and we can have those treats every now and then without the guilt!

  2. Candy says:

    I can’t even beleive you do this all by yourself. So inspirational!

  3. Lisa says:

    Your post make working out so much more fun! I’ve even posted some of your video’s on my blog. I totally love it!

  4. Alyssa says:

    I just started your workouts and I LOVE THEM!!! I was just wondering what your estimated time for the results to start showing up are??? Thanks so much , love your videos 🙂

  5. Ysa says:

    YOLO food would be freshly baked vegan goodies! Especially orange and almond cake, it is AMAZING. Perhaps home made halwa too, that is delicious!

    Take care 🙂

  6. Augustine says:

    I do have to gush a bit because Adanma is my cousin.

    I have YOLO moments but then I get back on track.

  7. Sophia says:


  8. Ni Ni says:

    I do hope you are resting well Cassey. Though I have been much away these days, you are always there whenever I work out. Please don’t forget that you have changed many things about me in such positive way. I love you so much!

  9. Yy says:

    ohmygod sooooo excited for the new bags!!!

  10. Laila says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Thank you so much for this post! I had a really bad day today. I have not been eating well I stopped working out lately and had no motivation. I was feeling terrible today and felt like giving up trying to lose weight and then I read this post, and now I’m working out! I feel so much better, YOLO was what I needed and thanks for being honest about not always being perfect and I think you are awesome, so motivating and it means a lot to me, honestly. Thank you!

  11. Cassie, I feel your pain. I work a demanding job as a lawyer and try to fit in my passion for fitness and blogging on the side. In fact my entire blog is about trying to find your balance with all the pressures we have on us these days. My advice-keep your head in the game and you’ll get through but don’t be afraid to give on some things, you’ll be happier in the long run and remember tomorrow is another day.

  12. Adanma says:

    Yep! Definitely had a YOLO food moment yesterday! Best moment EVER when you see your comment on your favorite fitness guru’s blog. Supremely surreal!

  13. Zoe says:

    Cassey it sounds like you need a nice relaxing holiday someplace pretty and tropical!

  14. Lauren says:

    Is that $25 only for the stuff currently up? So I shouldn’t wait until the new stuff comes up this weekend?
    P.S. take care of yourself…you can’t take care of everyone else if you aren’t making adequate time to just relax! 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      yea its for the current collection only!

  15. heather says:

    Cassey, thanks for being real. You inspire us so much and we love you!

  16. heather says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Thanks for being real. Your workouts have really changed my life. I just really like you and what you stand for. I am finding I have a more upbeat outlook because of your positivity! Your work outs always energize me. I own my own business too, so I understand how giving your all can wipe you out. I just want to say thanks for all you do. : )


    Austin, Tx

  17. Vera says:

    If I can do anything to help you, please let me know. I’m in Las Vegas, but I’m willing to help you. You give so much and ask for so little. Thank you Cassey.

  18. Audrey says:

    Hey Cassey,

    You just a human! Sure, you’re incredible and amazing and seems always in good mood, but at least, you’re just woman like us and you need to rest and need YOLO moments and YOLO foods! That’s why we love you! Because you’re just normal but courageous!!! So rest you! And come back with more energies and imaginations than ever!

    We love you!!!

    PS: and please do not feel guilty! You’re the best!

    One of your million POPsters

  19. Galina says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I just wanted to say that right now I’m in the situation similar to yours. The last two weeks were beastly exhausting: I entered the university this year, the studying is super tough, I come home late, have tons of homework, go to bed at 2 a.m. No proper sleep, no time for hobbies, friends, not a free minute. I get annoyed with my body, my hair, my nails (just have cut them off :(( ), the food I eat (find myself omnomnom-ing the foods nervously while doing hw). I’m also stressed out, so I know how u feel now. Working out is my salvation. Yup. I always find time to workout. 30 mins, 20 mins, but I do. That is a natural wish of my body after sitting for a long time in the classroom – to move!!! I may even neglect some of my hw, but I will rise up and workout. And u know what? When I click your videos and hear u saying: “Hey guys, Cassey here!” I understand that the life goes on. :)) You make me smile and inspire to keep going! Your image always lives in my head and when life gets too grey, some of your phrases pop out in my head and I smile!!! :))
    So what I wanted to say (initially, but I strayed from it :)) is PLEASE, DON’T WEAR YOURSELF OUT! Dear Cassey, we appreciate everything u do for us, u are like shining sun, but please understand that u are also a real human who can get tired and stressed out. Please take care of your health! If u save your health, believe me, you’ll have time to do everything u plan to! I understand how u feel: gallons of plans, gallons of ideas and initiated projects and u want to start doing all this stuff right now!! And u may think that if you don’t start now, you’ll miss smth in this life. Yes. That’s how I feel right now.
    So I guess we all need to slow it down a lil’ bit and take it a lil’ bit easy. YOLO. We won’t die if u don’t film us a new video. I think you shouldn’t bind yourself up to filming up strictly two vids per week. One vid a week or one in two weeks is ok for us! Believe me, right now u do too much for us. I don’t imply that what u do is unnecessary, I mean that u need to take a deep breathe and calm down. Give yourself a full night of good sleep. You deserve it like no one. :)) And have your YOLO food. You deserve it, too! :))
    If you care about us, popsters, and want us to be happy, this is what one of your popsters wants to say: “Popsters won’t be happy if Cassey spoils her health!”. :))))

    I love you, Cassey, love your energy and everything you do. Sorry for a large post, these were also my feelings.
    You are not alone, Cassey, we are with you and want you to be strong and happy! Greetings from Russia! :))

  20. I’m glad you got that out of your system Cassey! It sounds like if you didn’t keep yourself in check, you would have burnt out eventually. We all need a time to stop and rest. To reflect, to YOLO, lol.

    I’ve been learning lately more and more that in order to truly be healthy from the inside out, I need to change my mindset and heart to being more balanced. Yeah yeah, balance right? You see, I’m naturally a balls to the walls exerciser and doer of things too! But I’ve been learning to appreciate sitting still and if my body is saying that it’s REALLY tired, regardless of my previous plans to workout, I’ll go ahead and do something else and give my body a break. (Or simply do a bit of stretching or taking a walk, which I love doing anyway) I think this goes for so many things in life!

    And my YOLO food is cupcakes and pastries! ahhh! haha. Although I never deny myself anything and I eat healthfully while allowing sweets here and there, with moderation. If i feel like eating a burger, then I’ll get one and my mind is happy. 😀

  21. Katie says:

    Cassie, you have no idea what your work has done for me! I am recovering from an eating disorder and I do your workout videos daily. Your energy and positive attitude towards life give me so much inspiration. You are a big reason of my being and staying currently healthy. SO please please please, have some rest and find your mojo again because you are one of the most pure and beautiful people and you give me and thousands more so much hope!! I am sending you hugs and kisses and I pray you feel better soon!

  22. sarah says:

    The new bags are awesome, but the wallet? It’s awesome x…oh what did you say? x67823648927358990238! Yeah, that. I love it! 😀

  23. May says:

    Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself– you’re not letting anyone down. Get a team of helpers! 🙂 thanks for all you do<3

  24. Molly Golly says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I totally love the beastin’ idea. I can perfectly picture myself wearing a BEASTIN top while bitchin’ about working out ah ah
    Your bags and wallet are fabulous, so cute!
    Take care of yourself. I used to know a healer who said to me that when you give that much to people, you need to be careful not to drain yourself. You deserve to be kind to yourself by allowing yourself some time off. I am so grateful for your videos, your blog and advice. It’s time for you to rest a bit. I think the whole community feels the same way I do: we want to take care of you as you take care of us 🙂
    Love from France <3

    1. blogilates says:

      that was beautifully said!

  25. Karin says:

    Everyone has those days, when life sucks. And I think the trick is to allow yourself that day. Just to say; things suck to day, but tomorrow I’m gonna do something about it! The next day you pick yourself up with a great blogilates workout and you start to reorganize the part of your life that needs work. And the key is to never be afraid to ask for help!

  26. Sarah says:

    Cassey, you are such an inspiration for me! I am so grateful for the fact you write personal posts like this every once in a while. That’s why I started doing pop pilates with you in the first place, because you’re so full of energy but still in a way so human and down to earth. Just take good care of yourself 🙂

    And OMG I’m in LOVE with that hot pink yoga bag!! Can’t wait for it to come out!
    Oh and a big yes to YOLO food! I always hated the term ‘cheat food’.

  27. Lexi M says:

    Hi I am trying to place an order on your site with the coupon code: YOLOYOGABAGS25 and its telling me that the coupon can’t be used anymore. Please let me know if it can still be used or a valid code, as I would like to purchase something. Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      ok i tried fixing it, try again?

      1. Lexi M says:

        That worked! Thanks! :0)

  28. Brittany says:

    I also try not to call them cheat foods, because really depriving myself of them all of the time would be cheating myself more, and in the long run probably counter productive, for me at least.

    I love love love your bags! I own the turquoise gym bag with a bow, and I have to hold myself back from buy more of them. It is so amazing and keeps all my gym and after gym stuff packed in and safe!

  29. Zoé says:

    Hey Cassie!

    I’m one of your french readers, and believe me, there are’t so many blogs (either french, american or english) that publish daily. As much as I love reading your posts and visiting your blog, maybe you should go on a “blog vacation”? Just one day (or one weekend, or one week, but I’m not sure it’s doable for you ^^), so you get, like, what? An hour you can dedicate to yourself or use to finish something? An hour sometimes makes the difference.
    Maybe it’s what you need. Just to hit the “pause button” (yeah my english is bad) for a sec.

    About YOLO food, I’d like to ask you a question: is it okay to have it once a week when dieting (like, on a clean food and calories restricted diet) or is it out of the question?

    Thank you and prends soin de toi Cassie!

  30. Emily says:

    Giving birth feels like that x67823648927358990238 😉
    I needed some YOLO mojo today thx!

  31. C. says:

    oh Cassey, please take care of yourself!

    you have been doing so much for us lately that i often thought “how is this even possible” (as in human-capability-wise).
    we’re talking 2 workout videos per week; incorporating modification boxes in the vids; editing three-in-one videos (in the gangnam style vid); twittering & answering to our tweets; responding to our posts here; organising flash mobs; setting up an APP; designing bags for your shop etc etc. and all this besides teaching real-life classes, working outfor yourself and living your life.
    this is crazy and such an enormous workload, and i think i can speak for all your popsters out there if i say that we totally & completely understand AND support your decision to take things a little easier in the near future!!

    you are NOT letting us down if you decide to look after yourself a bit more and do a bit less for us. Even if you did only half of the things you do for us, you’d still do much more than we could ever expect!

    we love you and we want you to be happy, healthy and enjoying your life!

    p.s.: as for the yolo-moments: i don’t know how your body works, but when i’m stressed out, i also eat way more than usually. however, i always feel that this is bc my body actually needs that extra energy. so my point here would be: don’t worry about yolo-ing through that stressful phase of your life, your body will “forgive” it! 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      Awwwww you are so sweet. I think I may need to cut down a little. I’m feeling not too great today 🙁 thank you for your concern! Love you.

  32. Bella says:

    Omg, those bags are amazzzzzing! Love them. Kinda sad though that I’m unemployed, so I don’t have tha money. And I live in Sweden so I guess the shipping would be expensive… But some day, sooome daaay!

    You’re great Cassey. My butt hurts like h*ll today thanks to you <3

  33. Gemma says:

    and… as for you being so stressed, take a few days off. watch some movies and maybe get a facial and excerise for you, not for us. we will survive! we can just rewatch videos you have already made. no one expects you to be some kind of super woman. you only live once, right? so do the things you’ve always wanted to do! 🙂

  34. Gemma says:

    today i ate sooo good! and then after getting home i binged 🙁 had 4 anzacs biscuits and a musli bar. ahh! i don’t know how to stop this. please help anyone! also the new bags are amazing! expeccially the pink bow one and the last one 🙂

  35. Liza says:

    Omg Cassey!! I love that wallet! Please tell me you ship to the Philippines?!

    As for YOLO food, I hate myself for saying this but I feel like when I “ease up” a little it gets out of hand – I can eat a LOT – and then I go through a “punishment” phase for a while until I’m back to my “regular, clean eating” regimen. 🙁

    1. Jasmin says:

      I love that wallet too! can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!

  36. Belem says:

    Cassey, don’t be afraid to take some time off, you sound like you are super close to burning out! I think your popsters will be ok for ONE day. We will still be here when you get back, if we don’t get our video on time, so what? If you have a million things to do, they will still be there when you get back to it. I don’t think anyone will hold it against you if you said one day, “POPSTERS- I am gone today. Back again tomorrow” or somthing, you deserve time to decompress. I have no idea what you are going through, just from a mom perspective, things get in the way all the time, there’s never enough hours in the day, it’s always a balancing act, when you focus too much on one thing, something elese will get neglected, and that’s always you. Taking care of ourselves always comes last. But no one else is going to do it for you. We love you no matter what, and we want you to be happy and healthy….
    On a different note, I LOVE YOUR WALLET, and new bags!!! LOVE.
    and yes, it is hot stone massage, they are great, I hope you tried it out 🙂

    1. Kelly says:

      Belem is right: you should not be afraid to take the time for yourself. Because, Cassey, you could never disappoint us! You are such a rolmodel to all of us and you teach us to take care of ourselves, so take the time to do the same. And we will indeed be here when you get back.


    2. C. says:

      Belem, you are so right, I feel exactly the same way.
      I always feel that what Cassey is doing for us is just so way beyond “human capacity” and I also think that no popster out there would blame her for taking some time off. After all, one’s health should always be your first priority, and second of all, we still have heaps of videos to get back to, so it’s not as if she was letting us down or something 🙂

  37. Daphne says:


    Anyways, My Yolo food choice would definitely be a cup of CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE and CHEESY BAKED POTATOES!!(FILLLL EMMM UPP THOSE CHEEEEEESE!)

    Hahahaha but those are definitely life-threateningly sinful!


    – peace out-

  38. Shenee says:

    Hey girl, I am new to the community!

    I have my own business and I outsource everything that isn’t within my “zone of genius.”You should see if you can find a broadcast student/intern that LOVES filming and editing.

    Great experience for them + great help for you.

    You can also have “trail” periods. You don’t have to stay with anyone long-term, just try someone for 1-2 episodes and see how it works and if it isn’t try to find someone to help again 🙂

    I am totally that person who used to do EVERYTHING in my business too but everything becomes SO MUCH easier + more awesome when you give other people a chance to shine at what they are good at so you can do what you do! 🙂

  39. Courtney says:

    Cassey, I loovvveee how REAL you are!! Some health/fitness blogs are too shiny and fake, and although yours is super pretty, you’re also so inspiring and down to earth and I love reading your feeling posts 🙂 I hope everything works out!

    1. blogilates says:

      Gotta keep it real u kno!?

  40. Meah says:

    I’ve been feeling a lot like you’ve said lately, like I’m being pulled in a thousand directions and things are starting to slip through the crack. It really sucks, especially if you let yourself dwell on it. So I’ll give some free psychological advice (mind the fact I’m only in my junior year right now ;p) –
    Take at least one hour to take a step back from everything and let your mind refocus. Use this time to do something that makes you feel amazing, adjust your mind to think of things you’re really excited for, instead of being task oriented, just enjoy whatever you’re doing, and when your mind begins to wander, make sure it wanders over things that have nothing to do with what is stressing you out. Think about how much you’ve accomplished, think about how much more you will accomplish, but don’t think about how you’re going to accomplish them, that can come after the hour is over.
    Also, love that wallet, I must have it! You’re such an inspiration, to a lot of people, you’ve made such a difference in so many peoples lives, given people so much self confidence and energy, and that is def. something you should think about while you’re taking an hour off to rest, you’ve done so much, you’re entitled to one hour of pure Cassey time.

  41. Becca says:

    Lol! LOVE the “BEASTIN” shirt idea!! Totally would rock that!! Thanks Cassey for all that u do!

  42. sandra says:

    OMG!! PLZPLZPLZPLPLZZZZ make a shirt with BEASTIN’ on it!! it would b sooooooo awesome!! defo will buuuuuyyy!!!<3<3<3!!!

    cassey u r suuuuper duper awesome!! and i love u for all the posts and workouts and food and fashion and everything to put out for us!! really really appreciate it! already a big big fan since my friend linked me to ur website i been checkin ur fb/this page everyday for new updates!! but sounds like u defo r working too much!! i think u should remind urself to dedicate some "cassey time"!! so u can relax and wind down!! but great to hear u'll finally get that massage!! plz let us kno how it goes and if u would recommend it! coz i kno my bf loves a good massage(: so new date place idea-ish! xD

    hope u get more rest soon!! *BIG BEAR HUG*<3

  43. Charlotte says:

    I think you’ve definitely just established the next message for a t shirt: YOLO!

  44. Katie says:

    i dont know which looks better – the french toast stuff (Yumm) …or the bags and wallet. THEY ARE FREEKEN ADORABLE!

  45. Tara says:

    Hi Cassie!

    Sounds like you are having an off day! I have them from time to time (ok, a little more often than I would like) Your approach is great though!Just accept the reality and kepp going, make the most of the situation! PS you are awesome! dont ever foget it!


  46. Zia says:

    omg that wallet is adorbs :3 (first time i’ve used that btw, it just seemed to fit xD) my yolo food would be chocolate mug cake… literally, i nearly die when i eat it, it’s just so goodddd!
    thank you for the inspiring post, i definitely have to remind myself not to be so hard on myself and just enjoy stuff sometimes 🙂

  47. Tiffany says:

    this post couldn’t have come at a better time! today is my birthday and my parents got me a cake. i was hesitant to eat a slice, but i was like ” you what YOLO”. one piece isn’t going to ruin all my progress since i eat healthy all the time a base line. thank you cassey i love you so much. you have helped me lose 30 pounds. you keep me motivated, and for that i thank you and love you LOTS (:

    1. blogilates says:

      Happy birthday!!!!!

  48. Emilie says:

    OMG the bags and wallet with bows are ridiculously cute! I love them. You did such a great job!!

  49. Jess says:


    Take a break girl – you do amazing stuff every day but no one wants you running yourself into the ground! Take a breather, have a treat, get some sleep. It’s reassuring to know that even your idols aren’t made of stone! Thanks for this post and I hope you’re feeling better soon.


    1. blogilates says:

      def not! thanks i think i must.

  50. Maggie says:

    About having a baby: lots of hard work, exhaustion, months of sleep issues, and I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. Then labor came and holy crap worst pain of my life (nothing compares to actually birthing a baby) and then he was here. And I look at him and think- omg! How did I do that? Amazing. Completely amazing. So metaphorically maybe creating those bags was like giving birth… they are hot! (but again… nothing compares to birthing a baby)
    Thanks for your post, and enjoy your YOLO massage 🙂

  51. Laura says:

    Cassey.. i really think you should write a book! Not necessarily right now, you are already too busy.. But think about that! For me you are not just a trainer or a designer, you are a life coach! You could write about the same things you write in this blog, collect some original healthy recipes, write down some workout for every mood, some motivational stories, ideas on how to occupy an empty day, how to get the best out of everything, and you could write about some of your experiences, how you managed them and so on.. just like your blog but in a format that we can read on the bus, take with us on vacation, catch on from the shelf while closed in our bedroom crying for some guy, and read it again and again till we consume the pages..
    i’m not a publisher but i think you should really take this into consideration.. i would totally buy it! (if you publish that in italy of course ;D )
    till then, i’ll continue supporting you in everything you do!

    1. blogilates says:

      aww crying in the bedroom over some guy. yeah. i know this feeling. 🙂

  52. Emily says:

    I have found that reading myself to sleep really helps me to wind down. I really like Leo Babauta’s rule (the author of “The Power of Less”) of no screens one hour before bedtime. It just makes me sleep so much sounder and able to fall asleep so much quicker. Take care of yourself– you are only one woman! Plus we need you to not burn out.

  53. charmaine says:

    Hey Cassey:) I can relate so much to your post, ESPECIALLY the YOLO!

    I felt you talking to me about if i want something i should just go get it! You know, Im really struggling with that one at the moment!

    Ive began studying Nutrition, I love to menu plan (it appeals to MY control freak nature haha) i really want to study it further. But there is nothing here for me to study at! I can do correspondence but then i worry that Ive spend the money ($5,000) to study and i wont get a job in this tiny place i live:) So at the moment Im using my friends as guinea pigs and i write menu plans for them….one is lactose intolerant and that is a real challenge.

    Anyway what Im whinging here like a widdle baby in the corner for (love it by the way) is because Im 45 and Im scared that Im never going to be successful at whatever i try because i don’t have enough knowledge as say, someone who has 5 or 10 years head start. Gawd does that even make sense?

    I worry that i want it, but when i get it, did i really want it bad enough in the first place and have i wasted time and money……but you know what??? I just dont know what i want to be when i grow up:)

    I feel inspired by people like you though that go and get what they want, although don’t burn yourself out lovey:) I have also learnt the meaning of Balance this year…so much so that i am thinking of having a tattoo with it!

    It is important to me that i have found it. And also if i study further, at this stage its going to upset the Balance i currently have!!

    So there you have it, an awesome whingy post for a 45 year old woman who is too scared to jump out her comfort zone!!!! 🙂 Thank you for making me think about this!!!

    You keep doing the amazing things you are doing, DELEGATE to some awesome people who know what they are doing and get back to the nitty gritty bits you LOVE to do! That will keep the fire burning no matter how tired you are!XX

    And my YOLO meal would be……chocolate milkshake heavy on the icecream and hot chips (fries) and a huge bowl of salad.


    1. charmaine says:

      Oh and yes SLEEP!!!!!! It helps clear the head like nothing else:)

    2. Rebecca says:

      You may live in a small place, but imagine the number of services that require balanced nutrition. Just to name a few:

      Whoever manages your local schools will require a consultant
      Medical facilities like hospitals or doctors surgeries will need many full time nutritionists
      Nursing/care homes
      Child care facilities

      Start looking. Be serious. Approach people before you study. If it interests you then YOU can make it happen without taking risks. Have a company sponsor you through the program. Apply for financial aid and scholarships. Watch online courses in nutrition to discover if it is for you. Read academic texts. Buy an account to Web of Science and read the journals.

      You’re in control.

    3. blogilates says:

      Thank u for your comment!! It’s ok and it’s never too late. EVERRRRRR. Just go crazy!!

  54. Dilek says:

    Oh Cassey, we won’t love you less if you slowed down a bit. You should try to get a rest. So what if one Monday/Thursday you don’t post a video? We can live off your older videos.
    My favorite YOLO meal?
    I don’t know it’s English translation but in Turkish we call it “sütliyaç”. It’s made out of milk, rice and lots of sugar lol. I just had dental surgery the other day and I can only eat easy(watery?) foods so I just ate a bowl of sütliyaç. The bad thing about this isn’t this YOLO meal, but the fact that I can’t workout because of the pain. I have been inactive for 3 days now and it’s driving me nuts.

    P.S. I really love the oGorgeous wallet and the yoga bags are just lovely!

    1. Dilek says:

      its*(I’m definitely sleepy)
      Btw, you can Google it under the name of sütlaç.

  55. Rebecca says:

    Cassey, when it comes to sleep, I truly believe you need to try everything. Some things won’t work, some will!

    Get yourself up super early. With the dawn. No excuses. Go for a run! No napping during the day – if you’re tired, drink more cold water!

    Establish a clear bedtime routine (and a bedtime!)

    Keep your bedroom dark and neither hot nor cold.

    Drink less caffeine. One less cup of green tea, lady!

    Place lavender oil on your pulse points.

    Drink warm milk.

    Have a long, hot soak.

    Read a chapter of an intellectual book. I suggest Richard Wilkinson’s The Spirit Level.

    Use a white noise machine.


    Write down your worries or share them with someone so you don’t have to deal with them alone.

    If you can’t sleep, don’t get stressed. Wait a period of time – 15 minutes or so – then read another chapter of your book and try again.

    No laptop/tv/phone for an hour before your bedtime.

    And turn your phone off!!!

    1. Rebecca says:

      PS. YOLO – so take care of yourself because there’s no do over.

    2. blogilates says:

      yea the phone thing – it’s never off!!!

  56. Lauren L. says:

    So excited for those bags Cassey they are adorb! <3 & yes that's almost what its like to have a baby, except without the pain HAH! 🙂 Take it easy chicka & try not to worry/stress so much, that isn't good for your health either. We love you and i'm sure your students will forgive you for missing one day of class! Enjoy your massage and post about how relaxing it was! 😀

  57. Selene says:

    It is so great to see a post like this from you, Cassey. I’m not personally a fan of the trend of YOLO, but I love the sentiment behind it and totally agree. Also, I’m really stoked for the wallets and also hope that you bring back the big gym bags and not just the yoga bags, because I really want one!

  58. Celadon says:

    You should definitely try to hire someone to help you, I bet there are even some POPsters who are good at video stuff who live in your area and would love to work with you. Take care of yourself 🙂

  59. Jodie says:

    Ooooooooooooooooh sleep is so so sooooo important little lady! All you have to do is MAKE it a priority. It will change your life, and help you deal with every aspect of your waking life better!!

  60. Mary says:

    I’d love to help you Cassey. haha except I don’t live anywhere near San Fran.
    Random, but slightly related, what happened to your sister? Is she still in Australia?

    1. blogilates says:

      yes she’s still there

  61. I love you Cassie, you have no idea how much you’ve helped and inspired me <3 love you love you love you 😀

    My favorite YOLO food would have to be either Pizza or Chocolate cake with ice cream on top :$ OMG I'm drooling seriously <3

  62. Pam says:

    i related very much to the beginning of the entry. we have only this one opportunity, this one life, to choose how our lives will resonate in the universe throughout eternity! so we gotta make it count, make it a good one. RIGHT?
    enjoy your massage, gurl! YOLO!!!!!!